Engraving Services

Add a touch of personalization to your jewelry pieces with our engraving services. Our talented engravers can make a gift personal and much more special, or commemorate a day you never want to forget.

Ear Piercing

Day’s offers free ear piercing with the purchase of a pair of 14kt gold earrings. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact your local Day’s store or fill out the form below.

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Custom Design

Do you have pieces in your jewelry box that you no longer wear? Bring them into us and spend some time dreaming with our jewelry designers to create a special piece of jewelry from the old metal and gemstones.

Thinking about a custom engagement ring? Day’s can do that! Our expert goldsmiths are ready to elevate your proposal to the next level by designing a custom engagement ring that matches your partner’s style.

Take the next step by booking a consultation.

Day's Diamond Upgrade Plan

The 1/5ct or larger center diamond of any diamond ring purchased from Day’s may be traded at any time for full purchase price towards another diamond of at least 50% higher price. All weights of diamond stud earrings and all weights of diamond solitaire pendants purchased from Day’s may be traded for full purchase price toward the purchase of another diamond of 50% greater price. Only undamaged diamonds qualify for this trade up policy.

Lab-grown diamonds are not eligible for Day’s Diamond Upgrade Plan.