Celebrate Women's History Month with Day's

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate some of the women at Day’s Jewelers. We had five fabulous interviews with women throughout our company, celebrating the power of the self-purchase and what these moments mean to us.


Meet Amy


Amy is the current diamond buyer at Day’s Jewelers. Each diamond that is sold at our eight locations and online is carefully picked by Amy. In a male-dominated industry, Amy brings grace and style to the diamond selection at Day’s.

Meet Liz


Serving as the store manager of the Augusta Day’s location, Liz is out to serve the best possible shopping experience to her customers by uniting a strong sales team. Liz loves the opportunity to be part of peoples’ special occasions working at Day’s.

Meet Marie


Marie works with the Augusta team as a sales associate. She draws her inspiration daily from her grandmother and other women in her life. Coming from a previous banking career, Marie cherishes the ability to be part of a great part of someone’s life.

Meet Traci Lynn


As the goldsmith for the Waterville Day’s location, Traci Lynn is busy keeping up with repair work and custom jobs for our customers. To Traci Lynn, empowerment is all about support, especially in a male-dominated career. 

Meet Nikia


Nikia took over the Marketing Manager position in the midst of a very hectic 2020 season. While she has worked at Day’s since she was 16,  Nikia is now the driving force behind the marketing initiatives at Day’s, including a variety of creative advertising campaigns.