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  • Amethyst: 2018 Color of the Year


    This February let's channel the late musical icon, Prince, and celebrate Purple Rain! Purple "Reign", that is! Per Pantone, the 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet, and here at Day's Jewelers we are ready to "rock" the color purple. Of course, there is no greater month to for us to embrace Ultra Violet than February when birthstone Amethyst dominates the jewelry world.

    If you haven't already, very soon you will be seeing Ultra Violet everywhere. From furniture to hair color, candy packaging to cosmetics, clothing to vehicles, so I'm blogging to remind you to accessorize 2018 with amethyst!

    As part of the Quartz family, amethyst is abundant, low maintenance, durable, affordable, and a fabulous way to show off a highly fashionable jeweled look for a great price. One of my favorite ways to show off amethyst is by stacking Ed Levin handmade sterling silver bangles featuring our favorite purple gem!


    Tales have been told that supernatural powers have been linked to amethyst. For centuries, amethyst had been believed to heal and protect people from illnesses. Many even believed drinking alcoholic beverages served in amethyst cups would prevent drunkenness. While today we have modern medicine on our side, amethyst is still considered to be a healer of the body and soul through energy according to many who practice alternative medicine. Additionally, many millennials wear not only amethyst, but other Quartz crystals as well, for mental, physical, and spiritual intervention in their daily lives. Our new silver line, T. Jazelle, brings that trend to the our reality with The Cleo Collection, displaying singular cylindrical crystals on a 36 inch chain; and expansion bracelets with polished beads made out of genuine gemstones accessorized with a single silver charm.


    Guest Fashionista, Morgan Bouchard, formerly of the Topsham Day's Jewelers, was kind enough to put together outfit pairings featuring Ultra Violet for your style inspiration. To enhance these looks, come try on this east-to-west oriented oval amethyst and diamond necklace set in white gold on an 18 inch chain. Of course, you will also need to try on the matching pair of earrings where the oval amethyst are oriented North-to-South. Top off the jeweled pairing by wearing this ESTATE oval amethyst ring set in 14k white gold. You'll want to act fast on the ring, it's bold, beautiful, and a great big look - but we only have ONE in company and it's the only one we will ever have!

    So there you have it. Amethyst, the color of royalty, is the reigning "Prince" of 2018 thanks to Pantone and the color Ultra Violet. With Valentine's Day less than 2 weeks away, make sure to keep on trend by shopping for Amethyst. - And don't forget, if Ultra Violet is not your color, Forevermark diamonds go with everything!



  • Everyday Elegance in Swarovski

    I admire our merchandise team for their strict criteria; pieces are picked with environmental and ethical concerns in mind, whether or not they can last a lifetime (in most cases many lifetimes) and their quality.

    Swarovski is a designer that matches this criteria with some of our more obtainable pieces in both everyday fashion and elegant statements. We can get behind that.

    Eternity rings are super fly and at this price, please.

    Swarovski Vittore Crystal Eternity Ring Swarovski Vittore Crystal Eternity Ring

    V classy. Wear white in the winter because they can’t tell you what to do.

    Swarovski Crystal Dust White Crystal Cuff Bracelet Swarovski Crystal Dust White Crystal Cuff Bracelet

    I wouldn’t go crazy with the dress, let the necklace take this one.


    Brian Chick_1 Brian Chick - Content Producer and Photographer

  • Style File: 3 Jewelry Vacation Tips

    images6If you didn't know already, I'm in Aruba. The advantages of the internet! However, even though I'm away I still need to get you your Style File for the week. So, why not talk about what to bring on vacation - jewelry edition.

    I am a terrible packer. I pack way too much ALL the time. However, when it comes to packing jewelry, I've got that down to a science. While we would all love to just bring our jewelry boxes with us on vacation, we can't - ok, you can, I just don't think it's a good idea. We also debate bringing items because they are the more expensive pieces and we fear losing them. So what is a girl to do?

    Here are my 3 jewelry vacation tips:

    1. Wear or Carry

    If you want to bring one or two of your more expensive jewelry items, put them on or put them in your carry on. Be sure they will be with you at all times. When you get to your hotel (if you are staying in one), find the safe and if you aren't wearing the pieces, put them in the safe until you leave - ps: DO NOT forget them!

    2. Keep it Simple

    Yes, you are a fashion goddess like myself, but sometimes simple is better. Only bring a few items; diamond (or cubic zirconia) studs, one or two rings and a necklace - items that you can wear with most of your outfits packed.

    3.  Buy One Thing

    Ok, this isn't really a packing your jewelry for vacation "tip" -- but it's something I have come to do when I go on vacations. Buy at least ONE jewelry item; a pair of earrings, a bracelet, anything. Something that represents where you were. Especially if it's a place that is known for a specific stone or metal. It's a great way to grow your jewelry box, and keep your memories of that vacation close.

    There you have it. My 3 tips on how to pack jewelry for vacation! Want to know what I packed for my vacation to Aruba? Here's the list:

    I personally made sure to bring my less expensive items, should I lose something while I'm here, or forget it at the hotel. I won't be too upset. I may have packed a couple other items too - but these are the pieces that I've been wearing most evenings or days out.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, beach time..I'll be back next week!



  • Style File: 7 Ways To Wear Your Brooch

    Do you ever go through your grandmother or mother's old things and find these beautiful brooches that you think "wow, gorgeous but I would never wear that." I've been thinking about it and there are so many things you can do with these brooches that don't require wearing it on your lapel. Here are 7 fashionable ways to wear those beautiful brooches:

    1. Traditional - We can all add a little flair to our outfits by putting a brooch on our shirts or suit jackets. Traditional never goes out of style.


    brooch-scarf2. Pin your purse - Many women will add a little glamor to their purses by adding their brooch to the side or on the straps. Or if it is a buckle / button closing purse, but it on the flap to make it look as though it is the closure.

    3. Around your neck (scarf) - This is my favorite, because for those that know me I am an avid scarf collector, wearer, fashionista. Add the brooch to your scarf as a center focal point or on the side to hold it together. Really you can place it anywhere you think compliments the look!


    simpleband4. On your head (hats) - I know this is one that not everyone can pull off because you have to be a hat person to do this in the first place. Stick your brooch on the side of your hat or even the front (depending on the style). This is great because this can be for men and women! Who said a man can't add a little bling to his fedora.

    5. In your hair - Add a brooch to your hair as a barrette, over your ponytail, or pin it onto a headband for added flair.

    6. As a pendant – We all have chains or omegas that we don’t wear because we don’t have the “right pendant” to go with the “right outfit” – but what if you have the right brooch! Add a brooch to your omega or necklace and magic happens.

    7. As a cocktail ring – Do you have a band or a small ring that you want to make big! Add some style to your fingertips. Clip the brooch over your ring and bam - instant cocktail ring.

    There are many more ways you can rock your brooch, I'll share those another time. But for now, enjoy these 7 ways to wear your brooch (or pins). I'm looking forward to number 3 myself. Think it's time to go through the grandmother's jewelry box!

    Happy Monday my fashionistas!



  • Right Hand Ring, the Freedom Ring

    photoRecently, a customer came in to see me to help her design a new ring. She brought in a loose stone from a ring given to her from a previous relationship and her mom’s wedding band. She was interested in using these items in her new ring in some way. As we talked, she shared with me some major life events from the past year including the loss of a loved one, an illness and a major job promotion. The ring she was looking for would be worn on her right hand and for her, would be a symbol of the newest chapter in her “beautiful, healthy, happy life.”

    Traditionally, jewelry has been used as a way to mark major life events. Perhaps the most well recognized symbol of significance is the wedding ring; the unbroken circle which many cultures understand as representative of eternal love. The wedding ring has always been a universally understood symbol that carries meaning and respect. But what if you’re not married? On a daily basis we work with customers who are looking to commemorate their independence or maybe even a new chapter in their lives. Why not wear a ring as a symbol of wholeness or completeness, not necessarily in a couple, but with one’s self? In a ring we see the circular pattern of life. It is faithful to continue around and around like the daily repetition of our lives. The “Freedom Ring” or “Right Hand Ring” is a piece of jewelry to represent and celebrate a life-changing occasion, or a new outlook on life.

    A freedom ring doesn’t have to be a diamond solitaire, like an engagement ring. It can be a personal piece of jewelry that you purchase or design with the statement of freedom in mind. Maybe turn an unworn wedding ring into a right hand ring or melt down an old wedding band and re-design it into a brand new ring to signify a new life. A refreshing way to repurpose jewelry! The choice of the ring and how you wear it is personal. Use the ring as a reminder of the positive aspects of living independently, as a symbol of a new and brighter future.

    Celebrate your life, your qualities, YOU! This is perhaps the most empowering experience a person can have. Embrace your freedom and independence, your ambitions, dreams and desires and use it to enrich your life.


    About the Blogger:

    Kristin_KennedyKristin, Jewelry Consultant
    Day's Jewelers South Portland

    I have been with Day’s Jewelers since November 2012. I love sharing information about the metals and gemstones with the customers. People come into Day’s looking for something special and we get to help them find it. The most satisfying part of customer service is making our guests happy and having them return.

    Learn more about Kristin.



  • Jewelry in Style: 2013 Shades of Green

    jersp0860_1There will be no 50 shades of grey this year; 2013 is the year of "shades of green." Hot on the runway and in your jewelry box will be emerald, jade, and peridot.

    "Designers are projecting optimism and color lifts out spirits," says Leatrice Elseman, Executive Director at Pantone Color Institute. Designers have been experimenting with color combinations over the last few years, inspired by multicultural influences. Jewelry stylist-to-the-stars, Michael O'Connor sees the use of gem-set jewelry on the rise, as it stands out on runways and red carpets, as stated in National Jewelers News & Trends article. Picture this: A red evening gown with a beautiful emerald and diamond ring and earring set.

    rsoam03532Of course we can't have a year full of just one color palette, as beautiful as our shades of green are; additional colors of blue (navy and dusk), dark purple and warm yellows and reds.

    Along with the 2013 shades of green, this is a year of big and bold. Trends are building for wrist wear, necklaces, and rings. Whether you are going to layer your wrists with bangles and chain link bracelets, adorn your neck with a large pendant or collar, or cover your fingers in beautiful art work - jewelry decor is high on the fashion hit list this year.

    Look out for our next blog; 2013 Trend Alert to see what else 2013 has instore. ~MKW


  • What's Your Watch Style?

    Our watches do more than just tell time. They have an eye for fashion. Take a look at these remarkable timepieces, ladies and gentlemen these are no longer your grandfather’s watch.

    There are watches for those that want to add a little color to their look or the person who wants to add fashion and the one that is all about having the best technology.

    wacg0098Accutron Rose and Black Dial Ceramic Bracelet Watch
    This Accutron mens watch is fashionable for day or night wear. Dress up your suit & tie at the office or your jeans & polo for a nice dinner date. Rose gold on men's watches is becoming a fashion do!

    Citizen "Skyhawk" Eco-Drive Chronograph
    For the man that loves to know it all. This watch has a perpetual calendar, chronograph and 2 daily alarms. Atomic timekeeping. Digital world time display for 43 cities around the globe. Flight computer slide rule bezel. It's water resistant to 666 feet/200 meters -- phew there is much more this watch can do too -- like keep time!

    wmog0247Movado Bold with Teal Accents
    For the man that likes a little color. This watch is fun, fashionable, colorful and bold! It is also available in other colors like green, white, orange and blue.

    wreg0005Reactor Mens Gamma
    For the man that likes the classic look with a bit of a contemporary design. Who may be a hunter, fisher, or sports man of any type that needs a rugged, heavy duty watch.



    Check out our entire collection of watches here. Day's Jewelers carries over 10 national watch brands in our stores and online. If you have any questions please let us know! Call or email Melissa and Kathy!

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.