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One of the first decisions a newly engaged couple must make is when the wedding will take place. Because Todd proposed in December, we realized that we had three options: rush our planning and get married in the summer of 2014, plan for a year and have a winter wedding, or wait a year and a half for a summer wedding in 2015. Of course, all of these options ultimately led us to being a happily married couple (eek!), but we did not want to wait 18 months and our dream venue was already completely booked for the upcoming summer.

So, we began researching winter weddings and have never looked back. Before we made the decision to book a date in February, I could have never imagined the amount of strange looks we would receive for straying from a traditional summer wedding. So, I have put together a list of all of the reasons we give our skeptics in hopes that they may assist you in deciding if a winter wedding is right for you:


cassie_venue1. Price: Before we found our venue (Hardy Farm), we shopped around. Every place we looked offered an off-season price that was significantly cheaper than their peak-season price. Getting married between November and March saved us enough money that we were able to allocate the money we saved towards other aspects of our celebration.

2. Vendors: Most vendors are booked out for summer weddings years in advance. It is crazy! By having an off-season wedding, you are far more likely to have your top photographer, caterer, DJ, florist, etc. available for your special day. They may even throw a little bit more into your package because they are much slower during that time of the year.

3. Guests: For most people over the age of 25, weekends in the summertime are jam packed with weddings. Not only is it exhausting, but it is busy! By having a winter wedding, your family and friends are less likely to have something already on their schedule for your big day and will also enjoy a party to escape the winter cold.

4. Pictures: One of the first things I noticed when researching winter weddings was the absolute beauty of a snowy backdrop for pictures. A kiss while the snow comes down, a blanket keeping you close� maybe it's the Mainer in me, but I am smiling just thinking about it!


cassie_graphics_title_image5. Honeymoon: Jet setting to a tropical place is a million times better when you are coming from the chilling cold. Having a winter wedding also allows you to take advantage of off-season pricing when planning your getaway soon after your weekend.

Honestly, I could go on and on about all of the perks. But, weddings during any season are gorgeous! Before deciding on your date, consider all of the different aspects of your day that are important to you. We wanted all of the best things for our guests without breaking the bank too badly, so a winter wedding worked perfectly for us. Whatever you decide will work perfectly for you as well!

Until next time, Cassie

cassieCassie Cooper is documenting the planning of her Winter Wedding in February 2015 with the Day's Jewelers Bridal Blog. Cassie is from Augusta, Maine and her fianc� Todd is from Rochester, New Hampshire. The two met in Portland the summer of 2012. Cassie will be sharing the details of what it is like to plan a winter wedding in Maine. A new post from Cassie will be posted every other Wednesday. Learn more about Cassie and Todd.