Since 1914

Since 1914, Day's Jewelers has been New England's premier diamond company.

From a family-owned past to an employee-owned present, we are focused
on providing sustainable fine jewelry. 

Cultivating connections with our customers and actively contributing to our communities are the driving motivations that propel Day's Jewelers into the future.

Standing the Test of Time

For over a century, our commitment to crafting and curating exquisite jewelry has been intrinsically tied to the bonds that unite loved ones. We cherish the stories behind each piece of jewelry and relish the privilege of being a part of our customers' most significant moments. With each sparkling gem, every meticulously designed piece, and every heartfelt interaction, we continue to honor and celebrate the profound relationships that enrich our lives. It is this commitment that has guided Day's Jewelers to stand the test of time for the last century and the next to come. 

Our Promise

We promise to always provide the best value
in our goods and services. 

We promise to provide everyone with the opportunity
to own fine jewelry. 

We promise to always conduct
business in an environment of trust and transparency. 

We promise to honor the sentiment

that each piece of jewelry represents.

Day's: From Past to Present
The Beginning


The first Day's Jewelers store opens in downtown Portland in 1914. The store was a small pawn shop and auction center located in the Old Port District. Founded by Captain Harry Davidson, his three sons - Sidney, David, and Herman - soon joined the business.
Robert Corey


Day’s hires 11 year old Robert Corey as a stock boy. At 19, returning home from the service, he became the Manager of Day’s Caribou store. Corey left Day’s in 1955 to open his own jewelry store, Robert’s Jewelry in Madawaska, Maine. Robert Corey’s sons, Jeff & Jim, along with Jeff’s wife Kathy will go on to purchase Day's in 1988.
The Ballerina


The Davidson Brothers purchase “The Ballerina”. Sidney Davidson stated, “her charm and grace lifted our spirits. Ever since we bought her, business grew. She was our good luck charm.” 67 years later, the Ballerina still graces Day’s South Portland store.
The Davidsons


Day’s owners, Sidney and David Davidson decide to retire. Over the ensuing 10 years, they closed all but one of the 22 Day’s Jewelers stores.
The Coreys


Kathy, Jeff and Jim Corey purchase the last remaining Day’s store in Westbrook, Maine. The trio, along with partner Mark Ford begin to rebuild the company.
Joe Corey


In 2021, Joe Corey, son of Jeff & Kathy, is named the president of Day's Jewelers. Joe began working in the South Portland Day's location in 2007, began managing the Manchester, NH location in 2012, and was hired as the Vice President of Store Operations in 2017.


In November 2021, Jeff and Kathy officially sell the company to its employees, turning the family-owned company into an employee-owned one.