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  • Time and Eternity Jewelry for Mother's Day

    Let Mom know you'll love her for all of Time and Eternity! Through the twists and turns of motherhood, interwoven rings represent her love. The diamond at the center, like Mom, holds everything together because to Mom: family is everything. Each piece in our Time and Eternity Collection features a Northern Star diamond.
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    What makes a Northern Star diamond so special?
    Every Northern Star diamond has 90 facets, 32 more than a traditional diamond. The extra facets, requiring additional time, craftsmanship, and expertise, help to prevent light from “leaking” out of the back of the diamond. These strategic cuts maximize the amount of light that is returned to the viewer making it visibly brighter.
    Show Mom how special she is with a Time & Eternity piece of jewelry featuring a beautiful Northern Star diamond.

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    Author: Hannah Duguie Author: Hannah Duguie

  • Captured Memories

    katie-dogMy brother and I have a running joke that the favorite child in our family is our “sister” Madelyn. Madelyn is our Golden Retriever known as “Maddie.”

    Every time we talk to our parents there is always a new story about something funny she’s done or some mischief she’s gotten herself into. Lately the topic of “Maddie conversation” has been her new found fame as the “poster child” for the new Photoart Charms display from Rembrandt.

    A charm bracelet is a sentimental journey you can wear. For those of us that have a pet that means the world to us, the Photoart Charm is a must to make your journey complete! Submit your favorite photo and Rembrandt’s exclusive process includes retouching, so even if the quality of your original photo isn’t perfect, it will still translate to a beautiful charm. Once the photo is reproduced it is set into the frame of your choice, like the Paw Print or the dog house frame. A special coating is applied after the photo is set ensuring your treasure will last a lifetime.


    photoart_charm_displayAll the Rembrandt Photoart Charms are engravable too so you can personalize your charm with the name of your pet, a message, or a date that means something special to you. The result is a truly beautiful jewel that is as unique as the personality of your furry friend. The original photo is returned to you, unchanged, along with your personalized Photoart  Charm that you can wear on a charm bracelet, a chain, or even put it on a dog collar for the furry love in your life to wear. No matter how you wear it, it will definitely be a conversation starter.

    Photoart Charms aren’t just for pets.  With a variety of frames in all shapes, sizes, and metal types, these charms make ideal gifts for weddings, Mother’s Day, graduations, and any other occasion when you want to give a gift that will make you a hero.  It’s easy too. All you have to do is find the picture you want to immortalize, pick the frame that will complement your photo, and submit your photo by uploading it at, emailing it to us at, or bringing it into any of our 6 stores in Maine and New Hampshire. You’ll get your Photoart Charm back in 7-10 days with your original photo.

    Now on to the hard part of narrowing down which of your favorite pictures will be turned into a work of art you can wear!


  • Add a Little Charm, for Mother's Day

    ngcms0627Every mom has a story. We can all spend hours talking about memories, favorite recipes, trips we took with our moms. What if you took all those memories, created a story and gave that to her this Mother's Day? You can... with a Rembrandt Charm Bracelet.

    ngcs0091Do you remember your first dance recital? She was in the front row wasn't she; camera in hand, tears rolling down her eyes. How about the first day of school or when you graduated. Her baby was growing up. These are easy to put into a store with a Rembrandt Charm bracelet. Be creative. Be mushy! It's Mother's Day, you can do whatever you want to show her you love her.

    How to create Her Story:

    1) Pick out the bracelet you like (available in sterling silver or gold)
    2) Pick out the charm(s) you would like on the bracelet (available in sterling silver or gold)
    3) Place your order online or go to your local Day's store
    4) We will put the charms on the bracelet for you, at no additional charge, or if you want you can - it's simple - the charm has a jump ring that can be opened and closed with pliers, so you can put the charms you choose in any pattern you would like.

    Here's a great example that Rembrandt Charms put together to showcase what a Mother's Day charm bracelet could look like:


    Rembrandt Charms helped with some other ideas for Mother's Day too. Click on the link to watch the video.

    Want to know more? Watch how Rembrandt Charms are made

    Have you created a Rembrandt Charm Bracelet for your Mom? Or yourself? We would LOVE to see them, and hear the story behind the bracelet. Send it to us at or post it to our Facebook Fan Page:


    As always, Kathy and Melissa are your personal shoppers here to help: or call 800-439-3297!


  • What to Buy, What to Buy...for Mother's Day

    It's right around the corner. May 13th -- Mother's Day! So we pulled together a few of our favorites and included a Gift Buying Guide, we are making it as easy as we can for you this year.


    Celebrate the shining beauty of a Mother's love with this stunning diamond mother and child key necklace. The top part of the key portrays a mother gently enfolding her baby in her arms depicting the unique bond they share.



    motherchildThere is no stronger love than that of a mother and child. The No Greater Love pendant from Studio Petra Azar expresses this connection through the seamless bond connecting the two halves. The Mother and Child are connected by a magnetic union that symbolizes their love. This pendant has a line of diamonds streaming through the center and when the pieces come together, a single heart is created.


    joinedheartThis Joined Heart necklace gracefully connects two hearts representing love between two people. A customer inspired Stephanie by asking her to design a piece in memory of her deceased husband by using the couple's wedding rings. One open heart represents the open persona of the husband while the closed heart represents the quite persona of the wife. Together they create strength and synergy as indicated in this necklace. Add a loved one's birthstone to personalize it.


    diamondpendBeautifully set in a shiny gold setting, a round brilliant diamond is showcased in this necklace. Finely crafted from 14 karat white gold, its pendant features a 3mm solitaire that suspends from a split bail. This necklace offers such a sparkling appearance that you'll feel extraordinary each and every time you wear it.


    These are only a few ideas for Mother's Day, May 13th. We can also create mother's rings, mother's necklaces, or mother's bracelets. Be sure to check out our Mother's Day Gift Buying Guide; it answers questions from what type of mom to what type of budget!

    Flowers and dinner out are not an option this year. Remember that macaroni necklace you made mom back in grade school, it's time to upgrade and give her something as timeless and classic as she is. Something that can be passed down to your daughter, and their daughters.

    Still stuck? -- Kathy and Melissa will find the perfect gift!

  • Honora, Not Your Grandmother's Pearls!

    jplbr0344We like to keep my eye on fashion and this spring its all about bright, vibrant colors incorporated into clothing and accessories. Honora Pearls, the leader in pearl fashion trends is the perfect fine jewelry accessory to compliment your new threads, because they come in a broad array of tones and colors. Honora Pearls is an affordable luxury, so you will be able to own more than one piece, allowing you dozens of possibilities to mix and match within your wardrobe.


    Some of our favorites, and a huge hit is Honora Pearl's Peacock Collection. Electric shades of blue, turquoise, lilac, and green will certainly excite your look this season. For a more subtle yet beautiful mix of colors, check out our Honora Pearl's Gelato Collection. Do you love to flirt with fashion? The Bohemian Collection with black pearls mixed with onyx, hematite and gemstones are so very chic.

    jerpl1308Honora pearls allow you to showcase your personality. Depending on your mood, your style or your attitude you can spice up your look. We would love to see how you wear your Honora pearls. Please send us pictures to or post them to our Facebook Page with a little story as to why you love your Honora pearls!

    >" target="_blank">Shop all the Honora Collections >>

    Download our How to Wear Honora Fashion Tip Guide!

    Questions, comments, fashion tips - Personal Shoppers, Kathy & Melissa are at your service! 800-439-3297 or!


  • Chamilia Garden Party Collection

    What a great gift for Mother's Day or for a treat to yourself! The Chamilia Garden Collection is feminine, fun and adds personality to any Chamilia bracelet, necklace or earrings. The Garden Party bead collection brings spring to your bracelet - new blooms, flower designs, soft colors.

    Check out Chamilia designer, Killian Rieder's, video about the new 2012 Spring Collection, Garden Party:

    ngbds2511Chamilia beads and jewelry are a great new way to create family heirlooms. Build a mother and daughter bracelet that can be passed down from generation to generation, and is a new way that each generation can add something new to the heirloom. You can start with the Mother and Child bead, then add birthstone beads for each daughter and granddaugher every time it is passed down. You can also add a Chamilia Mother's Day limited edition bead each year, see how many years the bracelet grows and gets passed down.

    Start your family heirloom with the Mother's Day 2012, Garden Party Collection bracelet. This is a great gift for the Mom in your life. The bracelet comes with 2 beads is only $149.


    We would love to hear about YOUR Chamilia jewelry. Please send an email to or post your video or comments and photo of your bracelet to our Facebook Fan Page (

    Listen to Amy's story, a real Chamilia bead customer. She is a mom, with a personality and beads to fit her lifestyle, memories, and more!




    Available at your local Day's Jewelers and online at


  • 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift

    5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift

    1) Mindset – why you are buying it, not just what

    Remember how much your Mom loved those construction paper Mother’s Day cards you made in 3rd grade? The same rule still applies! You should focus more on the “Why” you buy something as much as you focus on the “What.” Remember the “Why” and when you give her the gift she’ll know you mean “Thank you and I Love You."

    2) Stop, look & listen

    Before you purchase that necklace, stop! Does she even wear necklaces? Does she own too many necklaces, that she doesn’t wear them all? What has she mentioned she wanted? Was it another necklace?

    Sometimes just following those three words will help guide you away from buying a gift that doesn’t communicate your real intent: saying thank you and I love you.

    3) What’s your mom type?

    ngpds1399a. The working mom: She works and she plays, but she always has time for her family. Your mom is a busy woman. With meetings and picking up the dry cleaning and the kids, her days are planned well. This mom needs something durable and timeless - like our Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

    b. The domestic mom: She's been there for you every step of the way, and she probably made your bed for you more than you let on. She would appreciate a family oriented piece of jewelry, like this Mother and Child Pendant.

    c. The stylish mom: She stays up with fashion, and you can bet you were a well-dressed kid. Whether she stays at home or has joined the workforce, this mom looks fantastic. If you want to wow Mom with the perfect gift, find her anything designer, like a big, bold Citrine Lorenzo Ring.

    d. The sports mom: Mom loves a good game as much as Dad, and more often she'd rather be playing than watching. For sporty moms like this, find Mother's Day gifts that reflect her favorite teams, sports and players. Does she have a Bead Bracelet? If she does (or doesn't yet!) we have many sport team and sport beads.

    e. The new mom: Motherhood is just beginning for this new mother, and she doesn't want to miss a thing. Help her celebrate with birthstone jewelry and mother and child pendants.

    4) Who you are buying for (wife, mother, child)

    jpdkt0682Consider hobbies, interests and personality.

    Buying for the mother of your children is entirely different than buying for your mother.
    Yes, they are both women who may share the same likes and dislikes, but they are in different seasons of life.

    Still confused as to what to buy to best communicate that you’ve taken note of who she is and care about what she likes? Contact Kathy and Melissa at Day's Jewelers, your personal shoppers. They will find the perfect gift for your mom. Email them at

    5) Memoire   

    ngers3110Think about something memorable you did with your Mom. Was it a trip or moment in time? Maybe a special place that you and your Mother share? Commemorate this occasion with jewelry. For example, if you have a special memory of being at the ocean together, how about a piece of sea glass jewelry ? Or, if you’re memory is of a trip you took together, why not get her a Chamilia Suit Case Bead or the Cruise Ship Bead?


    Still stuck? We have also created a Gift Guide for finding the perfect Mother's Day Gift.

    Or send us an email to and as your personal shoppers let us help!

  • Mother's Day, May 13th

    We have put together a gift guide to help you find that perfect gift for Mother's Day (or any other special occasion for the mother in your life). Mother's Day is May 13th this year. So we are giving you almost two months advance. We want to make it easy and fun to shop for for the mom in your life.

    Some things to consider that we cover in our gift guide:

    1) Look for trends in her jewelry (color, style, etc).

    2) If you want to create a special mother's necklace, ring or bracelet be sure to order it at least 1-2 weeks before mother's day so we can have it made special and on time.

    3) Finances? We know that there are important things to think about aside from buying gifts for the ones you love. We offer layaway options and in house credit.

    ngpds1399We hope you enjoy the gift guide. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please email us at or call us Monday - Friday 9a-5p (EST) 800-439-3297... ask for Kathy or Melissa - your personal shoppers.

    Get your Mother's Day Gift Guide!


    Click here to shop our GIFT IDEAS collection.

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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.