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  • Time and the Rhyme

    I appreciate brands that are trying to solve solutions for many aspects of one’s life. Shinola is doing just that. Not only do they build goods in the USA, they are doing it in style. From small leather goods, to bikes, to turntables they are offering modern designs you can feel good about owning. Shinola watches are built in Detroit with Swiss and imported parts. Of all the products Shinola makes, the return of manufacturing jobs is the thing they are post proud of.

    We carry many of their watches and they are super classy, let me tell you.

    Check out this Maya Angelou Special Edition. A great tribute that comes with a leather journal filled with her poetry. Know the time and the rhyme...

    Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.22.45 AM

    Shinola Cass Limited Edition Maya Angelou Watch Shinola Cass Limited Edition Maya Angelou Watch

    The watch comes packaged in a wooden watch box, including a leather-bound journal containing excerpts from Dr. Angelous poetry and a booklet honoring the life and legacy of the acclaimed author/activist. The watch comes packaged in a wooden watch box, including a leather-bound journal containing excerpts from Dr. Angelous poetry and a booklet honoring the life and legacy of the acclaimed author/activist.

    And this handsome watch. Dusty blue for the emotional person who wants you to know, but not too much.

    Shinola Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Brown Leather Strap Shinola Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Brown Leather Strap

    This Shinola Runwell men's watch is a beautiful timepiece that is built to last, and built right here in America. A lightning bolt is stamped on the back of each watch, representing Shinola's commitment to quality.

    We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future. It’s why we are here. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well. And define American luxury through American quality. - SHINOLA




    Brian Chick_1 Brian Chick - Content Producer and Photographer

  • Top 10 Gifts for Father's Day

    “What is a good gift for Dad?”

    My boys have a great dad. He coaches lacrosse and basketball, reads bedtime stories with the best voices, helps with homework, and cooks dinner every night. I have a great dad, too. He has always been there for me—making sure that I became a good person.

    In honor of Father’s Day, and to celebrate all of the great dads, we have put together a list of our favorite gifts for Dad.

    Free Shipping on orders over $95

    1. Watches

    wshg0022 Shinola Runwell Mens Chronograph Watch with Gray Dial and Gray Leather Strap $775

    WBTG0008_1 Bering Time Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Black Titanium Bracelet $189

    wmog0358 Movado Museum Classic Mens Watch with Black Dial and Gold Tone Bracelet

    wreg0122 Reactor Proton Mens Chronograph Watch with Black Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet $550

    Tell Dad that you love all of the quality time you spend together. Give him the gift of a new watch from Shinola, Movado, Reactor, Bering Time, Citizen, or Seiko. You can also have a personalized messaged engraved on most watch casebacks

    2. Gold Link Necklace

    Figaro Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold $549 Figaro Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold $549

    Mens Railroad Link Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395 Mens Railroad Link Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395

    A 14kt gold necklace will be a gift that will last dad a lifetime—like all of the lessons he taught you.

    3. Crosses

    Plain Cross Charm in 14kt Yellow Gold $179 Plain Cross Charm in 14kt Yellow Gold $179

    Mens Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver $79 Mens Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver $79

    Crosses are a gift for Dad available in 14kt Gold, 10kt Gold, Sterling Silver, and Stainless Steel. Sterling silver and gold cross charms are also available, and you can add the right chain to suit Dad’s style.

    4. Keith Jack Axe Necklace

    ngpds2214_1 Keith Jack Axe Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold $249

    The Keith Jack Axe necklace, part of the Norse Forge Collection, a symbolic of Dad—strong and true.

    5. Keith Jack Thor’s Hammer Necklace

    ngpds2213_1 Keith Jack Thor's Hammer Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold $190

    Thor's hammer is the weapon of the storm God, Thor, and brings thunder and lightning to his foes. This Keith Jack Thor's hammer necklace's design is indicative of the strength and power of the Celtic warrior as he stands tall and fearless.

    6. Keith Jack Dragon Weave Bracelet

    nggbr0021_1_1 Keith Jack Dragon Weave Mens Celtic Eternity Bar Bracelet Item $320

    The Keith Jack Dragon Weave Eternity Bracelet symbolizes the never-ending, ever-evolving path that fatherhood is.

    7. Money Clip

    NGMC0314_1 Carbon Fiber Money Clip in Stainless Steel $59

    Give Dad the gift of a money clip—so he will know where his money is when you ask to borrow some! Most money clips can be personalized with a special message to Dad.

    8. Cufflinks

    ngclk0197_1 Cuff Links in Sterling Silver $129

    Cuff links are a great gift for Dad when he needs to dress up for work, a wedding, or a special dinner. Most cuff links can be engraved with Dad’s initials.

    9. Tie Bar or Tie Tac

    ngtt0292_1 Rembrandt Anchor Tie Tac in Sterling Silver $39

    NGTB0160_1 Engraveable Mens Tie Bar in Sterling Silver $59

    Tie tacs and tie bars are great personalized gifts for Dad. Any Rembrandt Charm can be ordered as a tie tac, and most tie bars are engravable.

    10. Ring

    dgts0884_1 Forevermark Mens Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395.00

    Give Dad a Forevermark Diamond for Father’s Day. Forevermark Diamonds are beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.


  • REACTOR Traveling Trunk Show Comes to Day's!

    With Father’s Day right around the corner, the REACTOR Traveling Trunk Show is right on time…no pun intended. REACTOR Watch Representative, Stuart Hubbard, will be in Maine this Wednesday, May 21st through Friday, May 23rd, at 3 different Day’s Jewelers locations with an expanded selection of REACTOR watches you won’t find anywhere else in the state. 

    photoof_stuI sat down with Stu to get the inside scoop on what makes a REACTOR watch nearly indestructible, why it is the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dads that live and play hard, and what the special surprise is that he’s bringing for Red Sox fans.


    KL: Can you describe what makes a REACTOR watch so special?

    SH: It comes down to REACTOR’s DNA. There is a set of unique qualities that go into each and every REACTOR watch. All together, these qualities make a virtually indestructible timepiece.


    KL: How many factors make up the REACTOR DNA?

    SH: There are 5 core features that make REACTORs outlast and outperform any other watch you’ve ever owned. Solid forged cases, solid screw bars, screw-down crown, forged caseback, and Superluminova markings.  All cases are forged from solid marine grade type 316L stainless steel or titanium for the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance. Bands are attached with solid threaded screw bars providing 500% more strength than typical spring bar construction. The screw-down crown and forged caseback also add to the extreme durability of each REACTOR. All together, these qualities make a virtually indestructible timepiece.



    KL: The Superluminova is exclusive to REACTOR isn’t it? How does that technology work and why is it a benefit over “glow-in-the-dark” technology?

    SH: REACTOR’s proprietary layering of Swiss Superluminova makes their dials the brightest and longest lasting on the market.  Never Dark®, REACTOR’s patented dial technology, goes one step further than being just “glow-in-the-dark.” By combining their proprietary layering of Superluminova with tritium tubes REACTORs provide both short term and long term readability in any light or no light at all.

     KL: What about water resistance?

    SH: Every REACTOR was built to thrive in the water but models like the Trident, Poseidon, Gamma, and Gryphon were specifically designed to excel underwater and serve as diving watches. Some models were tested in water as deep as 1,000M and performed flawlessly. All models and are good choices for Fishermen, boaters, and others that work or play in close contact with water.


    reactor_brunswickKL: Rumor has it that you’re bringing something really special to giveaway at the Traveling Trunk Shows. What is this special surprise and how did you come by it?

    SH: Anyone who comes to at least one of the Trunk Show dates can enter to win a Boston Red Sox jersey autographed by Jon Lester. Jon is a fan of REACTOR and owns a couple of his own. When we told him about the shows he signed the jersey and sent it up to us to give to one lucky fellow REACTOR Connoisseur.

    KL: We know that REACTORs can take bullets, catch 300lb bull sharks, and are the best built Sportswatch… Period, but what drew you to Reactor?

    SH: A REACTOR watch will last you a lifetime. That's what attracted me to the REACTOR line, the strength and durability of these watches are hard to match. Having been in the watch industry for as long as I have, l have access to a lot of different brands and follow closely the trends and styles. Reactor watches crossover into all aspects of my life, it looks just as good when I need to wear a shirt and tie as it does when I'm standing on the sidelines watching my kids lacrosse games. I can even wear that exact same watch doing yard work or fixing my antique jeep.

    KL: What’s your favorite REACTOR?

    SH: That’s a tough question! I wear my Poseidon a lot. I like its boldness. My second favorite is the Valkyrie. My wife wears a Critical Mass and loves it. She wears it anywhere with anything and never has to worry about it getting hurt or damaged. I really like the new Protons too, and the new all black Gamma in Titanium is sharp. I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one favorite.

    You can come try to narrow down a favorite at one of the REACTOR Traveling Trunk Shows at Day’s in Bangor this Wednesday (May 21st), Day’s in Auburn this Thursday (May 22nd), or Day’s in Brunswick this Friday (May 23rd). All shows are from Noon to 8p.


    About the blogger:

    katie1Katie is a former radio DJ that loves music, movies, photography, and making people laugh. For Day's Katie manages the Pinterest boards, contributes to blogs, and coordinates the marketing efforts. Her favorite looks are casual but classy with lots of layers and fun accessories like scarves, long necklaces, rings, unique earrings, belts, bags, and anything else that will jazz up jeans and a favorite band t-shirt. She prides herself on being the Frugal Fashionista of the Day’s social media team and loves vintage resale shops like Madlyn’s in Waterville, Maine. 

  • Does a Solar Watch Stop When There is No Light?

    wctzg0334_1I was waiting on a guest a few days ago.  She brought an older model Citizen watch in for a repair and was asking about the cost to repair versus the cost of a new watch.  I examined the watch and determined the repair was going to be between $80-$160 because of the damage done to it, whereas a new, similar one would sell for $240 with a five year warranty.  The age of the watch (approximately 10-12 years) combined with the cost of repair, indicated it would likely be better to replace it unless it had some sentimental value.  I asked her if this was the case and she replied no, it had no sentiment at all.  At this point, we walked over to the watches and I told her replacement also would be great because the new models of Citizens were almost exclusively solar powered.  She looked at me and said "That's great, but it doesn't do you any good if there is no light."  I have to admit, I was a little taken aback that solar power in watches is still not really understood even after more than 20 years in use.

    How did it all start?

    Solar power in watches dates back to the 70's when they functioned much more like our modern solar calculators.  They would feature a solar cell on the dial with a battery back up in the watch.  When there was enough light to run the watch, the watch would run off the solar cell.  When there was insufficient light, the watch would automatically switch to the battery.  The fatal flaw in this design was simple:  Exhaust the battery and every time it loses its light source, it stops.  It would restart when it got more light, but however long it was in the dark was how much time you lost.  In addition, if it was digital, it would reset to 12pm when it got back in the light.  All the solar cell really did in this design was extend the battery life by 1-2 years, and you never really knew when that would be because you had no way to tell when it was running on either the solar cell or the battery.  Inconvenient.

    Solar was pretty much a novelty until the fatal design flaw could be corrected.  Furthermore, the solar cell on the face of the watch really wasn't all that attractive.  The manufacturers needed to solve both of these issues if they were to have a reliable and attractive watch.  The answers came in the form of technology.  They developed a small, rechargeable cell that would fit in a watch and new dials that would be permeable to light.  This allowed them to hide the solar cell under the dial, or face of the watch.  In addition, the watch no longer needed to worry about the battery dying at any time.  Problems solved...somewhat.  The original rechargeable cells could only hold a 3-5 day charge, so it really was not much of an improvement and the dials of the watches were very restricted in color and type.  Both Citizen and Seiko put out limited designs which sold well.  Acceptance and widespread use were still several years away, however.

    How do they work now?


    solar_watchToday's solar watches look very little like their predecessors.  In fact, they look identical to any battery powered watch in the case.  The only real way to tell them apart is the markings the manufacturers put on the dial.  Most say "Solar" right on them.  Citizen being the exception, prints "Eco-Drive" on theirs, which is synonymous with "Solar Power".  They all work virtually the same way, however.  Light enters through the crystal (clear glass or mineral).  This light can be artificial or natural, though natural charges the watch faster.  After the light gets through the crystal, it then passes through the dial of the watch and reaches the solar collector underneath.  The collector converts the light to energy and sends that energy to the ion-lithium rechargeable cell.  The watch then uses the stored energy to run the watch like any battery operated watch.  The newer ion-lithium cells, however are much more efficient than the early rechargeable cells.  They are now capable of at least 6 months of energy storage.  This allows them to be under sleeves of shirts and coats for much longer times.  Some can even go for extended durations of 4 or more years without light!

    So what happens when I wear coats/sleeves for 9-10 months out of the year?

    Back to the guest's question: What happens when there is no light to run on?  It is possible to run the charge out on most solar watches, especially here in Maine where we have temperatures that encourage the use of jackets in more than 6 months out of the year.  This is an avoidable nuisance more than a problem.  Being a transplanted Louisiana boy, I tend to wear coats very often throughout the year and, as you can guess, my job requires I wear suit jackets when working.  It would not be uncommon for my two solar watches to stop running, but they do not.  Why?  I simply leave them out on my dresser.  The ambient light of my bedroom gives them all the energy they need to keep going.  Of course, I own multiple watches, so I can leave them out, but suppose it is your only watch?  How do you deal with this issue?  Simple.  Leave it under a reading light overnight once during the winter, December being the best time.  This should prevent any "power outage" on your watch.  Obviously, the next question would be what happens if I do run the power out on my watch?  Again, a very simple solution:  Put it under a light for about 1 minute.  The watch will start back up and you can set it and put it on just try to keep it exposed to refill the ion-lithium faster.

    In summary, the solar powered watch is a great advance in technology to the consumer.  It provides years of trouble free wear without the worry of replacing the battery at inconvenient times.  It also is more environmentally friendly, as there are no batteries that need disposal or recycling.  Lastly, the watches are style driven at this point and are no longer restricted by the solar cell.  this means you can have a solar watch without sacrificing the great look you desire.  The next time you head to see your local jeweler for a new watch, check them out, it will be worth it.

    Blogger: Mark Poulin


  • The Seiko Astron Watch

    wskg1078_1What is special about Seiko Astron?

    It has been a long time since I was amazed by a watch.  Oh sure, there are cases with diamonds, unique designs, and all kinds of functions.  However, never has a watch been like this one.  The new Seiko Astron is, quite honestly, the most amazing watch I have ever seen.  At first glance, it looks like any other watch with an hour hand, minute hand, second hand and a couple of sub dials thrown in.  That's where the similarity ends and the cool begins.

    Moving around the country or world?

    The Seiko Astron is the first GPS watch that adjusts easily when you want it to.  When you reach your new time zone, simply hold in the upper right button for 6 seconds and BAM!  In under a minute, the watch has established the correct time in the new time zone.  No more waiting for the watch to try to pick up a signal at midnight or trying to manually reset the watch.

    Hate watches that can't keep accurate time?

    The Astron is accurate to within one second every 100,000 years!  This is due to the fact it resets using the atomic clocks found in the GPS satellite's.  Never worry about not being on time again!

    wskg1075_1Hate when the battery goes at awkward times?

    The Seiko Astron doesn't rely on batteries.  It converts any source of light into energy it can use to run itself.  No problem!  The Astron stores all excess energy in reserve and uses that energy to run when light sources are unavailable.  You never need to worry about the watch quitting at an inconvenient time as the Astron has a gage on the dial to tell you how much energy is stored.

    Hate resetting your watch's calendar each month?

    The Astron is a perpetual calendar watch.  That means it is smart enough to know which months have 28, 30 and 31 days, so you never need to change it.  It even knows when leap year is and will adjust itself accordingly up to the year 2100.  It is truly a set it and forget it watch.


    wskg1079_11Hate worrying about water?

    Seiko Astron is a 10 Bar or 100 meter watch.  That means you can actually swim with it.  Although not rated for diving, you can snorkel with the watch.  In effect, you do not need to worry about taking your valuable watch off every time you get near water.

    Hate the glare and scratches the crystal gets?

    The Astron uses a sapphire crystal with a front and back Super Clear Coating developed by Seiko.  This offers the best in scratch resistance and also eliminates 99% of reflection.  So long to pesky glare and hello to a watch that looks good 10 years from now.

    If this isn't enough to convince you how cool this new watch is, please stop by and I will show it to you.  It will blow you away to watch it in action!


    Mark Poulin,
    Auburn Store Manager

    Learn more about Mark!



  • Watching Over Me

    Jewelry is never where I pictured myself when I was growing up. I saw myself as most young boys do, as a firefighter, motorcycle racer, or a pilot. I consider myself lucky to be in an industry that values rare things. I get to be involved in some of the greatest love stories ever told. I meet people who are also passing along family heirlooms and hunting for future family heirlooms.  Funny thing is that making a difference in someone's life isn't always apparent.

    I was working for Day's Jewelers in the Manchester, New Hampshire location as the store's watch specialist.  I worked mostly mornings when it was quiet.  I took my time to readjust the watch lines in their cases, and polishing of any fingerprints I might find.  I jumped at any chance I could at running out to the floor to help a guest, and our company had run a promotion on the back of a local grocery store's receipt offering a watch battery service for one dollar.

    On a particularly quiet March morning an older gentleman came ambling in for a new battery in his watch with a coupon in his hand.  His face was scowled, which I figured was because it was so cold outside.  So, I offered him a cup of coffee. While I was making it I noticed that his watch was a wind-up model.  I took the time to explain that his watch did not take a battery.  I gave him his coffee and sat with him as he shared the story of how he had come by this watch.  He told me of his love of watches, and confided that he was a bit of a watch-hoarder. I told him that I too loved watches, and as simply as that, this grouchy old guy named Henry and I were friends.


    wpok0309_1The very next day, I saw Henry crossing the showroom floor clutching a small brown paper bag and a couple of watch battery coupons.  I smiled at him, welcomed him back and again offered him a cup of joe.  He smiled back and dropped his watches at the service counter for the work.  He informed me that he'd brought a couple of other watches in for me to see.  Some worked, some did not.  Some were missing straps and bracelets, some missing hands or crystals. No matter the condition, they all had a story as to how he came to own them.

    Henry visited me everyday I worked, and on the days I had off my co-workers would inform me that my grumpy grandpa had stopped by for me.  It turns out that he was quite prickly with most everyone, except me. They knew that he really only wanted to deal with me. I let Henry in on my schedule, as I enjoyed his visits. Being an old salesman himself, he was always very respectful of my time and the fact that I was working. We shared a passion for men's wristwatches, from the styling to the intricate movements.  He had a few that were truly remarkable. The one that I found the most fascinating was an old Hamilton.  This one he had actually been awarded for sales accomplishments for that year. It was a rectangular, or "Tank" faced watch in 18 karat rose gold with the most unique faceted crystal I had ever seen. I was blown away by the condition of this watch.  It was immaculate.  Henry informed me that it had stopped working nearly 30 years earlier, and he never bothered to find out what was wrong with it. He knew that we worked in conjunction with a watchmaker that had the ability to source old parts, rebuild and restore these watches to their former glory.  We had sent a few off in the past for estimates on repair, but he would opt not to have them fixed as the parts were rare, and coupled with the repairs it was somewhat costly.

    I encouraged Henry to once again send his Hamilton off to the watchmaker for an estimate.  The repair estimate came back, and I knew that there was no way that he would be able to afford it.  It was almost Halloween and I began to see less and less of my old friend.  I personally called him to tell him the quote from the watchmaker.  He told me that it was way too much and just to have it sent back.  He apologized that he hadn't been by as often as he'd like, but it was unseasonably chilly. He told me he'd be down to get it before he left for his daughter's for the holidays. It was early November, and I figured that it might be back in time for Christmas. I decided I was going to have it fixed for him, so I called the watchmaker and gave the go ahead.

    One day during the holiday rush I was told that I had a package come in from the watchmaker, and he had sent me a note.  The note read that this wristwatch was incredibly rare and the unique crystal alone was worth nearly as much as the solid gold case and back. It offered an appraisal service and even mentioned the fact that it would likely fetch a fairly substantial price at an auction!  I was overjoyed with the news.  I thought how great that this could be a windfall for my tired old friend. I called Henry right away to tell him he had an early Christmas present.

    He came down the next day with a gift wrapped package in his hands.  I met him with his usual cup of joe, black the way he liked it. I was surprised at the fact that he had gotten me a gift.  I told him that I couldn't accept it, but he told me that he would not accept mine if I was going to be that way. I tore into the wrapper and found that he had given me a watch from his collection that I had as a kid, the Cub Scouts watch.  I smiled and thanked him.  Although the watch didn't work, it was a great feeling that he remembered I told him that I once had one exactly like it.

    I gave him my present and as he opened the box, he looked a bit baffled to see his Hamilton in there.

    "I went ahead and had them fix it." I told him. He went on about how I shouldn't have, but thanked me anyway.  I grabbed the watch, wound it up, set it and helped put it on his wrist.  He listened intently as I explained just how valuable his little resurrected watch was, and the fact that if he'd like to we might be able to sell it and get him a sweet little bundle of cash.  I could see in his face that this didn't interest him at all.  He again thanked me, and told me that he was leaving the next day to spend Christmas and New Years with his daughter’s family.

    After everything began to wind down from the busy Christmas season, I wondered when I would see my morning coffee buddy again.  A few weeks had gone when a fellow co-worker told me there was a woman here to see me the day before.  He said she told him she'd stop by again to see me.  I had worked through almost the entire day when in walked a woman to see me. She came over and told me her name was Beatrice and she was Henry's daughter.  She informed me that Henry had passed away a day into the New Year. She told me that it was sudden, and unexpected.  I was quite numb. She smiled sweetly at me as I guess my face must've given away my shock.  She reached her hand out and placed it on mine. She told me that I meant a lot to her dad, as he talked non-stop about me and couldn't wait to see me again. She brought out of her purse his rose gold Hamilton and held it out to me in her hand.  I was must've been a miserable sight, as I fought the waterworks. She told me that he mentioned everyday that I paid to have his watch fixed and that he would wind it up over his morning cup of coffee.  She told me that he would've wanted me to have it.  I struggled to keep my composure and tell her I couldn't accept it.  She told me she wouldn't have it any other way, thanked me for being kind to a lonely old man.  She turned and walked out of the store.

    I haven’t worked long enough to have earned a gold watch of my own, but a small bit of kindness, and showing even the slightest bit of interest in my fellow man earned me one in Henry’s book. Even more importantly, he taught me first hand why jewelry is treasured. I carry that philosophy with me throughout every encounter.


    joe2011About the Blogger: 

    Joe, Jewelry Consultant
    Waterville Day's Jewelers 

    When he is not at Day's, Joe can be found spending time with his wife or participating in outdoor activities. Joe is a bit of a jokester and enjoys laughing and having fun with his customers. His favorite thing about Maine is that he can see the starry skies at night and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. The next time you are in the Waterville area, take a trip down Main Street and visit Joe at Day's!


  • Melissa's Top 5 Picks for the Holidays!

    Every year when I see the new jewelry come in or I’m in one of the stores visiting, I start to gather a list of my favorites. Since I help customers shop and find the perfect gift every day, I thought why not share my favorites, and maybe give someone an idea that they hadn’t thought about before!


    First of all, I’m an avid birthstone lover! My birthstone is Blue Topaz, for December. I always said I would rather have a beautiful blue topaz ring than an engagement ring, now I’m on the fence, but I’d still take a beautiful blue topaz ring. This London Blue Topaz Ring has stolen my heart. The color is beautiful and it stands out in a crowd (like me).  You’ll see along the way, I love big, bold and beautiful designs.


    dectf0026_1Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Marilyn said so herself. I believe all women should own a pair of diamond stud earrings. Whether they be a 1/4cttw or 4cttw, it doesn't matter. Each person's preference and budget is different. One of the great benefits of buying your diamond earrings at Day's is our trade up policy. If you purchase a pair of diamond earrings from us and want to upgrade - no problem! You can get the full purchase price of the earrings you purchase towards a pair of new diamond earrings of 25% greater value. Example: if you buy a pair of diamond stud earrings for $100 and the following year you want to get bigger ones, you just need to find a pair that is $125 and you only pay $25! What a great idea for anniversaries, birthdays and holiday gift giving throughout the years. My personal favorite for diamond stud earrings, princess cut.


    ngbrs1980_1Third on my list is "Fun and Flirty" bangles! Bangles are great because you can wear them alone or stack them together, whether you use different styles or mix and match (gold and silver is fun), it's a lot of look for not a lot of money. Tom Kruskal is one of my favorite designers when it comes to bangles. They are all handmade and absolutely beautiful.


    wfsg0330_1Now let's not forget the guys! While many of them don't wear jewelry, there is always room for a watch; classic, trendy, and useful. My favorite watches are any in the black and rose gold styles. The great thing about watches is you can find super fashionable styles starting at around $100!

    Last, but certainly not least pearls. But not just any pearl, Honora pearls. Honora is a great way to add pearls to your jewelry box, but not your "grandma's" pearls. Honora pearls are colorful and fashionable, they are also great for mixing and matching. I love that there are so many different collections, there is something for everyone. My favorite Honora collection is Skinny Jean.

    Well there you have it! My top 5 picks for the holidays. While I could probably pick 500 things, I thought 5 was a good start! If you need help finding the perfect gift, as always, I'm here to help.

    Happy Holidays, from Melissa & Day's Jewelers!


  • What's Your Watch Style?

    Our watches do more than just tell time. They have an eye for fashion. Take a look at these remarkable timepieces, ladies and gentlemen these are no longer your grandfather’s watch.

    There are watches for those that want to add a little color to their look or the person who wants to add fashion and the one that is all about having the best technology.

    wacg0098Accutron Rose and Black Dial Ceramic Bracelet Watch
    This Accutron mens watch is fashionable for day or night wear. Dress up your suit & tie at the office or your jeans & polo for a nice dinner date. Rose gold on men's watches is becoming a fashion do!

    Citizen "Skyhawk" Eco-Drive Chronograph
    For the man that loves to know it all. This watch has a perpetual calendar, chronograph and 2 daily alarms. Atomic timekeeping. Digital world time display for 43 cities around the globe. Flight computer slide rule bezel. It's water resistant to 666 feet/200 meters -- phew there is much more this watch can do too -- like keep time!

    wmog0247Movado Bold with Teal Accents
    For the man that likes a little color. This watch is fun, fashionable, colorful and bold! It is also available in other colors like green, white, orange and blue.

    wreg0005Reactor Mens Gamma
    For the man that likes the classic look with a bit of a contemporary design. Who may be a hunter, fisher, or sports man of any type that needs a rugged, heavy duty watch.



    Check out our entire collection of watches here. Day's Jewelers carries over 10 national watch brands in our stores and online. If you have any questions please let us know! Call or email Melissa and Kathy!

  • Jewelry Trends for 2012

    Here’s a list trends compiled through jewelry market research of new styles at shows, fashion designs for spring, and top looks at awards shows (courtesy of JCK).

    Button and Stud Earrings: A hit on the red carpet this year and the subject of some new collections, button-style and stud earrings are a must-have in any wardrobe

    Chandelier Earrings: Are they back? Well, small versions may be. New modestly sized styles are evident this year

    Pearls: Abundant, pretty, and affordable, freshwaters and mother-of-pearl are evident in new collections

    Pendant Necklaces: Layerable and no sizing required, pendants can accessorize a range of dresses a "foolproof" look for spring

    Pyrite: Fun, funky, and inexpensive

    Sporty Aesthetics: Think brightly colored watches

    Geometric Shapes and Tribal Effects: Angular pieces like square rings and bangles

    Tangerine Tango: It’s Pantone’s Color of 2012 in addition to being widely shown at spring runway shows. Coordinate other bright colors with it - called color blocking and keep it in stock in the form of stones like citrine, fire opal, and more.

    bangleYellow Gold and Stones: The rich gold color was a familiar sight and golden stones like beryl and rutilated quartz are abundant at shows.



    If you have questions about jewelry styles and trends, please email or call us anytime! We also love talking about diamond enagement rings, gift ideas for birthdays or anniversaries, and even about the weather! Which in Maine this season we can not complain!

    Have a great weekend!


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.