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  • Wedding Band Weekend

    Facebook_SouthPortlandWBWI thought finding a wedding band to fit my engagement ring was going to be a tough process… boy was I wrong!   Last year I received the most beautiful engagement ring that had lots of detail.  I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the ring was!  I immediately started looking for the perfect wedding band to complete the look.  I happened to be in the mall one day so I stopped into a chain jeweler to try on wedding bands.  I did not like any of their selection.  It was all cookie cutter and basic.   Later that day I heard an ad on the radio about Wedding Band Weekend at Day’s Jewelers.  I was so excited! Over 3000 wedding bands in one store at one time!  Paired with food, beverage, photographers and many more wedding day vendors, it sounded like a great opportunity to check many tasks off my wedding to do list!  My fiancé and I went to Day’s Jewelers the first day of the show.  I couldn’t believe how many options there were for wedding bands.  We browsed through different bridal designer lines and even got to talk to the owner of Timeless Designs.  That was so cool!  It was like meeting a jewelry designer celebrity. I fell in love with a band that fit my engagement ring perfectly! Both my fiancé and I picked out platinum bands that will last a lifetime. We were so happy with the whole experience.  That day I even got to pick out all my bridal attendant gifts and my wedding jewelry.  Day’s has so many beautiful and affordable options.  Now that the wedding is over and all the stress has passed, every time I look down at my wedding set I love it more and more!  The flowers and cake are gone that day, but I’ll have my wedding band forever. 

    BoostedPostWBWTips I learned that day at Wedding Band Weekend:

    1) Plan to order your wedding bands at least 6 months in advance if possible.  This will give you an ample amount of time to pick your perfect match and have it special ordered in plenty of time for the wedding.  No last minute rushes adding more stress to your time leading up to the wedding!

    2) Go with platinum!  Platinum is pure, rare and eternal.  Platinum will last a lifetime.  It wears so much better than gold and will withstand many memories and life experience!

    3) Day’s Jewelers has awesome prices!  We got a special discount at the show and stayed within our budget.  Budgeting is a big part of wedding planning.  Don’t skimp on your wedding band budget.  Flowers and cake only last one day.  You will wear your wedding bands forever.


  • Tara & Trevor's Day at Day's Jewelers

    Tara Hill, winner from the Real Maine Weddings contest, shares her experience at Day's Jewelers. Day's Jewelers was selected as the jeweler to donate the wedding rings to the lucky couple, Tara and Trevor, to be voted on for their wedding day!

    Here's a small snipit from Tara's blog:

    rings2Walking into Day's Jewelers we were greeted by two beautiful ladies, Katie and Kelsey. They instantly made Trevor and I feel right at home and even more excited about picking out our (wedding) rings. Their energy is fantastically contagious and I’m certain that anyone working with them is just as appreciative as we were. Before getting started, Katie led us in a toast to finding the perfect wedding bands that will symbolize now and forever.

    Dan, another awesome Day's Jewelers team member, was there to walk us through the decision process. Dan was extremely knowledgeable about the different metals and explained to us in detail how to care for the (wedding) rings long term. He made some great suggestions to which bands worked well my engagement ring, but let me try on my favorites, too. When Trevor was looking at some that interested him, Dan would compare and contrast them, making it easier for him to pick. Overall, choosing rings with this fun group was entertaining, educational, and a day we will never forget. Again, choosing three favorites was tough, but we have faith the public will pick the right pair for us!

    To read her entire blog entry and others, check out Real Maine Weddings.



  • Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands With Real Maine Weddings

    Once a year, Real Maine Weddings holds a contest to give away one dream wedding at a fantastic Maine venue. Almost every aspect of this Real Maine Wedding is voted on by the public, from the winning couple, to the dress, to the invitations! This year’s lucky winners are Tara and Trevor from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Day’s Jewelers had the opportunity to have Tara and Trevor in our Auburn store this week to pick out their wedding bands. The wedding bands are another item on the list of things that the public will be voting to make the final decision on. Tara and Trevor came in to pick out their top three band choices that you will be able to vote for soon!



    Being able to have a Real Maine Wedding has been a dream come true for Tara and Trevor, and so far they couldn’t be happier with the choices that everyone has been voting on. When you win a Real Maine Wedding, you have to be prepared to stray from tradition. It takes a special kind of couple to be able to put their big day in the hands of strangers! When I met Tara in the store for the first time she was beaming with delight. Although she and Trevor both didn’t have a set idea on what kind of wedding band they wanted, they were so excited to be there and begin the process!

    Picking out a wedding band is not an easy task; this is the ring that you are going to be looking at every day! Not only do you want it to compliment your engagement ring, but you also want it to be suitable for you lifestyle and your personality. Metal type, stone setting and size are all important factors to consider.


    Tara was looking for a band to pair with her beautiful Princess cut diamond that sits in a Lucida setting. She was able to find three options that were fit for her active lifestyle and didn’t have too much bling for her liking. Both she and Trevor proved to have very classic taste when it came to their wedding band choices. Trevor stuck with white gold options ranging from a plain classic band to a polished two-toned band.  


    Tara and Trevor each picked out their final three options. They were able to do it in one short visit to the store, but it is important to remember that it is not always that easy. It’s okay to have to look at your options more than once and take time to consider your decision. You can follow Tara and Trevor’s planning for their Real Maine Wedding and vote for your favorite wedding band picks at


  • Eternity Takes Forever: Remembering 47 Years of Marriage

    The wedding band is representation of the eternal nature of true love. Like the circle of the band, the love of the married couple should have no end. I have never seen a truer example of this concept than in Mrs. Perry, who came into the Manchester store a few months back with a story filled with love, but also tinged with sadness.

    You see, Mrs. Perry has been married to the love of her life for forty-seven years. Unfortunately, in the last few years Mrs. Perry has had to watch helplessly as her husband has started to lose his memory, eventually needing to be placed in an elderly home. Now Mrs. Perry visits her husband and others in the home daily, and entertains them with songs
    out on the gazebo as well as with her impressive collection of unique hats. One day, the staff at the home noticed an infection forming on Mr. Perry’s ring finger, forcing them to have to remove his wedding band. Though his memory was failing, the band he remembered - he had never taken it off for even a day in all the last forty-seven years of marriage. Understandably, he was quite upset at having to give it up, but had Mrs. Perry there to support him every step of the way.

    dsc00289_-aNow, while we at Day’s Jewelers have not been able to nail down the cure to memory loss, we are able to help you find or design the perfect jewelry to help you remember. In fact, we were able to help Mrs. Perry find a way to wear both rings so as to further symbolize the love that is eternal between her and her husband. Mrs. Perry approached us with a unique idea of placing her husband’s band directly around her own engagement ring, so that the area that was cut would be open to allow her diamond to shine through. At first she was concerned that this would not be possible, but our talented jeweler, Hayward, took on the task with confidence and managed to solder the rings so snug as to make them seem as if they always were one piece.

    The look on Mrs. Perry's face when I presented her with the ring reminded me why I love working at Day’s Jewelers, because every day we facilitate the continuation of relationships that truly stand the test of time.

    About the Blogger:


    natasha_perezNatasha is a sales associate at Day's Jewelers in Manchester. Her favorite part of working at Day's is spending time with guests. She loves to teach people how to treat themselves, listening to their stories of love, friendship, and sometimes loss, and making connections to jewelry that represent the heart of the stories they share. Natasha especially loves working with couples to strengthen and grow their relationship by guiding them to the right gifts and helping to think of creative ways to present them, especially when the gift is an engagement ring! 

  • Wedding Wednesday: Tips for Ordering Wedding Bands

    There are so many things that couples have to think about and plan when it comes to their special day. There is everything from the dress down to what the place settings are going to look like. One thing that is often left to be dealt with later is the rings. Couples wait till they are about a month away from their weddings to go shopping for their rings. This can be dangerous in many cases.

    When shopping for a man's wedding band:


    rwbf2346_1Most of the time the man's ring is the easiest one to get. Most men just want a ring that fits well and looks nice. Most don’t care about the metal or if it has diamonds. This isn’t to say that there aren’t men that do care about these aspects, but the real thing to consider is that they are not trying to find a ring that fits well with another ring, like women are.

    Men’s alternative metal rings can take anywhere from 3 days to two weeks for them to come in. If the couple comes in a few months before their wedding, then there is time to do any altercations that may be needed or desired, including engraving or a slight size adjustment.


    When shopping for a woman's wedding band:


    rwbd3444_1Ladies wedding bands are much more complicated. Most of the time it comes down to the preference of the women and what they really want their set to look like. Most women will stick with the same vendor for the wedding band that they used for the engagement ring. A lot of the time vendors wish to have the engagement ring in their possession while they are making a matching band to ensure that the ring will look perfect.

    Ladies wedding bands can also take much longer to come in depending on what needs to be done. Most wedding band vendors for ladies rings can take up to 6 weeks to complete a customer order, some even take up to 8 weeks.


    These are just a few things to think about while you are planning out your wedding. Don’t leave the wedding bands for the last minute because you might end up having to settle for something that you won’t be happy with. We want you to love your rings forever and we want to be able to help in any way possible to ensure you get that perfect ring; you just need to ensure that the jewelry store you visit has time to do this for you.

    kim_t1About the Blogger: 

    Kim T, Office Manager, Day's 
    Manchester, New Hampshire

    Kimberly joined the Day's Team in Manchester, New Hampshire in April of 2012. She brings her jewelry experience from a large department store and is excited to work with the Day's family. Kimberly grew up all over the United States. Coming from a military family, she was able to move every few years to experience new places and meet new people.

    Learn more about Kim!


  • What Metal Should I Choose for my Wedding Band?

    How times change. Twenty years ago, selecting a wedding band for a man was a simple choice. You could have gold (white or yellow), and maybe choose a pattern and some diamonds.  Today, however, is another story all together.  Tungsten, cobalt chrome, platinum, titanium and palladium have been added into the mix.  So, how do I pick the metal that is right for me, you might ask?  It's not as hard as you might think.  An examination of the properties and pricing of the metals should clear up, or at the very least, narrow your choices down a bit.

    There are two basic groupings of the metals; precious and alternative.  Precious refers to valuable metals such as gold, platinum and palladium.  Alternative is everything else.  That was easy, right?  Now for the slightly harder part: looking at what each of these metals has to offer.  We will start with the precious metals.



    rwbd3070_1_1Whether in yellow, white or rose color, gold has been the standard for a long time.  Gold is the most malleable metal in this list and is typically alloyed out to help curb wear and reduce its tendency to shape while being worn.  You can tell how pure the gold is by the karat stamp on the inside of the ring.  Usually, rings are offered in the United States in 10k, 14k or 18k.  Each of these values is really a percentage of gold to alloy, with 10k being the lowest, to 18k being the highest.  Usually, 14k (58.5% pure) is the best balance, giving good wear and a rich color.  Gold is a great choice for those who love a warm, rich tone.


    Palladium is a member of the platinum family and is a white lustrous metal.  Unlike white gold, which will show a tint of yellow over time, palladium is naturally white like platinum.  Although it shares the look and family tree with platinum, palladium actually wears more like gold and its price is much less.  This allows you to have the rich look of platinum at a more affordable price.  Palladium is great for those with a desire for platinum but do not want to compromise the diamond for their ring budget.



    rwb6p0271_1Platinum is the queen of all precious metals.  Pure, rare and eternal, platinum will outlast and is more durable than any other precious metal.  Used 90-95% pure, platinum is alloyed out for exactly the opposite reason that gold is alloyed for.  Platinum resists moving and having its shape changed, so alloy is added to make the metal more user friendly.  This characteristic translates directly to longevity for you.  Platinum is perfect for making your special moment last forever and is great for wedding sets and engagement rings.

    So, now that we know what the precious metals are, let's look at the most popular alternative metals.


    Titanium is a lightweight, gray (sometimes black), highly durable metal.  Known for years for its application in aeronautics and space craft, it has only recently been used in rings. Titanium can withstand plenty of punishment.  It will scratch, however it is very flexible and difficult to break.  This ring is liked by mechanics and carpenters for its lightweight feel and its exceptional durability.

    Cobalt Chrome

    Cobalt chrome is an alloy of cobalt and chromium.  Unlike titanium, this metal is white in color and has more scratch resistance.  It is slightly more dense, yet still has a lightweight feel to it. It also sacrifices some of the flexibility of titanium.  This is a great alloy for those who wish to match their fiancé's wedding ring while still keeping the ring as light as possible.  This ring is usually purchased by mechanics, carpenters and machinists.

    Tungsten Carbide


    rwbf1895_1Tungsten carbide is by far the most popular of the alternative metals.  It is available in black, gray and even white.  It is the most scratch resistant of all the alternative metals and the least flexible.  Blows can break the ring. In fact, should you ever have to remove it in an emergency, it is broken off.  It is also the heaviest of the three metals, easily distinguishable by its heft from the other two.  It is not scratch proof, but it is an 8-9 on the Moh's scale of hardness, so little can actually scratch it.  This ring is a favorite for mechanics and carpenters as well as people who work hard with their hands.

    One thing all the alternatives have in common is that they cannot truly be sized or repaired if something does happen to them.  The manufacturers are aware of this and do have exchange programs in place to service the rings.



    So, how do you pick a ring?  Let's start with the first question I always ask of a guest:  Are you sentimental?  It is important to first understand that all the precious metals are generally able to be sized with some exceptions.  This means you will always have the ring you were married with on your finger.  Alternative metals, however, rarely get worked on.  They are regularly replaced with a new ring.

    Next question:  What do you do for work?  Precious metal rings WILL hold up in most work environments as far as durability goes.  They will tend to scratch more readily and require more frequent polishing than the alternatives (which may require no polish in the case of tungsten).  Also, patterns will wear more quickly on the precious metals.  So can a mechanic wear a gold band?  Absolutely!  If he would like gold, he would be best advised to go with a simple heavy band without a pattern.  This ring can give him years of wear and comfort.  This same mechanic may opt for a titanium/cobalt/tungsten band for work and a patterned precious metal band for outside of work as the alternatives are affordably priced for any budget.

    Finally, are you traditional or trendy?  Believe it or not, tradition does play a part in your band selection.  There is nothing like wearing the same materials and sometimes similar styles to those your parents wore.  It connects you to your family and family traditions in a very personal way that you cannot put into words.  Trendy guests tend to lean to the alternative metals, as their styles are unique and a little more cutting edge.  Some styles, such as camouflage patterns are not even going to be found in anything but the alternative metals.

    No matter what you decide, the band should reflect who you are and represent the union of two hearts.  So ultimately, pick the wedding ring that speaks to you...Read more about Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Band -- Men's Edition.



    MarkPoulinMark, Store Manager,
    Day's Jewelers Auburn

    Mark's favorite part about his job is customer service, he loves working with customers and teaching them about jewelry. He provides his customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their jewelry purchases. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to answer questions. Read more



  • Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Band - Men's Edition

    Tips for Finding the Perfect Mens Wedding Band

    You did an awesome job selecting the engagement ring. She has probably asked you 100 questions about the wedding venue, photographer and DJ. Now it's time to find your wedding band. This is the part of the wedding that is all about you!


    rwbf2355Are you the more laid back, relaxed, simple kind of guy? A classic style wedding band may be your best option.

    Or are you more outspoken, bold, and daring? Think about mixing metal types or finding a wedding band with a bold design.

    Perhaps you are the more fashion forward, trendy guy. This means that you may favor a wedding band with diamonds or gemstones. Your ring can make a statement in today's fashion industry.


    rwbf1323_1While your personality plays a big role when picking out a wedding band, your lifestyle (especially your line of work) does too.


    If you work in contruction or a job that is mostly hands on, you will probably want to look for a more durable wedding band. Alternative metals are great for these types of professions; tungsten, titanium, platinum. You will learn more about these metals below.

    If you work in an office, or a job that is not hands on, you can probably wear just about any style of wedding band in any metal. However, if you are going to be wearing it daily, always make sure to find a metal and style that will be best for that.

    rclad0068_1_1Maybe you are into sports and fitness, or you are a professional athlete. We would suggest you not wear your ring while you are rock climbing or engaged in any contact sports as the ring could get lost or cause injury to your finger. However, if you are the husband that vows to never remove your ring, we suggest a durable wedding band that will be able to sustain the wear (again, alternative metals are great for this, or a heavy gold band). There are many cultures that determine what you will wear as a wedding band, or will help in selecting what style to go with. Many Irish heritage men will wear a celtic or claddaugh ring, while you will see many Italian men with gold diamond wedding bands.

    Metal Type


    Platinum is incredibly resistant to chemicals and heat and is a wise choice for people working in professions that often deal with cleaning products, chemicals, or open flame. Platinum is also very durable and does not wear down easily. It is excellent for everyday wear. Platinum is nearly impossible to crack and should not thin much even after many years of wear. This means that the shank (or part of the ring that circles your finger) should retain its strength and durability for a lifetime.


    Tungsten is the manliest of all the metals. Recognizable for its heavy weight, tungsten is the most durable and reliable of all jewelry metals. Its durabilty shows everyone that only the toughest and best are good enough for you, and that you can’t wear a ring that bends easily. Tungsten designs are a mix of modern lines with traditional comfort. Tungsten rings, because of the solid nature of the element, cannot be sized by traditional methods and must be ordered to fit.

    Nearly impossible to wear down, tungsten can be placed in almost any chemical or under any heat and come out looking brand new. It is scratch resistant and tough; if you work with your hands, tungsten is an appropriate metal for daily wear and abuse. Due to its extreme density tungsten is commonly found in weights, darts, bullets, saws and ballast keels for yachts.

    Titanium is as strong as steel but only 60% as dense. However, all of this strength demands that your wedding bands be forged especially for you in the correct size from a solid block of metal. As such, a titanium ring cannot be resized. You will see more men’s bands made from titanium than you will women’s bands due to titanium’s lack of soldering capabilities. Despite its unusual strength, titanium can still be safely cut from your finger in case of an emergency or be polished back to a high luster should you happen to scratch your ring. Titanium is the ultimate metal for the active individual. Incredibly hard and difficult to scratch, titanium weighs only 1/3 of what gold does. Titanium allows its wearer extreme comfort and freedom. Its unique properties remove any worries that one might have in regards to wearing a wedding band, watch or bracelet for the first time. Titanium is commonly used in golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets, camping gear, lacrosse sticks, and bicycles; items that prove that it can really take a beating.


    Gold is very resistant to tarnish, rust and corrosion but should still not be exposed to chlorine or abrasive cleaning products. If exposed regularly to these chemicals gold will lose its natural, shiny, yellow color. Rhodium, a very hard white metal, is often used to coat white gold so it maintains its white luster. If white gold begins to show a yellow tint, it is probably because the rhodium finish has worn off. In this case, the piece of jewelry may be easily re-coated with rhodium to bring it back to its original appearance.



    You will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. So we want to make sure it is comfortable for you. There are many different cuts that are available for wedding bands. Be sure to try on a few before you purchase one. Know what feels right. Many men prefer a comfort fit band as it has rounded inner edges and is made to feel like it isn't even there.

    Matching Bands

    Just like the rest of the wedding, you may not have any say in what your ring looks like. All kidding aside, she may come to you and say, "My engagement ring and wedding band have a matching mens ring and that is what I want you to wear." Are you going to say no to the woman you are going to spend the rest of your life with?

    Gemstones or Diamonds


    rwbd1806Having a wedding band with diamonds or gemstones is a personal preference and really depends on your lifestyle and personality. If you are going to get a wedding band with colored gemstones we recommend bands with sapphires or rubies, as they are durable stones and can sustain every day wear. This does not mean that you shouldn't get a wedding band with other gemstones. All gemstones and diamond bands should be cleaned, cared for, and inspected regularly. This is when a jeweler can check for any problems that may occur, and fix accordingly.


    You should consider engraving the inside of the band with your name, date of the wedding, or even a special saying between to you and your wife to be. Enraving will commemorate your relationship as the ring is passed on to your children. A ring engraved with your name or initials has a better chance of being returned as well, should it happen to get lost or left somewhere. Be sure to talk to your jewelry associate about engraving your wedding band so they can find the right style wedding band to do so.




  • Wedding Band Weekend in BANGOR!

    Coming in September is Day's Jewelers' annual Wedding Band Weekend event in Bangor, Maine! This weekend is when Day's Jewelers presents its greatest savings to you. Nationally recognized brands like Martin Flyer, Michael M., Herni Daussi, Ritani and Timeless Designs will be represented with additional product to suit your every need! Representatives from each line will also be available to discuss your needs. There will be over 2000 wedding bands in Day's Jewelers in Bangor, ME October 15 and 16 at prices that cannot be missed.  This is Bangor's FIRST Annual WBW event! Don't miss it!

    If you have a smartphone, scan the QR code below for more information! Or click here to learn more!



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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.