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  • Time and Eternity Jewelry for Mother's Day

    Let Mom know you'll love her for all of Time and Eternity! Through the twists and turns of motherhood, interwoven rings represent her love. The diamond at the center, like Mom, holds everything together because to Mom: family is everything. Each piece in our Time and Eternity Collection features a Northern Star diamond.
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    What makes a Northern Star diamond so special?
    Every Northern Star diamond has 90 facets, 32 more than a traditional diamond. The extra facets, requiring additional time, craftsmanship, and expertise, help to prevent light from “leaking” out of the back of the diamond. These strategic cuts maximize the amount of light that is returned to the viewer making it visibly brighter.
    Show Mom how special she is with a Time & Eternity piece of jewelry featuring a beautiful Northern Star diamond.

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    Author: Hannah Duguie Author: Hannah Duguie

  • Most Popular Chain Style Types in Necklaces and Jewelry

    ANCHOR CHAIN:  Is characterized by uniformly sized repeating oval links which are arranged alternatively in a horizontal and then vertical orientation, traditionally with a vertical bar in the middle of each link creating a flexible ligament giving the chain strength, durability and an eye catching style.

    Anchor Chain Anchor Chain

    BALL or BEAD CHAIN:  Composed of orbs of metal rather than open links.  They are set at regular intervals along the length of the chain set with connector bars or adjacent to each other.  Dress up your next occasion with a fashion twist with a ball/bead chain.

    Ball Chain and Bead Chain Ball or Bead Chain

    BOX CHAIN:  The four sided construction of the box chain creates a durable chain with an extraordinary look.  It is made from round wire which is rolled flat and then folded into square links that form open boxes or cubes creating a smooth four sided shape.  Add a pendant to the box chain to create an elegant look.

    Box Chain Box Chain

    BYZANTINE CHAIN: Is an intricate, closely linked sequential chain design that incorporated a rope-like texture and intriguing textural design.  Soft, flexible with an elegant drape, the byzantine link is instantly recognized by its maze-like intricacy.

    CABLE CHAINS:  Strong, durable and attractive, the cable chain is a heavy chain having links with a crossbar across the inside of each link.  Each section of the cable chain is identical throughout giving it a simple but classic look.

    Cable Chain Cable Chain

    C LINK Chain:  Made up of solid ‘C’ shaped sections that fit into one another in a repeating pattern for a style that is both on-trend and beautifully classic.  It is designed to lie flat and noted for its flexibility.

    C Link Chain C Link Chain

    CLOSED LINK CHAIN:  They feature an additional process which ensures every individual join has solder applied to ensure the link cannot open easily.  Usually crafted in precious metals.

    Closed Link Chain Closed Link Chain

    CURB CHAIN:  It is designed with circular rings with tiny indentations that allow the rings to remain flat for a sleek and comfortable fit.  Sometimes, links have been twisted and feature a diamond cut that enhances the chain with style and shimmer.

    Curb Link Chain Curb Chain

    ESPIGA CHAIN:  Crafted by intricately weaving metals in small links closely resembling an ear of corn or wheat. Also called a wheat chain, it is strong and durable, it is perfectly suitable for pendants.

    Espiga Chain Espiga Chain

    FANCY CHAIN:  A chain that has a different variation on a standard chain, like links that are specific shapes or that have a special finish or have dangles attached, is considered a Fancy Chain.  This means a variety of special links, like heart shapes or various chains adorned with tiny shapes along the chain.

    Fancy Chain Fancy Chain

    FIGARO CHAIN: Comprised of flat twisted links.  It is a modified version of the curb chain where the interlocking flat links vary in size.  It lays flat around the neck, is crafted with strength and durability and its versatility gives it a sense of fashion and style.  Originated in Italy.

    Figaro Chain Figaro Chain

    FIGARUCCI CHAIN:  A variation of the anchor or marine chain but with long links that add decoration like a Florentine pattern giving it a lace or filigree finish.

    FOXTAIL CHAIN:   Two rows of slanted oval links face each other at a 45 degree angle in the Foxtail chain.  They are connected by a series of flat rings running down the chain’s center.  This created the impression of the hairs on a fox’s tail.

    FRANCO CHAIN:  The Franco chain is a thicker type of chain made with v-shaped links.  The chain is sturdy and can support heavy pendants.

    Franco Chain Franco Chain

    HERRINGBONE CHAIN:  Multiple rows of v-shaped links are used to make up this type of chain.  They lie completely flat, and each row alternates in direction creating the herringbone pattern.

    LINK CHAIN:  The link chain is the most common type of chain.  It is formed of individual oval or round links interlocked in a uniform pattern with each link lying 90 degrees to the next.  This chain is popular for its simple but classic look.

    Link Chain Link Chain

    MARINER CHAIN:  This is the strongest type of jewelry chain.  It is designed with repeating oval links that are all the same size.  They have a vertical bar in the middle of each link are are arranged in a horizontal, then vertical arrangement.  Also known as the anchor chain it has a few variations such as the Figarucci chain.

    OMEGA CHAIN:  Popular for its strength and how shiny it is, the Omega chain is made of individual metal plates lined up side by side and crimped to an underlying mesh base.  There are both flat and round versions of this chain and it can be reversible. Popular for its overall strength and its reflective qualities.  Omega chain is made up of metal links assembled on a wire or woven mesh that form a tube. The embedded wire is what provides the strength. The Omega chain is somewhat flexible, but it is still sufficiently rigid that it retains its ring shape when worn.

    Omega Chain Omega Chain

    RAILROAD CHAIN:  This chain features two continuous lines with cross bars that form the tracks for a stylish design.

    Railroad Chain Railroad Chain

    ROLO CHAIN:  The links of the Rolo chain are usually smaller and thicker than that those of a cable chain and they tend to be oval or round.  The links are flat on the inside and alternate in the direction they face.  This is a popular chain used for charm bracelets.

    ROPE CHAIN:  Rows of metal links are woven for this type of chain creating the appearance of a two strand rope.  The join of each link is like a tiny hinge, meaning this style is not as flexible or liquid-like as some others.

    Rope Chain Rope Chain

    SHADBELLY CHAIN:  Its construction is composed of points that are similar to shadbelly points used to enhance riding jackets worn by equestrians. The necklace's links are woven closely together to provide strength as well as elegance.

    SINGAPORE CHAIN:  Flat diamond cut chain links are woven together to form a diamond shape.  These diamond shaped links are then woven together, creating the Singapore chain.  It is eye catching as it reflects light from different angles.  The chain also has a natural curve, created by the weaving process, that is pleasing to the eye.

    SNAKE CHAIN:  Crafted of smooth, round metal plates or bands,  the chain has a curve at the mid-point of each link.  The links are then joined to create a continual flexible tube reminiscent of a snake skin due to a slight zigzag pattern.

    Snake Chain Snake Chain 

    WHEAT CHAIN:  A symmetrical type of rope chain, the wheat chain features small figure 8 links that display as a plaited appearance.  Also known as the Espiga or Spiga chain, it is a symbol of wealth or faith.

    Wheat Chain Wheat Chain

  • Get to Know Designer: Tom Kruskal

    Get to Know Designer: Tom Kruskal

    Tom Kruskal is a New England jeweler, with a background in math, design, and music; this background helps him when designing. His design process incorporates a lifelong exploration of linear forms in space, and attention to the interplay of aesthetics and the fabrication process.  His motto: if it’s too complicated to make, it’s probably not a good design!

    Tom has built his career around elevating hand-forged jewelry from a craft to an art. He balances artistic honesty with the integrity of a successful small New England business. Many of his inspirations come from organic shapes in the New England countryside, the ocean, and from music. Tom’s goals are to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that are classic yet contemporary.  They must be appropriate for women of all ages, can be worn day or night, and must be affordable.

    How does he make his jewelry?

    All of Tom Kruskal’s jewelry is hand-crafted from start to finish in his New England studio, by Tom and his apprentices. They use 14kt yellow and white gold wire, and add pearls, gemstones and diamonds to create beautiful masterpieces.  They hand forge the metal to harden and make it strong enough to manipulate into the designs Tom visualizes. They then reinforce the strength and resilience by heat treating. Each peice is finished by hand polishing to create a perfect finish for every uniquely crafted item.


    ngers3216_1ngbrs2489_1These are a couple of my hand picked favorites from Tom Kruskal. They are different from other items and personally remind me of the ocean waves. I'm a bit of a beach bum in the summer!


    Day's Jewelers was established in 1914. We have educated professionals to help you with your questions. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products, free cleaning, and free inspection of your jewelry at any time. We are real jewelers, for real people.

    Please email or call us anytime, 800-HEY-DAYS (439-3297).


  • Jewelry Trends for 2012

    Here’s a list trends compiled through jewelry market research of new styles at shows, fashion designs for spring, and top looks at awards shows (courtesy of JCK).

    Button and Stud Earrings: A hit on the red carpet this year and the subject of some new collections, button-style and stud earrings are a must-have in any wardrobe

    Chandelier Earrings: Are they back? Well, small versions may be. New modestly sized styles are evident this year

    Pearls: Abundant, pretty, and affordable, freshwaters and mother-of-pearl are evident in new collections

    Pendant Necklaces: Layerable and no sizing required, pendants can accessorize a range of dresses a "foolproof" look for spring

    Pyrite: Fun, funky, and inexpensive

    Sporty Aesthetics: Think brightly colored watches

    Geometric Shapes and Tribal Effects: Angular pieces like square rings and bangles

    Tangerine Tango: It’s Pantone’s Color of 2012 in addition to being widely shown at spring runway shows. Coordinate other bright colors with it - called color blocking and keep it in stock in the form of stones like citrine, fire opal, and more.

    bangleYellow Gold and Stones: The rich gold color was a familiar sight and golden stones like beryl and rutilated quartz are abundant at shows.



    If you have questions about jewelry styles and trends, please email or call us anytime! We also love talking about diamond enagement rings, gift ideas for birthdays or anniversaries, and even about the weather! Which in Maine this season we can not complain!

    Have a great weekend!


  • Gold - The Mysterious Metal

    When it comes out of the ground, gold is a deep, rich yellow color. Have you ever wondered why some gold jewelry is white? Gold is most always mixed with other metals called alloys. In fact, 14 karat gold is 14 parts gold mixed with 10 parts other metals or only 58.5% pure. 18 karat is 75% pure gold.

    There are three reasons why gold is alloyed with other metals;

    1. Gold in its purest form is very soft and not practical for everyday wear. Metals are mixed with the gold for strength and durability.
    2. Alloy metals will change the color of gold. When nickel and zinc are used, the result is white gold. Copper alloy will produce pink or rose gold. A predominately silver mix will yield green gold.
    3. Since the alloy metals are less rare and valuable than gold, price of the final product is reduced making jewelry more affordable.


    The U.S. Federal trade commission dictates that jewelry must be at least 10 karat (47%) to be called gold. In Great Britain, it is common to find 9 karat gold, while Middle Eastern society prefers 22 karat.

    A word of caution; Gold jewelry should not be worn in a pool or hot tub as chlorine will deteriorate most alloys resulting in permanent damage.

    Gold jewelry is quite easy to keep clean. Simply add a touch of dish soap with water and use an old toothbrush to get at tough to reach places under the stones. To bring back the original lustre use a specially treated cloth to remove oxidation. Bring your jewelry into Day’s and we’d be happy to professionally clean and inspect for you at no charge.

  • Silver is the New Gold

    Diamonds set in sterling silver?

    It was about 10 years ago when a jewelry manufacturing company from the United Kingdom came to this country with a revolutionary new concept that rocked the jewelry industry. Some of us jewelry purists were appalled that a company named Hot Diamonds had the audacity to set diamonds into sterling silver. Up till that point, diamonds, the most precious and rare of gemstones, would never be set in anything other than gold or platinum.

    Why is silver so popular?

    Sterling silver is rapidly becoming the leading metal in the fabrication of Fine Jewelry. Even Scott Kay, one of the most renowned designers of engagement rings, who once vowed he would never use silver, has succumbed to the craze. Why has silver become so popular? Very simple....affordability!
    The price of silver today is about $40 an ounce while gold is over $1500 an ounce.

    Discover a magnificent use for silver.

    Silver has also made its mark in a big way with fashion designer jewelry. Tom Kruskal , one of my favorite New England jewelry designers has created some exciting designs in sterling silver. Studio Petra Aza has a wonderful new line utilizing a revolutionary magnetic clasp technique. By far, the most significant use of sterling silver in jewelry today is with charm beads. Check out our fabulous collection of Chamilia and other charm beads.

  • Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

    Are you still looking for that perfect gift for the special woman in your life? If so, take a look at Day's Gift Guide for Gifts Under $500! Full of necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants that are sure to please! Browse the collection online or request to see a specific piece in your closest Day's Jewelers location!  Bright diamonds, glistening silver and daring pendants are waiting for your click.  Happy Shopping!

  • Estate Jewelry

    What exactly is "Estate" Jewelry? Why should you purchase it?

    Watch our Estate video featuring Day's Jewelers Owner and VP of Merchandising, Kathy Corey and learn why estate jewelry is a great option.

    You can shop our Estate jewelry online anytime. We add new product weekly, so we urge you to check often. If there is something you are looking for inparticular please email or call us anytime (800-439-3297). We love shopping for our customers!

    Happy Holidays, from Day's Jewelers.





  • 10 Ways to Say "I Love You"

    English - I love you!

    Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig

    Irish - Taim i' ngra leat

    Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh

    Greek - S'agapo

    Spanish - Te amo

    French - Je t'aime

    Czech - Miluji te

    Mandarin - Wo ai ni

    Jewelry: 10 Ways to Say "I Love You"

    We have put together our favorite 10 ways to say "I love you" with diamonds, hearts, and a few other jewelry items for this holiday season, or anytime!

    How do you say, "I love you"?

  • Anniversary Gifts!

    Anniversaries are almost as tricky to buy for as the holidays! Download our guide and find the perfect gift for your perfect someone! Pearls, diamonds, silver and gold - this guide tells you what to buy when.  Did you know that certain gemstones and metals are symbols of different anniversaries? Between our guide and our personal shoppers, Melissa and Kathy, we will make sure that you find the perfect gift for your anniversary!


    Download the guide!

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.