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  • Announcement! New Styles Available for Your Man

    Guest blogger: Jessi Eyre, Marketing & PR Specialist at Lashbrook

    Attention brides and grooms! We have the coolest gent’s rings now available at Day’s Jewelers. These new styles from Lashbrook are truly one of a kind. Check them out below!


    These Meteorite rings by Lashbrook feature authentic Gibeon Meteorite. Gibeon Meteorite exploded upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, landing in the desert of Namibia, Africa in scattered pieces over an area 171 miles long and 62 miles wide. The Namibian government banned the export of Gibeon Meteorite, as any newly discovered pieces are automatically protected as national monuments. This means that any meteorite specimens in circulation are of increasing value and incredibly limited supply.

    This rare type of meteorite is composed of metals which were formed in a super-heated state and cooled over the course of four billion years. This slow cooling settled the molecules in a unique crystalline structure, similar to what you’d see in a diamond or gemstone. Because Meteorite is a natural material, each Meteorite ring will be unique with now two rings being identical.

    These new Meteorite styles look cool regardless of what the base metal is. Pictured from left to right: Cobalt Chrome, Rose Gold, black Zirconium, Cobalt Chrome.

    Damascus Steel.

    Damascus Steel rings by Lashbrook are made by hand, mimicking ancient metalsmithing techniques originally used to make samurai swords. Using two alternating types of stainless steel, Lashbrook master craftsman heat, bond, twist and fold the metal layers together to produce vivid patterns. After patterning the metal, there can be up to 100 layers in each piece of finished Damascus. Because it is handmade, each Damascus Steel ring is unique – no two designs will look exactly alike.

    These Damascus Steel styles hold that ‘wow’ factor and are going to be a crowd favorite in no time. Pair your favorite style with precious metal, such as the White or Rose Gold inlays.


    Lashbrook uses ethically sourced Hardwood for wood rings. Each piece of hardwood varies slightly in character, color, and grain pattern, ensuring every wood ring is truly one of a kind. Wood’s raw, organic nature and inherent beauty is both rustic and refined. Its rich origin and exclusive markings speak to its distinctness amongst traditional metal wedding bands.

    These slick hardwood bands are for the guys that want to stand out. Pictured: black Zirconium with Leopard wood, Cobalt Chrome with Honduras Redheart and Damascus Steel with Mexican Cocobollo wood.

    Check out the whole Lashbrook series!
    Click Here!

    Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!
  • Day’s Jewelers Selected Among Best Places to Work in Maine for a Third Year

    Day’s Jewelers was recently named as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Maine. The awards program was created in 2006 and is a project of the Society for Human Resource Management - Maine State Council (MESHRM) and Best Companies Group. Partners endorsing the program include: Mainebiz, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Maine HR Convention.

    Kathy, Jeff and Jim Corey, owners of Day’s Jewelers, have truly created a business that makes its employees proud. “Kathy, my brother Jim and I were raised in the St. John Valley in Northern Maine where family is such an important part of the local culture. The three of us, along with my 5 other siblings, worked together in my Mom and Dad’s business, Robert’s Jewelry in Madawaska. Family has always been important to us. As we’ve built Day’s over the years, it was our goal to create a family environment among our staff,” says Jeff Corey.

    Kathy Corey thanks her employees for this award which has been claimed in 2014, 2015 and now 2017. “Receiving this award is truly an honor, but mostly it’s a tribute to the 140 employees who work at Day’s.  They are the real heroes.”

    Companies from across the state entered the two-part process to determine the Best Places to Work in Maine. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company's workplace policies, practices, and demographics. This part of the process was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. This part of the process was worth approximately 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final rankings.

    Day’s Jewelers Human Resources Director Kristie Jandreau knows exactly how this award was earned., “It’s because of what we do and, most importantly, why we do it. We are surrounded by beautiful gems, sparkling diamonds, and the latest fashion accessories. We spend our work days in luxurious showrooms with guests looking for that special piece to commemorate an important occasion or symbol of their love. Relationships are formed with our guests that last for many years. Day’s employees enjoy people and building relationships with our guests and with each other. Day’s employees often describe their co-workers as family.”

    Other employees agree; Company Photographer and Content Producer, Brian Chick says, “We are given the tools and support to succeed with in-house training and continued education outside of the workplace.” Lindsay Nodden, Assistant Buyer said, “I think the reason why we won best places to work in Maine is because people genuinely enjoy their jobs here.  How could you not, working with beautiful things and amazing people every day!”

    Day’s Jewelers will be recognized at the Best Places to Work in Maine awards ceremony on October 10 and will be listed in a special publication by Mainebiz. The final rankings will be announced at the event.

    About The Blogger:
    Amanda Loubier
    Marketing Coordinator



  • Surprise Marriage Proposal Video with Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring

    See Josh propose to Amy with a brilliant Forevermark diamond engagement ring set in white and rose gold. The proposal went on without a hitch!

  • A Day’s Jewelers Cliff's of Moher Proposal

    Day's Jewelers Proposal Story:

    Hi my nameimage2 is Michelle Devereux. My fiancé Ryan Sylvain proposed to me on June the 9, 2016 at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We have been together 2 and half years.


    I recently brought Ryan to Ireland for my cousins wedding. I moved to the USA with my parents when I was 7 but both my mother and father reside in Ireland. We traveled around Ireland for a few days with my brother and a couple of friends. Ryan carried the ring around with him while we were traveling and a few times he thought I was sure I would find out.

    image3On Thursday the 9th, on our last stop back to Cork, we visited the Cliff's of Moher. We were taking photos and laughing and the Ryan dropped to one knee. I remember he was nervously asking my brother for the ring, I remember spacing out into the ocean not believing this was happening. I thought I was in a dream. A wave of emotion came over me and I said yes while crying, but Ryan did this in a country (Ireland) that is so dear to my heart and will always be my home.

    He definitely put thought into and it will be a day I will never forget. Ryan told me that Day's Jewelers was great to work with and I felt so comfortable with Day's too. Our big day isn't till October 2018, but I wouldn't trade June 9th 2016 on the Cliff's of Moher for anything.

  • Sparkly Guide to Engagement Rings

    What's Your Style?

    Shopping for engagement rings can be a daunting task. A good place to start is to ask yourself or significant other what their favorite style is. This guide can be a good chart to help showcase and point out what you are drawn to visually. Bring the favorites from this chart in to your local Day's and we can help you start the journey to purchasing the perfect engagement ring!

    From Classic to Whimsy, we have the style for you!

    Shop: Classic, Fancy, Vintage, Rose, Unique, Modern, Whimsical


    Shop: Classic, Fancy, Vintage, Rose, Unique, Modern, Whimsical
    Day’s Jewelers offers hundreds of different styles of settings to mount the center diamond of your choice. If you are looking for a diamond, Day’s Jewelers has certified Diamontologists who would be happy to search our vast inventory to find options that would be most appropriate for your setting, personal style and budget. Having a hard time finding the perfect style? With our exceptional in-house goldsmiths, we can also work with you to create a custom made ring. We are proud to offer some of the most popular designer collections such as Forevermark, ArtCarved, Martin Flyer and Ritani. Shop our entire engagement collection here.

    We would love to know your style. Comment on our post with your style title and #1-#4 favorite, for example: "Unique #2!" or "Classic #1". Still have more questions? Contact our Personal Shoppers!



  • Forevermark and Chili

    This past weekend Gayle and I had the most amazing customer engagement story, that we had to write a blog to share our experience.

    bridal_photoAs he began sharing his story with us he spoke about Rachel’s beloved horse Chili of many years, whom she had to sell to acquire enough money for schooling. Luckily, she was able to sell Chili to some wonderful people who allowed her to visit on occasion. Sadly, the people could no longer afford to maintain the horse and she was sold to someone unknown, which broke Rachel’s heart.One afternoon we met a beautiful young lady by the name of Rachel who came in, in search of the perfect diamond engagement ring. We brought her to our Forevermark case where she fell in love with the Center Of My Universe collection. She picked several out and we created her an extensive wish list, but one of the rings stood out more than the others. A few months went by and this past Friday, a young man named Justin entered our store in search of that perfect ring that his soon to be fiancé had picked out.

    Justin knowing how much she loved Chili went on a search to find her. After many phone calls and a trip to Rhode Island, Chili was finally on her way home to be reunited with Rachel.

    Now that he had Chili, he knew it was time to purchase the perfect diamond engagement ring. As we scrolled through the wish list we went in search of her favorite. Unfortunately, we no longer had this piece in our store. We called our inventory department to see when they may be receiving this piece again, luckily the ring Justin needed was in a FedEx box that had just come in. Inventory rushed the ring to me so he could present Rachel with her amazing Forevermark diamond engagement ring.


    proposalJustin was on his way to the engraver to complete his proposal by having a plaque made for Chili’s bridal that read “Happiness is being married to your best friend, Rachel would never expect this. Saturday will be a day that Rachel will never forget.

    This truly is a fairytale proposal that everyone dreams of…After all the years we have worked here, we have never had such an emotional, thoughtful experience. These are the moments we treasure and why we love what we do! Congratulations Justin and Rachel.Here’s how the proposal went: Justin led her out to the barn, and to her surprise Chili was there waiting for her! She did not even notice the engraving on Chili’s bridal right off, however, she turned around and there was Justin down on his knee with her Forevermark diamond engagement ring (she said, ‘yes’). Not only did she receive her long lost Chili, but also the man of her dreams!


    About the Bloggers: 

    jaime_b_1gayle-webJaime and Gayle, Jewelry Consultants
    Waterville, Day's Jewelers

    Jaime has been with Day's Jewelers since 2000 and Gayle has been with Day's since 1995. These two are a couple of our more seasoned jewelry consultants! You can learn more about Jaime and Gayle on our Waterville Store page!

  • Engagement Ring Shopping: For the Guys that Need Help!

    download5While we guys do pay attention to what you want and appreciate the hints you have given us along the way...we need a little help finding that perfect ring; the diamond enagement ring that you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl.

    Besides your winning smile, your diamond engagement ring is the single most important adornment you will wear for the rest of your life.  As such, a lot of thought must go into choosing the right ring.

    Some might say, "let him pick the right one after all he did pick you, right?"  That may be true but, picking the right ring is a lot harder than it seems.  Especially for a guy!  Sure we can do research online and talk to our buddies but, that doesn't promise that we will find the right engagement ring for you!


    download_(1)1So as men, this is our plea: please share your thoughts with us! Take us into a jewelry store and show us some styles that fit personal preferences. Text me pictures of rings that adequately encompass everything you want in a ring. Share pictures on facebook, pinterest, take a selfie or post a picture on instagram. Tell your mother, your sister, your best friend, or any other relavant person your ring size and your center stone preference.  Spread the word!  Why? Because, us guys will need to know when we walk into that jewelry store that we are picking the "right" ring.

    For those guys that don't get the hints (there will be some) - there are guides to assist you when the time comes to find the perfect engagement ring. Start with the Ultimate Guide: How to Buy an Engagement Ring...Yes, this is the "in your face" type of hint (click on it)!


    dave-webAnother tip is to be sure to pay attention to her style of jewelry. What do other rings look like that she wears? What colors are they? Are they big or small? Take pictures of them when she isn't around, or look for pictures of the two of you together and see what she is wearing in them.

    While she is going to love any engagement ring that you pick for her, making sure you are paying attention to what she wants is a great start to a marriage - "happy wife, happy life." 

    We are always here to help too! If you have questions let us know.

    Blogger: Dave Smith, Waterville Day's Jewelers


  • What is Your Diamond Engagement Ring Style?

    What are the basic setting styles for engagement rings?

    It is always daunting for a young couple to come in and explain exactly what they are looking for in an engagement ring or wedding band.  Descriptions like "  It has lots of little diamonds"  or " It has a big one and some others around it" are very common, and unfortunately, not very helpful when a jeweler is asked to show you an item like what was envisioned.  It leads to a frustrated guest when the jeweler cannot immediately come up with the right product, so I thought it might be helpful to explain some of the styles used in today's jewelry.

    Let's start with the setting styles which are the most popular.  These are far from the only styles available, and there are numerous variations on each.  However, you will likely find these basic styles everywhere you look for diamond engagement rings.


    1.  The Tiffany Solitaire.

    sampl0432_1This is the traditional engagement ring and consists of a shank (the band) and the crown (the part that holds the diamond).  It usually has 4 or 6 prongs to hold the diamond and places the diamond high and away from the band.  This has the effect of allowing the most light to enter and exit the diamond freely, enhancing its beauty and light return.  It usually fits most wedding bands and can handle wedding wraps in most cases, should one wish to add a little more side sparkle at a later date.

    Strengths of this style: durability and beauty. 

    Weaknesses:  Prongs may bend more easily and wear a little faster than other styles. 

    Overall diamond security: Excellent.

    2.  Trellis or Lucida Solitaire


    sampl0572_2This is a lower 4 prong solitaire with a wider shank and heavy, short prongs.  It is named due to the side design that sweeps up around the diamond like a trellis.  It is best used in Platinum, White gold, or Palladium, as it is usually a one piece design and will add color to the diamond if made in yellow gold.  It is a mounting that lends itself to standing alone and will not take wraps at all.  Women who chose this style generally are traditional, but want something a little different.

    Strengths of this style:  Durability and increased strength in the shank. 

    Weaknesses:  Not good for yellow gold and has a slightly more limited band selection. 

    Overall diamond security:  Very high.


    3.  Trinity (Past, Present, Future) 

    dshf0819This is a relatively new design and highly popular.  It consists of three diamonds set in a row that stand for the past, present, and future.  The center diamond is usually twice the size of the side diamonds and is set slightly higher.  As a rule, the whole ring is similar in height to the trellis design and therefore sits lower than a standard tiffany solitaire.  Also, like the trellis, it is usually set with four very low, heavy prongs to ensure the security of the diamonds.  This setting cannot use wraps and generally needs a curved wedding band to fit against it properly.

    Strengths of this style:  More brilliance due to 3 diamonds, heavier shanks, durability.

    Weaknesses:  Wraps cannot be used and wedding bands may be more restrictive in choices. 

    Overall diamond security: Very high.


    4.  Center of My Universe or "Halo"

    sampl0995_1This style has the most sparkle of all the others and certainly one of the most romantic.  It consists of a large center diamond encircled by much smaller diamonds.  This creates a very vibrant look that makes the center diamond look one to two sizes larger than it actually really pops!  Although a more modern setting style, the addition of the smaller diamonds makes this ring look like a vintage piece you may have seen in the roaring twenties.  In short, it's a great blend of fashion and tradition!  Better still is the message behind the design:  The center represents her as the center of your universe and all the smaller diamonds are all the things she does for you and the family.  It still gives me goose bumps when I think of it!

    Strengths of this style: Major sparkle! and a modern/traditional look.  Bands are usually readily available.

    Weaknesses:  Sizing restrictions exist on many of them due to the stones they usually have down the shank.  Be may need to be made to size.  Skipping regular six month checks are not an option. 

    Overall diamond security:  High to Very High. 

    This primarily depends on the manufacturer.  Going for the lowest price usually results in a lower durability ring.  Trusted "Halo" companies like Forevermark, Ritani, Martin Flyer, Michael M and Artcarved provide a slightly more expensive setting, but are far more durable than their cheaper counterparts and would rate very high in durability.

    The above four styles are still the most popular by far, yet there are several others that bear noting as well.  Though not as popular as they once were, they are still requested and have proven themselves to remain timeless.  You may not find all of these in all jewelry stores, but you will surely find some of them in all jewelry stores.


    5.  Bezel setting.

    dsfe0319_1The bezel setting is usually a solitaire setting, but can come in a three stone setting as well.  It consists of a shank usually similar to the tiffany solitaire, however the diamond is 1/2 to fully encircled with gold.  This is a very secure setting style that is highly durable and eliminates prongs from the design.  It is a very clean, modern look that appeals to people who work with their hands a lot, like nurses.

    Strengths:  Highly protective of the diamond.  Usually low set.  Smooth clean lines. 

    Weaknesses:  Bands may need to be custom made or hard to find.  Diamond loses some brilliance due to more gold over the diamond. 

    Overall diamond security:  Excellent


    6.  Tension setting.

    rsemi1063_1This one is sometimes confused with a bezel setting.  In a tension setting, the diamond is suspended between the two sides of the ring, unlike a bezel where the gold is folded over the top of the diamond to secure it.  Approximately 100 pounds of force are used to keep a tension set diamond in place.  It is truly a modern marvel how they get the diamond in and keep it there!  If you have never seen this.....I encourage you to check it out.

    Strengths:  Diamond is more vibrant due to minimal metal around the diamond.  Mountings are very rugged and heavy.  Design is very modern. 

    Weaknesses:  Heavy equals more expensive.  The tension setting requires substantially more metal to maintain the force on the diamond.  Usually must use their matching bands due to the weight.  All work must be done by the factory. 

    Overall diamond security:  Excellent


    7.  Vintage.

    sampl0311_1This style focuses on times gone by.  It usually mimics styles from the 1920's to the 1950's that were highly unique compared to anything in today's more modern assortment.  They usually are characterized by large amounts of filigree and hand engraving that makes the ring look much more like a work of art.  Styles are focused much more on form melded with function to produce a one of a kind feel.

    Strengths:  Very unique looks that will appeal to those who want different. Designs hide wear and scratches better than most other styles.  Prongs on these styles are likely more protected and last much longer than other styles.  Diamonds are recessed many times, providing extra protection. 

    Weaknesses:  Bands are usually custom fit, limiting you to as few as one choice.  Some styles will not support a wedding band.  More metal is usually around the diamond, giving a more blended look to the ring...especially in white gold or platinum, therefore the diamond my not be as prominent.  

    Overall diamond security:  High to Excellent.

    The vintage style being copied dictates how secure the diamond is.  Some with more filigree will be more susceptible to damage, while those with recessed diamond setting can wear for decades with little to no work.

    How to Pick?

    Within these 7 styles, there are still many, many variations.  There are also many more styles that mix elements of these styles together or even exist as a separate style altogether.  Simply put:  We could continue to list style after style or variant after variant and work ourselves into a ball of confusion.  My hope is that a guy might look at this list and say " I basically want a trinity!" and at least have some starting point.  From there we could look at variations that may address other wants for the ideal ring.  In the end, it's all about finding the ring that he is proud to give her and she is proud to wear.



    Mark, Store Manager,
    Auburn Day's Jewelers


    Learn more about Mark!


  • How to Propose: Sales Associate to Bridesmaid

    Crystal_SpencerRecently one of my sales associates was working with a gentleman to find the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend.  Upon walking in it was clear this was not Joe’s favorite thing to be doing.  He had his guard up in every way possible, but that changed rather quickly.  In her typical fashion, Crystal had him drinking a beer and laughing in no time.  After probing the customer for quite some time Crystal was able to locate exactly what he wanted.

    Her customer service didn't end with the sale though. Crystal worked with Joe and helped him arrange an amazing proposal with the ring he chose. Crystal happens to be a singer in a local band.  The band performs many gigs throughout the month and has a strong community following. What better way for Joe to show his love and commitment than at one of the band's performances in front of hundreds of people?

    Before the show started Crystal was on the microphone making some announcements.  In a strange change of pace she calls up Jenny, Joe’s fiancée, to speak about her animal rescue project.  What Jenny did not know was that Crystal and Joe had a master plan the whole time.  Crystal swiftly prompts Joe to get on stage with everyone looking on.  At this point Jenny was completely confused as to what was going on.  Why was she even on stage?  Why was Joe also up there?  What’s really going on?

    It then started to become quite clear to Jenny.  Joe got down on one knee and proposed.  Elated  (and shocked) Jenny was beside herself.  Crystal and Joe had successfully pulled off one of the best proposals thanks to careful planning and execution.  They truly put a night together that all three of them will never forget.

    The relationship that Crystal established with Joe and now Jenny has extended much further than anyone anticipated.  With her magical personality and ability to connect with people, Crystal has quickly become very close friends with the both of them.  Shortly after the proposal, Joe and Jenny were planning their wedding, including the bridal parties.  Both of them figured what better way to celebrate their big day than with one of the people that really helped all of this happen.

    Jenny and Joe were recently married, with Crystal by their side as one of Jenny’s bridesmaids.  It was a lovely outdoor summer wedding with all of their friends and family in attendance.  Crystal was more than thrilled to be a part of their special day.

    Joe has now been a consistent regular at Day’s Jewelers.  Working with Crystal has been a blessing for him and Joe will never go anywhere else.  Now known by name in the store, and of course by Crystal, he has no reason to go anywhere else.  At Day's, our people are not just here to sell an engagement ring or an anniversary gift, it goes beyond that.  The ability to connect with customers and get involved in their lives is what makes it all special.

    About the Blogger:


    JoeCoreyJoe Corey, Store Manager
    Day's Jewelers Manchester

    Joe has been working at Day’s Jewelers since August of 2006. He is DCA Diamond Certified and Seiko/Pulsar Masterclass. Joseph grew up in the business of Jewelry. He can remember working many Christmases on the sales floor along with the rest of his family who are the proud owners of Day’s Jewelers. Read more...

    We want all of our customers to feel the way that our customer Joe does about Day's Jewelers. Are you looking for an engagement ring or maybe a birthday gift, but would rather do it from the comfort of your own home? Then email us! We'll get in touch with you and find the perfect piece or perfect associate to help you!


  • The Perfect Diamond Ring, For The Perfect Soul Mate

    colorchartvertWhen picking out a diamond for a loved one, a lot of the questions at the jewelry counter center around the same few things. Will she love it? Is it beautiful? Can I afford it? Will it be the perfect diamond ring? When looking at the 4Cs of their perspective diamond, many people will come in looking for a similar range in characteristics. They will want the stone to have a cut that makes it shine in any light. They will ask for it to be near colorless (G-I) so that it looks wonderful in any setting and in any light without spending the premium that a fully colorless diamond (D-F) would cost.  They will want it to be clear enough to never have an inclusion seen by the wearer (SI-VS), but not so clear that they are paying extra for a difference that can only be seen under a microscope (VVS-FL).  The size or carat weight of the diamond then usually becomes a question of how much can I afford while keeping all of the other characteristics in balance?

    Sometimes it will go another way.  One day in March, a couple came into the store and asked to look at diamond rings.  He made it clear that she was to pick out any style ring that she wanted and he would see about getting it for her.  She told us that she has seen people wearing the “three diamond ring” and has always wanted one of her own.  They were about to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary and to her, a Past Present Future ring seemed to be the perfect ring.

    They explained that they got married and started a family when they were young and although he had always wanted to get her a diamond ring, life and family expenses never made it possible.  We tried on a lot of rings until she slipped one on and instantly smiled.  She looked to him and said, “This is the one.  If I could have any ring in the store, it would be this one.”  It was a yellow and white gold ring with a half carat round diamond in the center and two quarter carats on the side.  It wasn’t an unusual style or large in size. It was just what she had always wanted.

    His next visit was on his own.  We checked the ring she had picked and we went over qualities of diamonds and metals for the setting.  He took it all in and then sat in a silent pause for a while.  He then said “I honestly expected her to pick out a much more expensive ring.  She is the most important thing in my life and it doesn’t matter to me if she can see the difference or even knows about it.  I want to get her the most perfect diamond possible for the center of this ring.  She deserves that and more."  He knew she had always wanted a ring to wear but that family had always come first.  He told us that all the kids had grown up and started families of their own and now he was going to do something for her he wished he could have done forty years ago.  We set a diamond of the same size she had seen in the center, but this time it was a colorless, internally flawless, and ideal cut.  The end result was amazing. There wasn’t a person working in our shop that didn’t want to see it up close before he came to pick it up. For him it was the most perfect diamond ring, for a most perfect soul mate.

    About the Blogger: 

    LeoGerriorLeo, Store Manager,
    Day's Jewelers South Portland

    For three years, Leo worked at Day's Jewelers in Manchester , New Hampshire . Now a Store Manager and Diamond Specialist in our largest jewelry store in Maine, the South Portland location, Leo provides diamond proficiency in combination with a little bit of everything jewelry. Read more...


    We know that finding the right diamond can be hard. That's why we are hear to help. Want to know what we know? Check out our free diamond guide:



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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


All orders are fully insured and require a signature at time of delivery. Each item is cleaned, polished and inspected before it is wrapped and shipped to you. For engravings and ring sizing, please add an additional 2-3 business days to your order. Special orders or customizations may take 3-4 weeks. Please click here for full shipping information.


Day's Jewelers requires suppliers to provide a written warranty, for every diamond purchased, that it was acquired from non-conflict sources. Furthermore, as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Day's is committed to supporting and promoting the highest level of social, ethical and environmental responsibility in our communities and in the areas of the world where our products are sourced. Learn more...


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


Your jewelry purchased from Day's Jewelers is warranted for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship. To be eligible for this warranty, your piece of jewelry must be inspected at any Day's store at least once every six months. If you should live in an area where there is no Day's store located, we would be happy to recommend a reputable jeweler to perform the required semi-annual inspections. Day's also offers a low cost extended care plan that covers normal wear and tear of items not deemed as defective.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.