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  • Amethyst: 2018 Color of the Year


    This February let's channel the late musical icon, Prince, and celebrate Purple Rain! Purple "Reign", that is! Per Pantone, the 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet, and here at Day's Jewelers we are ready to "rock" the color purple. Of course, there is no greater month to for us to embrace Ultra Violet than February when birthstone Amethyst dominates the jewelry world.

    If you haven't already, very soon you will be seeing Ultra Violet everywhere. From furniture to hair color, candy packaging to cosmetics, clothing to vehicles, so I'm blogging to remind you to accessorize 2018 with amethyst!

    As part of the Quartz family, amethyst is abundant, low maintenance, durable, affordable, and a fabulous way to show off a highly fashionable jeweled look for a great price. One of my favorite ways to show off amethyst is by stacking Ed Levin handmade sterling silver bangles featuring our favorite purple gem!


    Tales have been told that supernatural powers have been linked to amethyst. For centuries, amethyst had been believed to heal and protect people from illnesses. Many even believed drinking alcoholic beverages served in amethyst cups would prevent drunkenness. While today we have modern medicine on our side, amethyst is still considered to be a healer of the body and soul through energy according to many who practice alternative medicine. Additionally, many millennials wear not only amethyst, but other Quartz crystals as well, for mental, physical, and spiritual intervention in their daily lives. Our new silver line, T. Jazelle, brings that trend to the our reality with The Cleo Collection, displaying singular cylindrical crystals on a 36 inch chain; and expansion bracelets with polished beads made out of genuine gemstones accessorized with a single silver charm.


    Guest Fashionista, Morgan Bouchard, formerly of the Topsham Day's Jewelers, was kind enough to put together outfit pairings featuring Ultra Violet for your style inspiration. To enhance these looks, come try on this east-to-west oriented oval amethyst and diamond necklace set in white gold on an 18 inch chain. Of course, you will also need to try on the matching pair of earrings where the oval amethyst are oriented North-to-South. Top off the jeweled pairing by wearing this ESTATE oval amethyst ring set in 14k white gold. You'll want to act fast on the ring, it's bold, beautiful, and a great big look - but we only have ONE in company and it's the only one we will ever have!

    So there you have it. Amethyst, the color of royalty, is the reigning "Prince" of 2018 thanks to Pantone and the color Ultra Violet. With Valentine's Day less than 2 weeks away, make sure to keep on trend by shopping for Amethyst. - And don't forget, if Ultra Violet is not your color, Forevermark diamonds go with everything!



  • Platinum - A Diamond’s Best Friend

    Platinum – A Diamond’s Best Friend. Surveys reveal that more than 80% of women looking to be engaged, prefer Platinum for their engagement ring setting. This highly desirable and precious metal is the best compliment to a diamond because it is Pure, Rare and Eternal.

    Purest and Rarest of Metals

    Typically, a piece of platinum jewelry is made up of 95% precious platinum. Compared to 14K gold which is 58.5% gold, or 18K gold which is 75% gold, platinum’s purity makes it naturally hypoallergenic especially for those with sensitive skin. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, which is why the world’s finest diamonds and gemstones were only set in platinum.


    Naturally White and Never Fades
    Platinum’s everlasting white metal never reflects color into the diamond it showcases. Unlike white gold that requires rhodium plating every 12-18 months, platinum will never fade or change color. Platinum is eternally white.


    Durable and Made for Everyday Wear
    Platinum’s strength and durability makes it the most secure setting for diamonds and gemstones. Platinum’s density makes platinum highly durable, so it doesn’t wear over time. Platinum is simply the best option, especially when selecting your engagement rings or wedding bands.


    My Story
    My diamond engagement ring is designed in Platinum. After nearly 32 years, my ring has never required metal repair or metal rebuilding. The beautiful everlasting white hue remains, as it did the first day I received it.  At Day’s Jewelers, I oversee the selection and purchasing of all jewelry in our 7 store locations. I’ve also seen the remarkable benefits in lifelong wear of platinum jewelry, from our customers who have chosen platinum. For that reason, I recommend platinum as the first choice. Platinum is everlasting and it stands the test of time. Make it your choice.


    About the Blogger: 
    Kathy Corey, Owner / VP of Merchandising
    Kathy is owner and Vice President of Merchandising and the Vice President of Personnel with Day's Jewelers. The art and science of jewelry design and jewelry merchandising is her passion. Kathy believes that she definitely has more fun than anyone on her executive team. “What woman doesn't enjoy buying jewelry, especially with a multi-million dollar budget every year?” Corey says.

    One of her core beliefs in operating her business is giving back to the community. She has served in leadership positions with several organizations including the Mid Maine Chamber of Commerce, Inland Hospital and Kennebec Valley Community College. Currently Kathy serves on boards at Eastern Maine Heathcare System as well as the Diamond Empowerment Fund organization.


    - Shop Platinum! - 

  • Day’s Jewelers a Third Generation Family Owned Jeweler You can Trust!

    Day's Jewelers, a Maine company with 3 generations of commitment to quality and service in the fine jewelry industry.

  • Surprise Marriage Proposal Video with Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring

    See Josh propose to Amy with a brilliant Forevermark diamond engagement ring set in white and rose gold. The proposal went on without a hitch!

  • A Day’s Jewelers Cliff's of Moher Proposal

    Day's Jewelers Proposal Story:

    Hi my nameimage2 is Michelle Devereux. My fiancé Ryan Sylvain proposed to me on June the 9, 2016 at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We have been together 2 and half years.


    I recently brought Ryan to Ireland for my cousins wedding. I moved to the USA with my parents when I was 7 but both my mother and father reside in Ireland. We traveled around Ireland for a few days with my brother and a couple of friends. Ryan carried the ring around with him while we were traveling and a few times he thought I was sure I would find out.

    image3On Thursday the 9th, on our last stop back to Cork, we visited the Cliff's of Moher. We were taking photos and laughing and the Ryan dropped to one knee. I remember he was nervously asking my brother for the ring, I remember spacing out into the ocean not believing this was happening. I thought I was in a dream. A wave of emotion came over me and I said yes while crying, but Ryan did this in a country (Ireland) that is so dear to my heart and will always be my home.

    He definitely put thought into and it will be a day I will never forget. Ryan told me that Day's Jewelers was great to work with and I felt so comfortable with Day's too. Our big day isn't till October 2018, but I wouldn't trade June 9th 2016 on the Cliff's of Moher for anything.

  • Top 10 Gifts for Father's Day

    “What is a good gift for Dad?”

    My boys have a great dad. He coaches lacrosse and basketball, reads bedtime stories with the best voices, helps with homework, and cooks dinner every night. I have a great dad, too. He has always been there for me—making sure that I became a good person.

    In honor of Father’s Day, and to celebrate all of the great dads, we have put together a list of our favorite gifts for Dad.

    Free Shipping on orders over $95

    1. Watches

    wshg0022 Shinola Runwell Mens Chronograph Watch with Gray Dial and Gray Leather Strap $775

    WBTG0008_1 Bering Time Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Black Titanium Bracelet $189

    wmog0358 Movado Museum Classic Mens Watch with Black Dial and Gold Tone Bracelet

    wreg0122 Reactor Proton Mens Chronograph Watch with Black Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet $550

    Tell Dad that you love all of the quality time you spend together. Give him the gift of a new watch from Shinola, Movado, Reactor, Bering Time, Citizen, or Seiko. You can also have a personalized messaged engraved on most watch casebacks

    2. Gold Link Necklace

    Figaro Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold $549 Figaro Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold $549

    Mens Railroad Link Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395 Mens Railroad Link Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395

    A 14kt gold necklace will be a gift that will last dad a lifetime—like all of the lessons he taught you.

    3. Crosses

    Plain Cross Charm in 14kt Yellow Gold $179 Plain Cross Charm in 14kt Yellow Gold $179

    Mens Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver $79 Mens Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver $79

    Crosses are a gift for Dad available in 14kt Gold, 10kt Gold, Sterling Silver, and Stainless Steel. Sterling silver and gold cross charms are also available, and you can add the right chain to suit Dad’s style.

    4. Keith Jack Axe Necklace

    ngpds2214_1 Keith Jack Axe Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold $249

    The Keith Jack Axe necklace, part of the Norse Forge Collection, a symbolic of Dad—strong and true.

    5. Keith Jack Thor’s Hammer Necklace

    ngpds2213_1 Keith Jack Thor's Hammer Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold $190

    Thor's hammer is the weapon of the storm God, Thor, and brings thunder and lightning to his foes. This Keith Jack Thor's hammer necklace's design is indicative of the strength and power of the Celtic warrior as he stands tall and fearless.

    6. Keith Jack Dragon Weave Bracelet

    nggbr0021_1_1 Keith Jack Dragon Weave Mens Celtic Eternity Bar Bracelet Item $320

    The Keith Jack Dragon Weave Eternity Bracelet symbolizes the never-ending, ever-evolving path that fatherhood is.

    7. Money Clip

    NGMC0314_1 Carbon Fiber Money Clip in Stainless Steel $59

    Give Dad the gift of a money clip—so he will know where his money is when you ask to borrow some! Most money clips can be personalized with a special message to Dad.

    8. Cufflinks

    ngclk0197_1 Cuff Links in Sterling Silver $129

    Cuff links are a great gift for Dad when he needs to dress up for work, a wedding, or a special dinner. Most cuff links can be engraved with Dad’s initials.

    9. Tie Bar or Tie Tac

    ngtt0292_1 Rembrandt Anchor Tie Tac in Sterling Silver $39

    NGTB0160_1 Engraveable Mens Tie Bar in Sterling Silver $59

    Tie tacs and tie bars are great personalized gifts for Dad. Any Rembrandt Charm can be ordered as a tie tac, and most tie bars are engravable.

    10. Ring

    dgts0884_1 Forevermark Mens Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395.00

    Give Dad a Forevermark Diamond for Father’s Day. Forevermark Diamonds are beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.


  • Forevermark and Chili

    This past weekend Gayle and I had the most amazing customer engagement story, that we had to write a blog to share our experience.

    bridal_photoAs he began sharing his story with us he spoke about Rachel’s beloved horse Chili of many years, whom she had to sell to acquire enough money for schooling. Luckily, she was able to sell Chili to some wonderful people who allowed her to visit on occasion. Sadly, the people could no longer afford to maintain the horse and she was sold to someone unknown, which broke Rachel’s heart.One afternoon we met a beautiful young lady by the name of Rachel who came in, in search of the perfect diamond engagement ring. We brought her to our Forevermark case where she fell in love with the Center Of My Universe collection. She picked several out and we created her an extensive wish list, but one of the rings stood out more than the others. A few months went by and this past Friday, a young man named Justin entered our store in search of that perfect ring that his soon to be fiancé had picked out.

    Justin knowing how much she loved Chili went on a search to find her. After many phone calls and a trip to Rhode Island, Chili was finally on her way home to be reunited with Rachel.

    Now that he had Chili, he knew it was time to purchase the perfect diamond engagement ring. As we scrolled through the wish list we went in search of her favorite. Unfortunately, we no longer had this piece in our store. We called our inventory department to see when they may be receiving this piece again, luckily the ring Justin needed was in a FedEx box that had just come in. Inventory rushed the ring to me so he could present Rachel with her amazing Forevermark diamond engagement ring.


    proposalJustin was on his way to the engraver to complete his proposal by having a plaque made for Chili’s bridal that read “Happiness is being married to your best friend, Rachel would never expect this. Saturday will be a day that Rachel will never forget.

    This truly is a fairytale proposal that everyone dreams of…After all the years we have worked here, we have never had such an emotional, thoughtful experience. These are the moments we treasure and why we love what we do! Congratulations Justin and Rachel.Here’s how the proposal went: Justin led her out to the barn, and to her surprise Chili was there waiting for her! She did not even notice the engraving on Chili’s bridal right off, however, she turned around and there was Justin down on his knee with her Forevermark diamond engagement ring (she said, ‘yes’). Not only did she receive her long lost Chili, but also the man of her dreams!


    About the Bloggers: 

    jaime_b_1gayle-webJaime and Gayle, Jewelry Consultants
    Waterville, Day's Jewelers

    Jaime has been with Day's Jewelers since 2000 and Gayle has been with Day's since 1995. These two are a couple of our more seasoned jewelry consultants! You can learn more about Jaime and Gayle on our Waterville Store page!

  • Style File: Forevermark at the Grammy's

    1731689_et_0126_grammy_awards_wjs-_0454Once again Forevermark Diamonds hit the red carpet, this time at the 2014 Grammy's and not on just anyone. They shined bright on Best Country Album Grammy Winner, Kacey Musgraves (seen on left).

    Forevermark Diamonds are beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced diamonds.

    The combination of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat – are what give a diamond its unique personality, forming the basis for its valuation. While every diamond can be described by its particular combination of the 4Cs, its exceptional beauty is much more than a list of characteristics, because every diamond is a unique inimitable miracle of nature.

    Forevermark are masters in the art of selection, each and every Forevermark diamond has been carefully handpicked, giving you peace of mind that no matter which Forevermark diamond you choose, you will always be selecting a truly special diamond.


    rwbd2771_1Forevermark diamonds are genuine, untreated and natural. Their beauty is unleashed by the world's finest craftsmen using skill and artistry. Each diamond must be at least 0.14 carats in size; clarity standard of SI2 or above; of L color or higher; and cut to a standard of Very Good or above. In addition, Forevermark experts only select those diamonds that are truly beautiful.


    Selected for their exceptional qualities, only diamonds that meet stringent standards are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond. Less than one percent of the world's diamonds can carry the Forevermark inscription.

    Responsibly Sourced

    Sourced from a small number of carefully selected mines that are committed to the highest business, social and environmental standards, Forevermark diamonds benefit the people, communities and countries from which they originate.


    melissa_blogThe Inscription

    Each diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon, together with an individual number that identifies it as uniquely yours. Invisible to the naked eye, this inscription is proof of the Forevermark promise – a promise that each diamond is as precious as the bond it signifies.

    Learn more about Forevermark.

    Be sure to check out next weeks Style File. I'll be sharing the 2014 trends! ~Melissa



  • Eternity Takes Forever

    28873_20120731_172036_tumblr_m7txfire9c1rn1hbgo1_500One of the perks to selling jewelry (other than being constantly surrounded by sparkly things for a living) is being a part of so many different love stories. The proposals, the romance, the memories, and the overall experience of “forever” is really magical. I don’t want to oversell it or anything but having been in a long term relationship and then returning to single life I am here to tell you that true love is a sight to see. Granted, it is rare and it takes a lot of work, but I feel lucky to see it so often.

    I’ve worked at Day’s Jewelers since 2005, and in the past 9 years I have learned a lot about jewelry and romance and  feel like I have some secrets I can share. The hallmark lesson of love has to be that it takes a lot of work. Love isn’t easy but it is worth it. That’s why we are calling these Thursday “Relationship Advice” posts “Eternity Takes Forever.”

    If you’re new to our little blog, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Melissa, the resident Fashionista at Day’s Jewelers. I post all the pretty things to Facebook, blog for our Style File every Monday, and am one of our two Personal Shoppers.  I love my cats and long walks on the beach… just kidding… If I’m going to be on a beach I’m going to be laying out working on my tan…

    Every Thursday I will be sharing some of the secrets of love I’ve learned over the past 9 years as well as some tips and advice on topics like proposing, how to find the right ring, sending the hint when it’s time, and other topics related to romance and jewelry.

    For a little taste of what is to come on “Eternity Takes Forever,” check out my favorite blog from 2013, 5 Steps: Football to Forevermark. I wrote this to help women teach their men about Forevermark diamonds in terms most men love and understand – football. It being playoff time and all, now is the perfect time to give it a try with your Football Lover!


    dsc_4774I can’t wait to start writing these blogs and sharing stories with you! I want to hear about your love stories too… The good, the sappy, even the bad and the ugly- How did he propose? Where was your first date and why it was amazing?   What’s the funniest way you’ve broken up with a jerk? What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? We might even do some contests with these stories where you can win some fabulous prizes, so send your story along to me at!



  • Am I the Center of Your Universe?

    After 46 years of marriage and 45 years in the jewelry business my beautiful wife has earned more than her share of amazing jewelry items.

    Over the last 10 years I thought she had lost some of her interest in jewelry.  While sitting on the couch watching T.V. in November we had just watched our 1,000th jewelry commercial, when the Forevermark Center of My Universe ad started playing.


    dpcl1839_1Since we sell Forevermark at Day's Jewelers, I asked her to give me her opinion of the commercial. She watched intently then turned to me and asked "Am I the center of your universe?"

    I answered honestly, "Yes. And you always have been." She looked back at me with tears in her eyes and said, "If that's true buy me that pendant, it is beautiful."

    I purchased the Forevermark Center of My Universe pendant in November and gave it to her for Christmas. She has now started her journey back to enjoying beautiful jewelry again.

    She tells the story to everyone who asks her about her pendant. After all these years and all of the jewelry I've given her, I have to admit that this pendant was special because now we both know she is the Center of My Universe.

    Guest Blogger: David Harris, President and VP of Operations


    dharris-mailDavid joined the Day's team as President and Vice President of Store Operations in June of 2011. Originally from Irving, Texas, David brings over 45 years of experience with him from some of the most influential corporations in the jewelry industry. Motivated, focused and fair, David is ready to serve the Day's customers. He enjoys helping people shop for the perfect diamond. Though a Texan at heart, David enjoys Maine and says that the friendliness of the people reminds him of home.

    When he is not at Day's, David enjoys gardening, site seeing with his wife, traveling, reading or taking short university courses to broaden his knowledge base. He has four children: Scott, Michael, Kasey and Christian, and 9 grandchildren. David enjoys living in Maine because of its friendly people, quaint towns and beautiful countryside.


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.