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Summer is right around the corner and the days are getting warmer and warmer (AND WARMER). Summertime sun calls for some fresh fits, so I’m here to give you a list of all of your summer 2022 must have items! 

Summer is awash with color, and is filled with flirty fun, heartstopping romance, and self discovery, and this summer will be no different. My favorite option for summer jewelry is to accessorize your outfits with colorful gemstones that match your personality. If you know your zodiac sign, choosing a gem perfect for you is easy! Zodiac sun signs each have their own associated gemstone that can help bring the best out of your personality. If you’d like to take this approach to your summer wardrobe, find your sign below and follow the gemstone link to your own summer gemstone wardrobe! If you’d like to learn more about your sign’s association with the gemstone, follow the zodiac sign link to discover what your gemstone can do for you!

Aquarius- Garnet                           Pisces- Amethyst

Aries- Diamond                              Taurus- Sapphire

Gemini- Citrine                              Cancer- Emerald

Leo- Onyx                                      Virgo- Carnelian 

Libra- Peridot                                Scorpio- Aquamarine

Sagittarius- Topaz                        Capricorn- Ruby

If zodiac signs and gemstone traits aren’t really your thing, no worries! I’ve put together a collection of summer styles that are sure to help you add the perfect amount of fun summer glamor to your outfits. From delicate anklets, to the silver and gold combinations in E.L. Designs’ new summer releases, each piece will beautifully compliment the flashy styles of summer. 

Disc Anklet in 14kt Yellow Gold

Anklets are the universal summer accessory. Whether you’re wearing sandals, or going barefoot to the beach, you can show off this anklet, discs flashing in the sun, and add an essence of elegance into your style. Yellow gold is coming back into style as one of the more popular, modern options for newer jewelry, putting rose gold on the back burner (though it is still, of course, a popular choice beloved by many) in favor of the romantic, clean look of yellow gold. Become your own It Girl this summer with an anklet that is on trend, and easy to pair with any kind of style!

E.L. Designs Legend Earring in Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold


Handmade in the USA, these beautiful E.L Designs legend earrings combine the beauty of pristine sterling silver and the fairytale elegance of yellow gold in a graceful, simple style. Earrings are a great choice for more formal summer outfits, as they can add a much needed flash of color or reflection of light to turn the look into a more bold and vibrant summer style.

Swarovski Tropical Leaf Crystal Ring (size 8)


Like earrings, rings are a great way to catch the sun in the facets of the gemstones featured in them. Wear this Swarovski tropical leaf crystal ring sunbathing for a festive tropical look (if you don’t mind the tan line!), or wear it with a collection of other rings to bring an enviable, fresh style to match your personality!


View the rest of my favorite summer pieces below in “related products” and have a fantastic summer!

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Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day’s Jewelers Creative Content & Copywriter