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  • Day’s Jewelers a Third Generation Family Owned Jeweler You can Trust!

    Day's Jewelers, a Maine company with 3 generations of commitment to quality and service in the fine jewelry industry.

  • Surprise Marriage Proposal Video with Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring

    See Josh propose to Amy with a brilliant Forevermark diamond engagement ring set in white and rose gold. The proposal went on without a hitch!

  • Top 10 Gifts for Father's Day

    “What is a good gift for Dad?”

    My boys have a great dad. He coaches lacrosse and basketball, reads bedtime stories with the best voices, helps with homework, and cooks dinner every night. I have a great dad, too. He has always been there for me—making sure that I became a good person.

    In honor of Father’s Day, and to celebrate all of the great dads, we have put together a list of our favorite gifts for Dad.

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    1. Watches

    wshg0022 Shinola Runwell Mens Chronograph Watch with Gray Dial and Gray Leather Strap $775

    WBTG0008_1 Bering Time Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Black Titanium Bracelet $189

    wmog0358 Movado Museum Classic Mens Watch with Black Dial and Gold Tone Bracelet

    wreg0122 Reactor Proton Mens Chronograph Watch with Black Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet $550

    Tell Dad that you love all of the quality time you spend together. Give him the gift of a new watch from Shinola, Movado, Reactor, Bering Time, Citizen, or Seiko. You can also have a personalized messaged engraved on most watch casebacks

    2. Gold Link Necklace

    Figaro Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold $549 Figaro Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold $549

    Mens Railroad Link Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395 Mens Railroad Link Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395

    A 14kt gold necklace will be a gift that will last dad a lifetime—like all of the lessons he taught you.

    3. Crosses

    Plain Cross Charm in 14kt Yellow Gold $179 Plain Cross Charm in 14kt Yellow Gold $179

    Mens Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver $79 Mens Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver $79

    Crosses are a gift for Dad available in 14kt Gold, 10kt Gold, Sterling Silver, and Stainless Steel. Sterling silver and gold cross charms are also available, and you can add the right chain to suit Dad’s style.

    4. Keith Jack Axe Necklace

    ngpds2214_1 Keith Jack Axe Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold $249

    The Keith Jack Axe necklace, part of the Norse Forge Collection, a symbolic of Dad—strong and true.

    5. Keith Jack Thor’s Hammer Necklace

    ngpds2213_1 Keith Jack Thor's Hammer Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold $190

    Thor's hammer is the weapon of the storm God, Thor, and brings thunder and lightning to his foes. This Keith Jack Thor's hammer necklace's design is indicative of the strength and power of the Celtic warrior as he stands tall and fearless.

    6. Keith Jack Dragon Weave Bracelet

    nggbr0021_1_1 Keith Jack Dragon Weave Mens Celtic Eternity Bar Bracelet Item $320

    The Keith Jack Dragon Weave Eternity Bracelet symbolizes the never-ending, ever-evolving path that fatherhood is.

    7. Money Clip

    NGMC0314_1 Carbon Fiber Money Clip in Stainless Steel $59

    Give Dad the gift of a money clip—so he will know where his money is when you ask to borrow some! Most money clips can be personalized with a special message to Dad.

    8. Cufflinks

    ngclk0197_1 Cuff Links in Sterling Silver $129

    Cuff links are a great gift for Dad when he needs to dress up for work, a wedding, or a special dinner. Most cuff links can be engraved with Dad’s initials.

    9. Tie Bar or Tie Tac

    ngtt0292_1 Rembrandt Anchor Tie Tac in Sterling Silver $39

    NGTB0160_1 Engraveable Mens Tie Bar in Sterling Silver $59

    Tie tacs and tie bars are great personalized gifts for Dad. Any Rembrandt Charm can be ordered as a tie tac, and most tie bars are engravable.

    10. Ring

    dgts0884_1 Forevermark Mens Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold $1,395.00

    Give Dad a Forevermark Diamond for Father’s Day. Forevermark Diamonds are beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.


  • Visit to Day's: Charles Stanley, President of Forevermark U.S.

    charlesI recently returned from a two-day visit to Day’s Jewelers in Maine. Jeff and Kathy Corey, the principles and owners, had kindly asked me to come “up” to visit them and their sales staff. I guess “up” is the right word, with Maine being “up north,” as we would say about Yorkshire and the Northern counties of England.  It was mild and wet so I felt quite at home, as this is standard fair for my country, England. Next time I shall go in the summer!

    Jeff had asked that I come to meet with his management team, visit his stores, and eat some lobster. I was certainly tempted by the lobster, but I was glad for the invitation to spend time with his team to better understand their approach to Forevermark. It was very revealing to me, and following the visit I reflected back to Jeff and Kathy some thoughts and observations I had, which caused Jeff to say that I should share these with a wider audience. Thus the reason for a first ever personal blog, not something I am so comfortable with, being somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to social media. If you know your Industrial Revolution history as was drummed into us Brits – unlike my daughters, who now know all about the Declaration of Independence – you will understand the analogy. My thoughts on taxation without representation I shall leave for another day!

    So if you have got this far and wondered if he is ever going to say anything about what he learned, then start reading from here. We have a very nice office in Stamford, CT. It is a great environment where we think very hard about what we are trying to do and create. The trip to Day’s, however, reminded me how important it is that we also get out of our office to the “front line” and witness that last yard in the long journey our Forevermark diamonds take from mine to consumer, to really understand and directly experience how sales are made. One important takeaway from my visit to Day’s is to require all staff at Forevermark US to spend some time at the retail counter with our partners.

    My primary interest in visiting Day’s was to better understand its Forevermark business. However, it became quickly apparent that what makes Day’s successful, regardless of what products they carry, is their total commitment to themselves. What I mean by this is that they focus hard on their internal company culture, striving to make it an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. They look to inspire and motivate their people, and as a consequence they have great company loyalty and commitment – their staff turnover is well below industry average – that extends through to their customers. This kind of environment comes from the top, and Kathy and Jeff lead by example, actively soliciting feedback from their staff and making them feel part of the company’s success and evolution – something I witnessed directly when Kathy put up for debate to her staff one of my suggestions. This is not a new insight, but it is worth reminding ourselves and asking ourselves, are we doing the best for our employees, and as employees, are we doing the best for our company and ultimately our customers?


    comu_dste0561_blog2012The evidence from my visit to Day’s is that they are committed to Forevermark, from senior management right through the organization to their sales staff. It is truly impressive. Day’s has made Forevermark its go-to diamond, demonstrated by our prominent position in the store, the use of Forevermark duratrans, Forevermark iPads on the counters, the in-store loop playing on high definition monitors, the level of inventory, and the sales staff, who is passionate about selling Forevermark. The end result has been a growth in overall diamond sales, led by Forevermark.

    This is not some blind commitment on Day’s behalf to Forevermark. They are very conscious that they provide quality and value to their customers. In speaking with the sales staff, they see the consistency in the quality of Forevermark diamonds; they constantly said to me, “Just look. They are simply more beautiful and better quality.” They understand very well the quality/value equation and have been easily able to sell the fact that in absolute dollars, Forevermark may be a bit more expensive than another diamond, but in terms of value and quality, it provides their customers so much more. This led to the debate that Kathy opened to her staff on how, by working with a broader range of color, clarity, and size combinations within Forevermark, they can achieve a greater range of price points, therefore allowing more of their potential customers to find a Forevermark diamond within their budget limitations, while not undermining the essential promise of offering a beautiful diamond. The sales staff embraced this, showing Day’s has the confidence that whatever the color/clarity combination in Forevermark, they can be guaranteed to give the customer a beautiful, responsibly sourced diamond.

    I have been told by Forevermark naysayers that they don’t have customers coming in asking directly for a Forevermark diamond. I asked this question of a number of the Day’s staff, and their answer was truly enlightening. “Every customer coming into our store looking for a diamond is a Forevermark customer. They may not realize it or have it top of mind, but once we introduce Forevermark and tell the story, the customer in most cases (over 50%) has heard of Forevermark, and in nearly all cases has heard of De Beers.” Day’s staff go on to say that the customer has a higher level of reassurance because of this, and combined with the trust they have in Day’s – who is proudly associating itself with Forevermark – it makes the sale so much easier. Being proud of our joint association is what a true partnership is, and I was delighted with Day’s active promotion of its association with Forevermark.

    If you have got this far then hopefully something has caught your attention. Please feel free to comment on this blog. I leave you with this thought: Day’s know who they are, have the deepest respect for their customers and employees, and have a clear vision for how Forevermark can help drive growth in their business. 


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.