At Day's Jewelers, we offer a variety of appraisal services to cover all your needs. From complimentary verbal appraisals to complete written insurance or estate appraisals, our GIA-certified appraisers have the expertise and tools to prepare your professional appraisal.

With a variety of equipment in our gemological laboratories, our certified appraisers are able to accomplish over 40 individual tests to identify gemstones and metals. We are also directly linked to all major worldwide jewelry markets so that we are able to establish the most current value of your diamonds and precious stones.

Estate Appraisals

Precious jewelry is priceless, but when you need to know the value of your heirloom pieces, whether it's for inheritance or insurance purposes, an estate appraisal is an excellent option. Day’s Jewelers' appraisers can provide a complete written estate appraisal of your jewelry.

Insurance Appraisals

An insurance appraisal of your jewelry can be invaluable in a worst-case scenario. If your jewelry is lost, stolen, or significantly damaged, having it insured can make the replacement or compensation process much easier. We are happy to work directly with your insurance company to provide all the necessary information, so you can get back to enjoying your jewelry.

Free Estimates

Our Day’s Jewelers associates are happy to provide a free verbal estimate of value on your jewelry pieces. Just stop into your local Day’s store with your pieces and we’ll gladly take a look.

Why Choose GIA-Certified Gemologists?

Our certified gemologists have obtained their credentials through rigorous training with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to obtain a degree in Graduate Gemology. This process takes years of studying and dedication, meaning our gemologists are highly trained in the process of performing jewelry appraisals, whether it's for insurance purposes or to satisfy your own curiosity.

Schedule An Appraisal

Use the form below to schedule an appraisal appointment in one of our stores. Our associates will coordinate the date, time, and other details with you before your appointment.