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  • Time and the Rhyme

    I appreciate brands that are trying to solve solutions for many aspects of one’s life. Shinola is doing just that. Not only do they build goods in the USA, they are doing it in style. From small leather goods, to bikes, to turntables they are offering modern designs you can feel good about owning. Shinola watches are built in Detroit with Swiss and imported parts. Of all the products Shinola makes, the return of manufacturing jobs is the thing they are post proud of.

    We carry many of their watches and they are super classy, let me tell you.

    Check out this Maya Angelou Special Edition. A great tribute that comes with a leather journal filled with her poetry. Know the time and the rhyme...

    Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.22.45 AM

    Shinola Cass Limited Edition Maya Angelou Watch Shinola Cass Limited Edition Maya Angelou Watch

    The watch comes packaged in a wooden watch box, including a leather-bound journal containing excerpts from Dr. Angelous poetry and a booklet honoring the life and legacy of the acclaimed author/activist. The watch comes packaged in a wooden watch box, including a leather-bound journal containing excerpts from Dr. Angelous poetry and a booklet honoring the life and legacy of the acclaimed author/activist.

    And this handsome watch. Dusty blue for the emotional person who wants you to know, but not too much.

    Shinola Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Brown Leather Strap Shinola Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Brown Leather Strap

    This Shinola Runwell men's watch is a beautiful timepiece that is built to last, and built right here in America. A lightning bolt is stamped on the back of each watch, representing Shinola's commitment to quality.

    We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future. It’s why we are here. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well. And define American luxury through American quality. - SHINOLA




    Brian Chick_1 Brian Chick - Content Producer and Photographer

  • Does a Solar Watch Stop When There is No Light?

    wctzg0334_1I was waiting on a guest a few days ago.  She brought an older model Citizen watch in for a repair and was asking about the cost to repair versus the cost of a new watch.  I examined the watch and determined the repair was going to be between $80-$160 because of the damage done to it, whereas a new, similar one would sell for $240 with a five year warranty.  The age of the watch (approximately 10-12 years) combined with the cost of repair, indicated it would likely be better to replace it unless it had some sentimental value.  I asked her if this was the case and she replied no, it had no sentiment at all.  At this point, we walked over to the watches and I told her replacement also would be great because the new models of Citizens were almost exclusively solar powered.  She looked at me and said "That's great, but it doesn't do you any good if there is no light."  I have to admit, I was a little taken aback that solar power in watches is still not really understood even after more than 20 years in use.

    How did it all start?

    Solar power in watches dates back to the 70's when they functioned much more like our modern solar calculators.  They would feature a solar cell on the dial with a battery back up in the watch.  When there was enough light to run the watch, the watch would run off the solar cell.  When there was insufficient light, the watch would automatically switch to the battery.  The fatal flaw in this design was simple:  Exhaust the battery and every time it loses its light source, it stops.  It would restart when it got more light, but however long it was in the dark was how much time you lost.  In addition, if it was digital, it would reset to 12pm when it got back in the light.  All the solar cell really did in this design was extend the battery life by 1-2 years, and you never really knew when that would be because you had no way to tell when it was running on either the solar cell or the battery.  Inconvenient.

    Solar was pretty much a novelty until the fatal design flaw could be corrected.  Furthermore, the solar cell on the face of the watch really wasn't all that attractive.  The manufacturers needed to solve both of these issues if they were to have a reliable and attractive watch.  The answers came in the form of technology.  They developed a small, rechargeable cell that would fit in a watch and new dials that would be permeable to light.  This allowed them to hide the solar cell under the dial, or face of the watch.  In addition, the watch no longer needed to worry about the battery dying at any time.  Problems solved...somewhat.  The original rechargeable cells could only hold a 3-5 day charge, so it really was not much of an improvement and the dials of the watches were very restricted in color and type.  Both Citizen and Seiko put out limited designs which sold well.  Acceptance and widespread use were still several years away, however.

    How do they work now?


    solar_watchToday's solar watches look very little like their predecessors.  In fact, they look identical to any battery powered watch in the case.  The only real way to tell them apart is the markings the manufacturers put on the dial.  Most say "Solar" right on them.  Citizen being the exception, prints "Eco-Drive" on theirs, which is synonymous with "Solar Power".  They all work virtually the same way, however.  Light enters through the crystal (clear glass or mineral).  This light can be artificial or natural, though natural charges the watch faster.  After the light gets through the crystal, it then passes through the dial of the watch and reaches the solar collector underneath.  The collector converts the light to energy and sends that energy to the ion-lithium rechargeable cell.  The watch then uses the stored energy to run the watch like any battery operated watch.  The newer ion-lithium cells, however are much more efficient than the early rechargeable cells.  They are now capable of at least 6 months of energy storage.  This allows them to be under sleeves of shirts and coats for much longer times.  Some can even go for extended durations of 4 or more years without light!

    So what happens when I wear coats/sleeves for 9-10 months out of the year?

    Back to the guest's question: What happens when there is no light to run on?  It is possible to run the charge out on most solar watches, especially here in Maine where we have temperatures that encourage the use of jackets in more than 6 months out of the year.  This is an avoidable nuisance more than a problem.  Being a transplanted Louisiana boy, I tend to wear coats very often throughout the year and, as you can guess, my job requires I wear suit jackets when working.  It would not be uncommon for my two solar watches to stop running, but they do not.  Why?  I simply leave them out on my dresser.  The ambient light of my bedroom gives them all the energy they need to keep going.  Of course, I own multiple watches, so I can leave them out, but suppose it is your only watch?  How do you deal with this issue?  Simple.  Leave it under a reading light overnight once during the winter, December being the best time.  This should prevent any "power outage" on your watch.  Obviously, the next question would be what happens if I do run the power out on my watch?  Again, a very simple solution:  Put it under a light for about 1 minute.  The watch will start back up and you can set it and put it on just try to keep it exposed to refill the ion-lithium faster.

    In summary, the solar powered watch is a great advance in technology to the consumer.  It provides years of trouble free wear without the worry of replacing the battery at inconvenient times.  It also is more environmentally friendly, as there are no batteries that need disposal or recycling.  Lastly, the watches are style driven at this point and are no longer restricted by the solar cell.  this means you can have a solar watch without sacrificing the great look you desire.  The next time you head to see your local jeweler for a new watch, check them out, it will be worth it.

    Blogger: Mark Poulin


  • Watching Over Me

    Jewelry is never where I pictured myself when I was growing up. I saw myself as most young boys do, as a firefighter, motorcycle racer, or a pilot. I consider myself lucky to be in an industry that values rare things. I get to be involved in some of the greatest love stories ever told. I meet people who are also passing along family heirlooms and hunting for future family heirlooms.  Funny thing is that making a difference in someone's life isn't always apparent.

    I was working for Day's Jewelers in the Manchester, New Hampshire location as the store's watch specialist.  I worked mostly mornings when it was quiet.  I took my time to readjust the watch lines in their cases, and polishing of any fingerprints I might find.  I jumped at any chance I could at running out to the floor to help a guest, and our company had run a promotion on the back of a local grocery store's receipt offering a watch battery service for one dollar.

    On a particularly quiet March morning an older gentleman came ambling in for a new battery in his watch with a coupon in his hand.  His face was scowled, which I figured was because it was so cold outside.  So, I offered him a cup of coffee. While I was making it I noticed that his watch was a wind-up model.  I took the time to explain that his watch did not take a battery.  I gave him his coffee and sat with him as he shared the story of how he had come by this watch.  He told me of his love of watches, and confided that he was a bit of a watch-hoarder. I told him that I too loved watches, and as simply as that, this grouchy old guy named Henry and I were friends.


    wpok0309_1The very next day, I saw Henry crossing the showroom floor clutching a small brown paper bag and a couple of watch battery coupons.  I smiled at him, welcomed him back and again offered him a cup of joe.  He smiled back and dropped his watches at the service counter for the work.  He informed me that he'd brought a couple of other watches in for me to see.  Some worked, some did not.  Some were missing straps and bracelets, some missing hands or crystals. No matter the condition, they all had a story as to how he came to own them.

    Henry visited me everyday I worked, and on the days I had off my co-workers would inform me that my grumpy grandpa had stopped by for me.  It turns out that he was quite prickly with most everyone, except me. They knew that he really only wanted to deal with me. I let Henry in on my schedule, as I enjoyed his visits. Being an old salesman himself, he was always very respectful of my time and the fact that I was working. We shared a passion for men's wristwatches, from the styling to the intricate movements.  He had a few that were truly remarkable. The one that I found the most fascinating was an old Hamilton.  This one he had actually been awarded for sales accomplishments for that year. It was a rectangular, or "Tank" faced watch in 18 karat rose gold with the most unique faceted crystal I had ever seen. I was blown away by the condition of this watch.  It was immaculate.  Henry informed me that it had stopped working nearly 30 years earlier, and he never bothered to find out what was wrong with it. He knew that we worked in conjunction with a watchmaker that had the ability to source old parts, rebuild and restore these watches to their former glory.  We had sent a few off in the past for estimates on repair, but he would opt not to have them fixed as the parts were rare, and coupled with the repairs it was somewhat costly.

    I encouraged Henry to once again send his Hamilton off to the watchmaker for an estimate.  The repair estimate came back, and I knew that there was no way that he would be able to afford it.  It was almost Halloween and I began to see less and less of my old friend.  I personally called him to tell him the quote from the watchmaker.  He told me that it was way too much and just to have it sent back.  He apologized that he hadn't been by as often as he'd like, but it was unseasonably chilly. He told me he'd be down to get it before he left for his daughter's for the holidays. It was early November, and I figured that it might be back in time for Christmas. I decided I was going to have it fixed for him, so I called the watchmaker and gave the go ahead.

    One day during the holiday rush I was told that I had a package come in from the watchmaker, and he had sent me a note.  The note read that this wristwatch was incredibly rare and the unique crystal alone was worth nearly as much as the solid gold case and back. It offered an appraisal service and even mentioned the fact that it would likely fetch a fairly substantial price at an auction!  I was overjoyed with the news.  I thought how great that this could be a windfall for my tired old friend. I called Henry right away to tell him he had an early Christmas present.

    He came down the next day with a gift wrapped package in his hands.  I met him with his usual cup of joe, black the way he liked it. I was surprised at the fact that he had gotten me a gift.  I told him that I couldn't accept it, but he told me that he would not accept mine if I was going to be that way. I tore into the wrapper and found that he had given me a watch from his collection that I had as a kid, the Cub Scouts watch.  I smiled and thanked him.  Although the watch didn't work, it was a great feeling that he remembered I told him that I once had one exactly like it.

    I gave him my present and as he opened the box, he looked a bit baffled to see his Hamilton in there.

    "I went ahead and had them fix it." I told him. He went on about how I shouldn't have, but thanked me anyway.  I grabbed the watch, wound it up, set it and helped put it on his wrist.  He listened intently as I explained just how valuable his little resurrected watch was, and the fact that if he'd like to we might be able to sell it and get him a sweet little bundle of cash.  I could see in his face that this didn't interest him at all.  He again thanked me, and told me that he was leaving the next day to spend Christmas and New Years with his daughter’s family.

    After everything began to wind down from the busy Christmas season, I wondered when I would see my morning coffee buddy again.  A few weeks had gone when a fellow co-worker told me there was a woman here to see me the day before.  He said she told him she'd stop by again to see me.  I had worked through almost the entire day when in walked a woman to see me. She came over and told me her name was Beatrice and she was Henry's daughter.  She informed me that Henry had passed away a day into the New Year. She told me that it was sudden, and unexpected.  I was quite numb. She smiled sweetly at me as I guess my face must've given away my shock.  She reached her hand out and placed it on mine. She told me that I meant a lot to her dad, as he talked non-stop about me and couldn't wait to see me again. She brought out of her purse his rose gold Hamilton and held it out to me in her hand.  I was must've been a miserable sight, as I fought the waterworks. She told me that he mentioned everyday that I paid to have his watch fixed and that he would wind it up over his morning cup of coffee.  She told me that he would've wanted me to have it.  I struggled to keep my composure and tell her I couldn't accept it.  She told me she wouldn't have it any other way, thanked me for being kind to a lonely old man.  She turned and walked out of the store.

    I haven’t worked long enough to have earned a gold watch of my own, but a small bit of kindness, and showing even the slightest bit of interest in my fellow man earned me one in Henry’s book. Even more importantly, he taught me first hand why jewelry is treasured. I carry that philosophy with me throughout every encounter.


    joe2011About the Blogger: 

    Joe, Jewelry Consultant
    Waterville Day's Jewelers 

    When he is not at Day's, Joe can be found spending time with his wife or participating in outdoor activities. Joe is a bit of a jokester and enjoys laughing and having fun with his customers. His favorite thing about Maine is that he can see the starry skies at night and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. The next time you are in the Waterville area, take a trip down Main Street and visit Joe at Day's!


  • How Do I Know I'm Buying the Right Watch for Me?

    The other day, I had a customer come in to shop for a watch and I asked him “What do you need it to do?"  Of course, that left me wide open for the response of, “tell time."  After we laughed about how I set him up for the punch line, I decided it might be best to be a little more specific.  I asked him the following questions:

    1.  Will the watch be exposed to water?

    2.  Is the watch for dress wear or active wear?

    3.  If the watch is exposed to water, what type of exposure?  Occasional?  Swimming?  Diving?

    4.  If you will be wearring it as an active wear watch, please tell me how you will use it.

    5.  What do you do for work?

    6.  Are you going to wear the watch for work, casual, or both?

    Why would I ask these questions?  That was his response as well.  It actually is a very simple answer.  Watches are machines, just like an automobile.  They are built for specific uses and like automobiles; they can be damaged when they are treated in a way outside of their design parameters.  For example:  Would you take a BMW out four wheeling?  Would you take your Hummer on a long trip if you were trying to save on fuel costs?  These seem like silly questions, yet people routinely treat their watches in a similar manner.  So, how do you know if it is the right watch for you?

    The answer is to look at the three basic watch types and which one best describes how you plan to use the watch.

    Watches generally fall into 3 broad categories; dress, sport, or sport dress.  Each of these categories has specific attributes which allow them to excel at what they are designed to do.  Let's take a look at what you can expect from each of these categories.

    Movado Dress Watch


    Dress Watch: This watch uses a smaller case and usually has a finer movement than its counterparts.  It will generally lack any water resistance over 30 meters, although there are exceptions.  The watch will emphasize style and fashion over being able to take extreme blows.  Nicer dress watches are composed of 316L surgical steel and use Sapphire mineral crystals.  Both of these features limit the scratching on the watch and the steel allows the watch to be refinished in most situations. This watch is ideal for anyone who wants a watch that speaks to fashion and will complement their dress attire.  An example of this type of watch would be MOVADO.

    Reactor Sport Watch



    Sport Watch: The movements in most cases are not as fine as those in a dress watch since they are crafted for durability. This watch also uses a much heavier case and band design in order to withstand heavy blows and regular punishment. The movements are also generally better protected in these watches.  Water resistance is at the highest in these models, starting at 100 meters and can go over 1000 meters.  They are meant to be able to survive water activity regularly.  They sacrifice some fashion in order to be able to provide the durability required in their use. This watch is ideal for the active outdoors person who does not want to worry about damaging their watch while they are out doing activities like rock climbing or surfing.  An example of this watch would be REACTOR.

    Citizen Sport Dress Watch



    Sport Dress Watch: As the name implies, this watch is at home in the office, but can also handle some moisture and some rougher wear. They generally have water resistance from 50-100 meters and have a mid-size casing. Although unable to take as much punishment as the sport models, it will prove an ideal watch for someone who wishes to be able to wear the watch almost anytime they choose.....and look good while wearing it.  Both Seiko and Citizen are very strong examples of this type of watch.

    By asking yourself the questions I posed above, you begin to figure out rather quickly which type of watch will be best for your use.  Once you have the type of watch, it becomes much easier to select a watch you can be proud to wear and will give you years of trouble free wear.

    Mark Poulin,
    Store Manager, Day's Jewelers Auburn

    mark-poulin2-web2011About the blogger: 

    Sixteen years ago, Mark joined the Day's Jewelers family. A manager from the start, Mark came to Day's from a management career at KB Toys. With a vast amount of retail experience, Mark has managed three Day's Jewelers locations – Auburn, Brunswick, South Portland and now he is back in Auburn. He has also worked as Service Manager and Customer Service Manager in Day's Waterville more.

    Questions or comments?



  • Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Bluetooth Watch for iPhone

    Do you love to be on top in the technology world? Do you own an iPhone 4S or 5? Or maybe you just like really cool looking watches. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch is for you.

    The Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch is the ultimate companion for the modern day tech-savvy consumer. Bluetooth enabled through Citizen Eco-Drive technology, the timepiece pairs with the iPhone 5 and 4S through a specially designed app to offer email, call notification and calendar reminders. All with a powerful 10 meter sync range. The primary and secondary time zones are updated automatically, making travel easier, not to mention more styles. `

    citizen_watchHere are a few of it's techy features: 

    If there is an incoming call to your iPhone4S or 5 your Citizen will vibrate and the second hand will jump to the 11.

    When you receive an email, your Citizen will vibrate and the secondhand will jump to the 10. You can sync up to 5 email accounts and calendar alerts to your watch.
    You can also program your watch to send you an alert when disconnected with the iPhone suddenly. Your secondhand will move to the 9. If this happens, you will need to re-sync your iPhone to your watch using your iPhone app.For both of those features, just push and hold down on top right button to continue time keeping after alert is received and your Citizen Proximity watch will resume back to the correct time.

    Should you lose your iPhone push and hold down on both top and bottom buttons on your Citizen watch. Your iPhone will ring on full volume regardless of the current setting you may have it set on (ie: vibrate or silent). Now if only we could sync our car keys with our Citizen Proximity!

    Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch details: 

    • Perpetual calendar chronograph with Bluetooth®4.0
    • Low energy powered by Eco-Drive technology
    • Convenient key features include Time/Date Sync, iPhone® Search, Call & Email Alert, Calendar Event Notification
    • 10-Meter Sync
    • Second time zone, 12/24 hour time
    • Push lower right button and recalibrate via your iPhone time
    • Power reserve
    • The strap is leather with a nylon backing
    • 46mm case & 100M WR
    • 8 months bluetooth on, 17 months bluetooth off
    • The free of charge Proximity App is available from the Apple® App Store on your compatible iPhone® or from iTunes on your computer.
    • This App is compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 only
    • Download Citizen Proximity User's Guide (

    Pretty sweet watch if you ask me. Now, if it could respond to my emails and phone calls too, that would be even better!

    If you have any questions, or comments, please let me know.

    Day's Jewelers is an authorized Citizen Watch dealer. All Citizen watches are 25% off and come with an extended 5 year warranty through Day's Jewelers.

    Day's Jewelers was founded in 1914 by Captain Harry Davidson. Jim, Jeff and Kathy Corey purchased Day's from the Davidson's in 1988. Today, there are six Day's Jewelers retail locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire.


  • Jewelry is So Much More than Metal and Stones

    A few years ago my uncle gave me a baggie which contained a pretty rough looking piece of twisted metal. Upon opening it I realized that it was a Navajo sterling silver cuff style watch with turquoise and coral. This poor thing was in horrible shape, the watch was busted, the cuff practically cracked all the way through and one of the large turquoise stones was missing.

    Sitting there holding this, I thought to myself “this sure looks familiar”. My uncle explained to me that this was my grandfather’s watch. “That’s why I remember it” I said. You see my grandfather passed away when I was just a boy and he was only 52 years old. He was the Chief of the Penobscot Indian tribe here in Maine, and I remember seeing this watch on him when I would visit him in the tribal offices after kindergarten class.


       Sterling silver, turquoise and coral Navajo watch after restoration.

    My uncle, knowing I worked for Day’s Jewelers asked me if there was anything that could be done to fix it. When he discovered it, he was tearing down an old shed on the family property and the watch was smashed into the mud. I knew if anyone could fix it, we could, and if we couldn’t, it was beyond repair.

    This watch literally sat in my kitchen cabinet for about 3 years and just recently, I finally brought it in to our master goldsmith Stephanie who works in our Waterville location. I of course told her the story, which she seemed to really appreciate and connect with. She said “let me see what I can do”.

    I had prepared myself to hear that there was nothing that could be done to bring this family heirloom back to its former glory and one day I got a call from Steph. “It’s all done, come take a look”. I ran downstairs into the store and was shocked at what was waiting there. It was completely repaired, the crack was fixed, the missing turquoise stone was replaced and even the original automatic Timex watch looked brand new and was ticking away.

    I am certain Stephanie could tell by the look on my face how grateful I was for her incredible talent that brought this childhood memory back to life. Standing there holding that watch was like having an instant connection to my Grandfather. That night I rushed home and went straight to my Uncle’s where I presented him with the watch. He was as shocked, if not more, than I was as he stood there holding this beautiful object that belonged to his dad. He gave me the biggest hug and that warmest smile and thanked me and Stephanie for making this happen.


                The watch today, and back in the late 1970's when my grandfather wore it.

    I was happy to have that one day in my office, when I secretly wore the watch, before I took it to my uncle. That was enough to last the rest of my life. Well, my uncle called me the other night and asked me to come over but wouldn’t tell me why. When I got there, he looked me right in the eye and said “I want you to have this” and handed me the box which contained this special treasure. I was overwhelmed with honor, pride, happiness…all sorts of emotions. I of course jumped up and thanked him with a huge hug and today I am wearing this special piece of jewelry that my grandfather wore for so many years. I always felt like he was with me, but now I can see and feel it. Jewelry is so much more than what it is made of.  Its true value is in the stories and history that is behind it, and to me, this watch is priceless!

    -Jason Brown (JKB)

  • Tough Father's Day Gift for a Tough Dad

    New England Dads work hard and play harder so 'fine jewelry' may not seem like the natural choice for the perfect Father's Day gift. If you agree, you haven't been introduced to Reactor Watches yet. Reactor Watches are the best built performance sport watches... period.

    wreg0051_1Is your dad a fisherman? This Reactor Gamma Watch is water resistent up to 300 meters. Maybe your Dad is a hunter and heads out to the tree-stand before dawn. The Superluminova on the hands and markers make the time easy to read no matter how dark it is. If your dad is a gun enthusiast Reactors are literally bulletproof. Seriously... you can shoot a Reactor with a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun and not only will it still look like the superior watch it is, it will still be ticking and keeping time. Don't believe me? Think I'm making an absurd claim? Grab your dad and feast your eyes on a little demonstration: 

    If you and your dad enjoyed that... (and honestly, how could you not enjoy that?)... bring him into Day's and check out our whole line of Reactors. With a watch purchase you'll receive free cleaning and bracelet adjustment for the life of the watch. If your dad is tough, think about getting him a present this year that is just as tough, Reactor Watches.

    As always, if you have questions please let us know!

    Happy Father's Day!

  • Movado Watch Hits Homerun with New Style

    New York Yankee Derek Jeter recently became a member of the 3000 hit club in July of 2011.  Jeter is the first Yankee to ever reach this milestone.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, Movado created a watch that honors Jeter and his great accomplishment.  The watch is simple and stunning as a part of the Movado Bold line.  Sales of the watch benefit Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation - an organization that was created by Jeter to help teens and children avoid drugs and alcohol.


    Other Movado watches have been created to honor the athlete in previous years.  Many hold the easily recognizable Yankee pinstripes on the face.  This watch was designed to be unlike any other. Only 300 watches have been created for a retail price of $550 each - $100 of which will directly benefit his Turn 2 Foundation.  Enclosed in each stainless steel case is a thank you letter from Jeter.  The watch features a blue metallic face, Jeter's number "2" placed at 2 o'clock and Swiss quartz movement.  It's sophisticated style is sure to satisfy any baseball fan even if they favor the Yankees or not.  This accomplishment of Jeter's is one that all baseball fans can appreciate.

    Movado has always favored the arts and modern styles when creating their watches.  The company supports the New York City Ballet, The John F. Kennedy Ceter for the Performing Arts and various other organizations.

  • Is Reactor Watch Right for You?

    The REACTOR Watch...

    I first met Jimmy Olmes at the jewelry show in Las Vegas 3 years ago. The entrepreneur recounted a fascinating story of how he invented Reactor watches. He is one of the most passionate and tenacious men I know.

    Jimmy spent 20 years of his life creating and building the Freestyle watch line which was an inexpensive timepiece used primarily by surfing enthusiasts. Jimmy sold the company and in 2002 set out to build the “best performance sports watch on the planet”…REACTOR.

    In 2003, REACTOR was born. After spending 2 hours with Jimmy, I knew this was a watch line I wanted in all Day’s stores. Here are a few features of REACTOR and why it is a great watch for anyone:

    • wreg0037Superluminova is the material most often used to make a watch dial light up in darkness. It is very bright early in the evening, but fades as the night wears on.
    • Tritium is another material used to light up a watch dial. It is not as bright as Superluminova, but does not fade.
    • REACTOR’s “Never Dark” technology features both materials on watch dials.
    • The average watch bracelet will separate from the watch with more than 20 pounds of pressure. The REACTOR watch bracelet will withstand over 200 pounds.
    • REACTOR's Poseidon dive watch goes up to 1000M
    • REACTOR's Graviton, has 275 of North America's premiere fishing locales pre-programmed, moon phase, sunrise and sunset indicators as well as a tidal flow graph for a quick check of the tidal state.

    wreg0041Learn more about the story behind this amazing timepiece here.

    Father’s Day, Graduation, birthday or just beacause…..a REACTOR watch is a great gift because it will last a lifetime.

    Please feel free to email me any time with your questions.

    Jeff Corey,

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.