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  • Amethyst: 2018 Color of the Year


    This February let's channel the late musical icon, Prince, and celebrate Purple Rain! Purple "Reign", that is! Per Pantone, the 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet, and here at Day's Jewelers we are ready to "rock" the color purple. Of course, there is no greater month to for us to embrace Ultra Violet than February when birthstone Amethyst dominates the jewelry world.

    If you haven't already, very soon you will be seeing Ultra Violet everywhere. From furniture to hair color, candy packaging to cosmetics, clothing to vehicles, so I'm blogging to remind you to accessorize 2018 with amethyst!

    As part of the Quartz family, amethyst is abundant, low maintenance, durable, affordable, and a fabulous way to show off a highly fashionable jeweled look for a great price. One of my favorite ways to show off amethyst is by stacking Ed Levin handmade sterling silver bangles featuring our favorite purple gem!


    Tales have been told that supernatural powers have been linked to amethyst. For centuries, amethyst had been believed to heal and protect people from illnesses. Many even believed drinking alcoholic beverages served in amethyst cups would prevent drunkenness. While today we have modern medicine on our side, amethyst is still considered to be a healer of the body and soul through energy according to many who practice alternative medicine. Additionally, many millennials wear not only amethyst, but other Quartz crystals as well, for mental, physical, and spiritual intervention in their daily lives. Our new silver line, T. Jazelle, brings that trend to the our reality with The Cleo Collection, displaying singular cylindrical crystals on a 36 inch chain; and expansion bracelets with polished beads made out of genuine gemstones accessorized with a single silver charm.


    Guest Fashionista, Morgan Bouchard, formerly of the Topsham Day's Jewelers, was kind enough to put together outfit pairings featuring Ultra Violet for your style inspiration. To enhance these looks, come try on this east-to-west oriented oval amethyst and diamond necklace set in white gold on an 18 inch chain. Of course, you will also need to try on the matching pair of earrings where the oval amethyst are oriented North-to-South. Top off the jeweled pairing by wearing this ESTATE oval amethyst ring set in 14k white gold. You'll want to act fast on the ring, it's bold, beautiful, and a great big look - but we only have ONE in company and it's the only one we will ever have!

    So there you have it. Amethyst, the color of royalty, is the reigning "Prince" of 2018 thanks to Pantone and the color Ultra Violet. With Valentine's Day less than 2 weeks away, make sure to keep on trend by shopping for Amethyst. - And don't forget, if Ultra Violet is not your color, Forevermark diamonds go with everything!



  • Most Popular Chain Style Types in Necklaces and Jewelry

    ANCHOR CHAIN:  Is characterized by uniformly sized repeating oval links which are arranged alternatively in a horizontal and then vertical orientation, traditionally with a vertical bar in the middle of each link creating a flexible ligament giving the chain strength, durability and an eye catching style.

    Anchor Chain Anchor Chain

    BALL or BEAD CHAIN:  Composed of orbs of metal rather than open links.  They are set at regular intervals along the length of the chain set with connector bars or adjacent to each other.  Dress up your next occasion with a fashion twist with a ball/bead chain.

    Ball Chain and Bead Chain Ball or Bead Chain

    BOX CHAIN:  The four sided construction of the box chain creates a durable chain with an extraordinary look.  It is made from round wire which is rolled flat and then folded into square links that form open boxes or cubes creating a smooth four sided shape.  Add a pendant to the box chain to create an elegant look.

    Box Chain Box Chain

    BYZANTINE CHAIN: Is an intricate, closely linked sequential chain design that incorporated a rope-like texture and intriguing textural design.  Soft, flexible with an elegant drape, the byzantine link is instantly recognized by its maze-like intricacy.

    CABLE CHAINS:  Strong, durable and attractive, the cable chain is a heavy chain having links with a crossbar across the inside of each link.  Each section of the cable chain is identical throughout giving it a simple but classic look.

    Cable Chain Cable Chain

    C LINK Chain:  Made up of solid ‘C’ shaped sections that fit into one another in a repeating pattern for a style that is both on-trend and beautifully classic.  It is designed to lie flat and noted for its flexibility.

    C Link Chain C Link Chain

    CLOSED LINK CHAIN:  They feature an additional process which ensures every individual join has solder applied to ensure the link cannot open easily.  Usually crafted in precious metals.

    Closed Link Chain Closed Link Chain

    CURB CHAIN:  It is designed with circular rings with tiny indentations that allow the rings to remain flat for a sleek and comfortable fit.  Sometimes, links have been twisted and feature a diamond cut that enhances the chain with style and shimmer.

    Curb Link Chain Curb Chain

    ESPIGA CHAIN:  Crafted by intricately weaving metals in small links closely resembling an ear of corn or wheat. Also called a wheat chain, it is strong and durable, it is perfectly suitable for pendants.

    Espiga Chain Espiga Chain

    FANCY CHAIN:  A chain that has a different variation on a standard chain, like links that are specific shapes or that have a special finish or have dangles attached, is considered a Fancy Chain.  This means a variety of special links, like heart shapes or various chains adorned with tiny shapes along the chain.

    Fancy Chain Fancy Chain

    FIGARO CHAIN: Comprised of flat twisted links.  It is a modified version of the curb chain where the interlocking flat links vary in size.  It lays flat around the neck, is crafted with strength and durability and its versatility gives it a sense of fashion and style.  Originated in Italy.

    Figaro Chain Figaro Chain

    FIGARUCCI CHAIN:  A variation of the anchor or marine chain but with long links that add decoration like a Florentine pattern giving it a lace or filigree finish.

    FOXTAIL CHAIN:   Two rows of slanted oval links face each other at a 45 degree angle in the Foxtail chain.  They are connected by a series of flat rings running down the chain’s center.  This created the impression of the hairs on a fox’s tail.

    FRANCO CHAIN:  The Franco chain is a thicker type of chain made with v-shaped links.  The chain is sturdy and can support heavy pendants.

    Franco Chain Franco Chain

    HERRINGBONE CHAIN:  Multiple rows of v-shaped links are used to make up this type of chain.  They lie completely flat, and each row alternates in direction creating the herringbone pattern.

    LINK CHAIN:  The link chain is the most common type of chain.  It is formed of individual oval or round links interlocked in a uniform pattern with each link lying 90 degrees to the next.  This chain is popular for its simple but classic look.

    Link Chain Link Chain

    MARINER CHAIN:  This is the strongest type of jewelry chain.  It is designed with repeating oval links that are all the same size.  They have a vertical bar in the middle of each link are are arranged in a horizontal, then vertical arrangement.  Also known as the anchor chain it has a few variations such as the Figarucci chain.

    OMEGA CHAIN:  Popular for its strength and how shiny it is, the Omega chain is made of individual metal plates lined up side by side and crimped to an underlying mesh base.  There are both flat and round versions of this chain and it can be reversible. Popular for its overall strength and its reflective qualities.  Omega chain is made up of metal links assembled on a wire or woven mesh that form a tube. The embedded wire is what provides the strength. The Omega chain is somewhat flexible, but it is still sufficiently rigid that it retains its ring shape when worn.

    Omega Chain Omega Chain

    RAILROAD CHAIN:  This chain features two continuous lines with cross bars that form the tracks for a stylish design.

    Railroad Chain Railroad Chain

    ROLO CHAIN:  The links of the Rolo chain are usually smaller and thicker than that those of a cable chain and they tend to be oval or round.  The links are flat on the inside and alternate in the direction they face.  This is a popular chain used for charm bracelets.

    ROPE CHAIN:  Rows of metal links are woven for this type of chain creating the appearance of a two strand rope.  The join of each link is like a tiny hinge, meaning this style is not as flexible or liquid-like as some others.

    Rope Chain Rope Chain

    SHADBELLY CHAIN:  Its construction is composed of points that are similar to shadbelly points used to enhance riding jackets worn by equestrians. The necklace's links are woven closely together to provide strength as well as elegance.

    SINGAPORE CHAIN:  Flat diamond cut chain links are woven together to form a diamond shape.  These diamond shaped links are then woven together, creating the Singapore chain.  It is eye catching as it reflects light from different angles.  The chain also has a natural curve, created by the weaving process, that is pleasing to the eye.

    SNAKE CHAIN:  Crafted of smooth, round metal plates or bands,  the chain has a curve at the mid-point of each link.  The links are then joined to create a continual flexible tube reminiscent of a snake skin due to a slight zigzag pattern.

    Snake Chain Snake Chain 

    WHEAT CHAIN:  A symmetrical type of rope chain, the wheat chain features small figure 8 links that display as a plaited appearance.  Also known as the Espiga or Spiga chain, it is a symbol of wealth or faith.

    Wheat Chain Wheat Chain

  • What is Different About the Bangle Bracelets from Rembrandt Charms

    What’s different about the bangle bracelets from Rembrandt Charms Symbols & Expressions® collection?

    We’re sure you’ve seen all the fashion rage surrounding stackable bangles. Maybe you want to jump into the trend but you’re looking for a unique flair or higher quality jewelry.

    rembrandt_symbols_and_expressions_lp_graphicThe Rembrandt Charms Symbols & Expressions® collection allows you, the customer, to create your own expression by choosing the charms that define you. With thousands of charms the possibilities are endless. There’s no need to feel limited by pre-assembled bangle bracelets with one charm. If you want to add 2 or 3 charms and a few accent charms you can! The Symbols & Expressions® line has many styles of bangle bracelets too because Rembrandt Charms understands that you want to truly customize the expression you’re sharing with the world.

    “We really wanted to push ourselves out of the box on this, challenge ourselves to think differently about charms and how people are wearing them,” states Eric Lux, Vice President of Rembrandt Charms. “It’s essential we listen to what people want.”

    “My favorite thing about the Symbols and Expressions® line, and Rembrandt Charms in general, is the impeccable quality of the line. I've never owned a piece of jewelry that looks brand new each time I wear it. These bracelets are so fun and add personal style to every outfit. Versatility is key with jewelry. You can wear these bangles to a black tie event and look stunning, or wear them to the gym and look stylish. I also love that you can add individual charms to the bracelet rather than buying a new preassembled one every time you want to express yourself,” says Alyssa Barone, model from Symbols & Expressions video.

    The quality of these products can’t be compared to. They are all made with Sterling Silver that meets or exceeds industry standards and each piece is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing and create a brilliant finish.

    Every Rembrandt Charms product comes with a lifetime guarantee because they believe in the product they make for you.

    So, if you’re looking for quality, high end fashion that is customizable we recommend going with the Symbols & Expressions® collection from Rembrandt Charms.



  • Style File: Coast to Coast - Spring Trends Head to Toe

    This Winter has seemed particularly grueling on both coasts so having a fresh Spring style is a much needed ray of sunshine! This week we are going to review Spring Style: Head to Toe!



    shopping_(1)One of my favorite trends this year that is easing the transition from our winter booties to our summer sandals are open toe, open heel, and strappy booties. How fun is that? For me, my favorite part of Fall is slipping back into my ankle or knee high boots, so I think it is great that this trend is working its way into Spring and early Summer style. Not only are these boots fun to wear during this seasonal transition, but they are also easy to pair with any look. Show off your new Spring pedicure with this open boot trend! There really is never a bad time to be in the city of Los Angeles, but I have to say, I was a little nervous about making the trek to the West Coast during winter. Luckily for me I caught LA on an extremely mild year, and so far the early Spring weather has been beautiful making it perfect for spotting the first glances of Spring style.

    Another one of my Spring style favorites straight from LA is topping off your look with a hat. Hats are an accessory that I often forget about, but there is something about a beautiful floppy sun hat that makes a woman look so chic. This is another great transitional item this season. Take off that knitted beanie and replace it with a nice sun hat for a weekend out, or a coffee date with a friend. It's an easy way to pull together a casual look or to dress up yesterday's hair! Throw on a statement piece of jewelry and your sun hat and you are good to go!


    04-asos-wide-leg-white-pants-h724I've been doing some research on this one, because as a fashionista, I wanted to make sure I was ready to go with some awesome Spring trends for you! These have been the trending items for Spring 2014:

    • Bomber Jackets
    • Wide Legged pants
    • Contrast Collar Jacket / Shirt
    • Pleated Skirts
    Now, if we take those and add them to Kelsey's findings in LA -- the style is hott! A cute pleated skirt with a fabulous sun hat, or wide legged pants with a pair of cute open toe booties. Can you see where we are going with Spring this year?


    download3Also, clutches are the new Spring accessory. No more huge, over sized purses...which means no more "everything but the kitchen sink" in your bag ladies. It's about being simple and cute!
    Spring's color is baby blue. I love baby blue! Especially when it comes to cute tops, sun dresses, and shoes. Or you can pair the two and find yourself a cute baby blue clutch!
    Now that you know what the trends are for clothing and accessories, let's refresh you on the jewelry trends for Spring. Top five trends for Spring 2014:
    1. Chains & Links - The wider the link the better. Chains are making a comeback like the 90's.
    2. Geometric Shapes - Big, colorful, geometric styles (necklaces, earrings, bracelets). Don't be scared to make a statement with your jewelry.
    3. Add Color - Color, color, color! Red, blue, green, yellow.
    4. Big & Bold - Just as it states. Jewelry is a way to show your style and attitude, dare to be different.
    5. Golden Glow - Gold is making its comeback with chains. Gold hoops, gold bangles, anything golden.
    There you have it. Here's a collection of our favorite Spring trends! Until next time. Questions or comments, please shoot us an email.



  • Style File: 5 Spring Jewelry Trends

    After a long, cold, Winter we only have 6 more weeks to go before Spring is here. That means we have time to prepare for Spring jewelry trends! Going through all the articles and photos from the run ways, I've come up with 5 main trends for Spring: 

    jerhp1052_1_11. Yellow Gold:

    This isn't your grandmother's color anymore. Yellow gold has made it's way back to the runways and stores. Add some to your wardrobe this Spring - even if it's just a pair of yellow gold hoops and a matching bangle (or 2, or 3 -- stacks are in too).

    2. Chains and Locks:

    Chains are here to stay. The 80's is back. Big, long, layered. However you want to wear them, chains are Spring's hot trend. Add links to any look for an added flare.


    ngbrs2607_13. Geometric Shapes:

    You may not have liked math in high school, but now is the time to get those obtuse and acute shapes out! Or maybe you are a hexagon type? Whatever your style, rock it. We are taking our geometry to the runways and streets this season.

    4. Large and In-charge:


    ngrs2388_1_1It's all about big, bigger, and biggest this Spring. The trends keep growing. If we can't see your jewelry, then you aren't doing it right!

    5. Color Me Beautiful:

    Reds, Yellows, Blues, Purples, Greens, oh my! The color spectrum for Spring 2014 is pretty much anything bold and bright. Own your colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match either.


    Reds, Yellows, Blues, Purples, Greens, oh my! The color spectrum for Spring 2014 is pretty much anything bold and bright. Own your colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match either. 

    melissa_blogI've put together a few of my favorite pieces that are sure to add some character to your jewelry box for the Spring! If you have any questions or comments, as always your Style File Diva is here to answer them.

    Till next Monday!


  • Style File: Jewelry at the Golden Globes

    The Golden Globes were filled with Forevermark diamonds, layers of bracelets, earrings galore, and lots of rings. Let’s check it out!

    Forevermark diamonds:

    ny44931Ms. Olivia Wilde graced the red carpet in Forevermark diamonds this year. She sparkled in a 3.90cttw Forevermark diamond ring,  4.90cttw Center of My Universe cushion shaped doubled drop earrings, and a Forevermark diamond bracelet. WOW! She really was the center of the universe with all things Forevermark this year. Beautiful!

    She wasn’t alone though. Giuliana Rancic rocked (literally) with a 14.68ct Oval Forevermark diamond ring (with an additional 1.58cttw pear diamonds) and 10cttw Forevermark diamond stud earrings.

    I think I might want to call up Forevermark and ask about being dressed for the Golden Globes next year. Yes, I know I’m not going to the Golden Globes, but I can wear Forevermark in the comfort of my home on the couch.



    images5Earrings were a huge hit this year. From simple diamond studs, to elaborate diamond and gemstone drops. Diamonds took the lead however. Taylor Swift landed the perfect combo of earring and rings!


    Rings were a huge hit on the carpet. And by huge, I mean they were literally, BIG! This was awesome because those are my favorite.  Diamond rings, fun rings, gemstone rings; you name it they had it this year at the Golden Globes.



    uma-thurman-in-versace-atelier-2014-golden-globes-002Whether they were gold, diamond encrusted, stacked, or single - bracelets were on the red carpet as well. So many different looks this year! One of my favorites was a gold wrapped bracelet, almost looked like a snake going from the wrist up the arm – beautiful. This image shows Uma Thurman doing up a gorgeous diamond ensemble!

    I'd love to be a stylist for these types of events. I'd have so much fun putting together these looks and playing with the jewelry!

    Well, be sure to check back next week for another edition of Style File. Every Monday I'll be posting about a trend, event, style tip, anything you want to know about in the jewelry / fashion industry.

    ~Melissa (MKW)



  • Jewelry Trends 2013: Red, White and Blue

    Whether you're celebrating with BBQs, camping, fishing trips, or lots of family fun, who says that you can't glam up a bit while flipping a burger, sitting around a camp fire, or hooking your first big fish of the season? You know I'm all about standing out so, I prepared a collection of ways to add a little "red, white, and blue" jewelry to your look this weekend. 

    jergt0431_1These items are great for summer and any other time of year, especially when you are the jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. These pieces are the perfect way to add a little "something" to your look! As much as I love dressing up, I love spending weekends in my jeans and hoodies with a pair of stunning earrings (because I love feeling girly). Even when I'm fishing I usually have earrings or a ring on. That's my style and you never know when you're going to beed to MacGyver a sparkly lure to catch the big one...

    I picked these pieces for a few reasons. First, pearls are a great way to dress up any outfit, classic and traditional or fashion forward and trendy. Honora is a great designer to find that perfect pearl look you want. Next, rubies and garnets are great for when you are wearing your little black dress or a white shirt and jeans. Red always pops against black or white. Last, sapphires look amazing with summer colors like yellow and orange, or mint. They too pop against shades of white, as red gemstones do.

    About the blogger:

    dsc_4774I'm Melissa or you might see me as "~MKW", your personal shopper at Feel free to ask me anything! I love meeting new people and helping them find the perfect piece for themselves or for their special someone!
    I'll let you in on a secret: I am addicted to shoes and jewelry. Perfect for this job!
    Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.


  • Jewelry in Style: Trends for 2013

    Big, bold, and beautiful. No not me, the jewelry trends for 2013! Along with some retro styles and different metal mixes.

    For those of you who follow my board on pinterest, have read my bio, or follow my blogs you know that I love BIG and BOLD jewelry, which is why I'm super excited that 2013 is all about bigger being better! I also am a child of the 80's and 90's era, so I happy that I'll be able to rock out with my big hoops and wrist wear again too. Now if only slap bracelets were back in style, hmmm.

    BIG & BOLD:

    Whether or not your personality is big & bold, your jewelry should be. It's all about making a statement, without saying a word. Unless you are me, then you talk too much, but make a statement none the less! Here are some of my favorite big & bold items. They are also in the color palette for 2013 (remember, 2013 Shades of Green)!


    First, is this beautiful Emerald and Diamond Ring which is centered by a 1.42ct vibrant Emerald stone and surrounded with 5/8cttw diamonds. Rock this with a black dress or white pant suit - talk about statement making.


    jersp0860_1Second, are these amazing Dabakarov Jade Dangle Earrings. Let's start with the 212 diamonds that surround these gorgeous bright green jade stones. These earrings measure over 2" long and 3/4" wide. You can't miss them when they enter the room.

    ngers3704I am a white gold or sterling silver kind of lady. Anything that stands out and is super cute, if it is in silver or white gold, I'll want it (don't always buy it, ok most of the time I do). These earrings are so fun and shiny! Cascading and dangle earrings are so very in for 2013.

    Those are some of my favorite big & bold items. I have lots, however, I can't put them all in this blog, so I made a special 2013 trend collection that covers this entire blog, just for you!



    Remember the good ol' days? Me either. However, the jewelry is coming back from those days, just like clothes...wait 10 years and it will be in style again. So, pull out your slap bracelets kids - kidding. Though I did love my slap bracelets. Retro styles include geometric shapes, art-deco designs, and lots of negative space within the designs of the jewelry for 2013.


    Designer Ed Levin has a great line that fills this trend perfectly. Not only are Ed Levin's design retro, they are big & bold too (see the connections)! Now would be a great time to raid your mom's, older sister or maybe even grandmother's jewelry boxes.


    Mixed Metals:

    ngrs2418Because gold prices can get high, some designers prefer to work with alternate metals such as; silver, bronze, copper. These metals allow designers to create beautiful designs with a beautiful price tag, so anyone can own a piece of art.


    Designer Janice Girardi creates intricate looks using silver and bronze. A great combination for those that love the look of gold, but like me, prefer the price of silver!

    Be on the look for more designers combining different metals this year.

    So far 2013 is looking like a great year for jewelry trends. Big, bold and beautiful colors, along with intricate looks.

    If you would like more information about 2013 jewelry trends, or have your own looks you would like to share please email us! ~MKW


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.