Jewelry Restoration and Repair

With a full-service staff and goldsmith on-site at each Day’s store, we’re fully equipped to handle just about any repair job that comes through our doors. Your jewelry will be safe, insured, and tracked through every step of the repair process with our sophisticated computerized jewelry repair system.

If you have a ring or necklace that you haven't been able to wear for a while, bring it to our expert service team, and we can make it look like it did on the first day you wore it. Our jewelry restoration services include cleaning and polishing, replacing missing stones, repairing broken and worn prongs, replacing and repairing bent, worn, or otherwise damaged ring shanks, and a host of other restoration techniques.

Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

All of your fine jewelry should be inspected at least every 6 months, especially your rings. The inspection process will ensure that stones are held securely, and clasps on chains and bracelets are working correctly. Losing a diamond out of your engagement ring could be a devastating experience, but it can be avoided by bringing your rings in for free-of-charge periodic inspections, even if it wasn't purchased from Day's.

At Day's, you can stop by anytime and we will inspect your jewelry under a microscope to make sure all the prongs that hold your gems are secure. We can also buff it and ultrasonically clean it free of charge. The best part is that we can do this all while you wait, so there's no hassle or need to leave your jewelry overnight.

Pearl and Bead Stringing

The complex art of stringing pearls is best left to the professionals. If you have a broken pearl necklace or bracelet, or you have Princesse pearls to be strung, Day’s can help. Contact us to have your pearl jewelry strung.

Watch Repair, Battery Replacement, and Watch Bracelet Resizing

At Day's Jewelers, we take your watch repair and battery replacement very seriously because we know that you depend on your watch to keep accurate time. We also understand that you want to be assured that the person who is replacing the battery in your watch is a trained professional.

When we replace the power cell in any watch, we go through 18 individual steps to guarantee your satisfaction! For just $15.00 you can be in and out of our store in usually less than 10 minutes with a new battery in your watch. It's that easy! If more than a battery is needed to repair your watch, we will notify you immediately and can repair it for you.

For a one-time fee of $27.99, Day's will replace the battery in your watch for its lifetime.

We also sell watch straps. This service is available in-store only, so please visit your local Day's store for more information. 

Rhodium Plating

If your white gold jewelry is looking a little yellow, it may need rhodium plating. Gold is a valuable material to work with, but gold isn’t naturally found in colors other than yellow. To combat this, alloys are mixed with gold to create various colors, such as lovely rose gold and popular white gold. But white gold is never truly white; to combat the ever-present hint of yellow in white gold, jewelry is plated in rhodium. Rhodium adds a bright white finish to white gold. However, rhodium does wear off after time.

To maintain a bright white finish on your white gold jewelry, take it to Day’s for rhodium plating.

For more information on jewelry restoration & watch repair, schedule your no obligation in-store consultation.