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  • Surprise Marriage Proposal Video with Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring

    See Josh propose to Amy with a brilliant Forevermark diamond engagement ring set in white and rose gold. The proposal went on without a hitch!

  • A Day’s Jewelers Cliff's of Moher Proposal

    Day's Jewelers Proposal Story:

    Hi my nameimage2 is Michelle Devereux. My fiancé Ryan Sylvain proposed to me on June the 9, 2016 at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We have been together 2 and half years.


    I recently brought Ryan to Ireland for my cousins wedding. I moved to the USA with my parents when I was 7 but both my mother and father reside in Ireland. We traveled around Ireland for a few days with my brother and a couple of friends. Ryan carried the ring around with him while we were traveling and a few times he thought I was sure I would find out.

    image3On Thursday the 9th, on our last stop back to Cork, we visited the Cliff's of Moher. We were taking photos and laughing and the Ryan dropped to one knee. I remember he was nervously asking my brother for the ring, I remember spacing out into the ocean not believing this was happening. I thought I was in a dream. A wave of emotion came over me and I said yes while crying, but Ryan did this in a country (Ireland) that is so dear to my heart and will always be my home.

    He definitely put thought into and it will be a day I will never forget. Ryan told me that Day's Jewelers was great to work with and I felt so comfortable with Day's too. Our big day isn't till October 2018, but I wouldn't trade June 9th 2016 on the Cliff's of Moher for anything.

  • What the Carat?!? How to pick the perfect carat size

    What is the best carat size??? This is a question we hear often at Day’s. The bigger question is, what does it all mean? Carat, not to be confused with karat or carrot, is defined as a unit of mass equal to 200 mg used for measuring the weight of diamonds.  Karat is used as a measure of the purity of gold, such as 14 karat yellow gold. The metric carat was adopted in 1907 at the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures.  The word carat derives from the Italian carato meaning carob seed.

    Today diamonds are often purchased as the symbol of love for an engagement ring.  Most girls have admired and dreamed about the perfect diamond.  Now that we are all grown up and use Pinterest to pin the perfect ring, how do we pick a diamond carat size?  We know our budget may not allow for a Lady Gaga size diamond as much as we may dream. In regards to size, we’ll try to put it into perspective.

    To be clear, carat is one of the 4 C’s when purchasing a diamond is a factor in determining value. The average diamond size purchased is around a ½ carat.  A ½ carat is often a good starter for couples knowing they can trade up the diamond at some jewelry stores. At Day’s we have an awesome upgrade program to trade up your diamond.


    Most engagement rings at a jewelry store have between a 1/5th carat and upwards. Size wise, a 1 carat diamond is about that of a pea.  The image below shows how a 3, 2, 1, ¾, ½ 1/3 carat loose diamond compare to a 4 carat diamond ring.  This gives a good visual of how a diamond will sparkle on you!!


    carat 2

    This is a great reference to start the search for your diamond. The best way to decide on size is to visit your local store and try it on! What is better than a girl’s date and trying on sparkling diamonds? Trying on a diamond ring will give you the visual to see what looks best and fits your personality. You will know when the perfect size diamond fits you when it makes you smile, you have butterflies and know there is no other diamond that will compare.  Feel free to stop in your nearest Day’s to fall in love with your perfect diamond carat.


    -Amanda Nadeau | Diamond Certified & Diana Rice Diamond Certified Jewelry Professional at Day’s Waterville

  • The Perfect Diamond Ring, For The Perfect Soul Mate

    colorchartvertWhen picking out a diamond for a loved one, a lot of the questions at the jewelry counter center around the same few things. Will she love it? Is it beautiful? Can I afford it? Will it be the perfect diamond ring? When looking at the 4Cs of their perspective diamond, many people will come in looking for a similar range in characteristics. They will want the stone to have a cut that makes it shine in any light. They will ask for it to be near colorless (G-I) so that it looks wonderful in any setting and in any light without spending the premium that a fully colorless diamond (D-F) would cost.  They will want it to be clear enough to never have an inclusion seen by the wearer (SI-VS), but not so clear that they are paying extra for a difference that can only be seen under a microscope (VVS-FL).  The size or carat weight of the diamond then usually becomes a question of how much can I afford while keeping all of the other characteristics in balance?

    Sometimes it will go another way.  One day in March, a couple came into the store and asked to look at diamond rings.  He made it clear that she was to pick out any style ring that she wanted and he would see about getting it for her.  She told us that she has seen people wearing the “three diamond ring” and has always wanted one of her own.  They were about to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary and to her, a Past Present Future ring seemed to be the perfect ring.

    They explained that they got married and started a family when they were young and although he had always wanted to get her a diamond ring, life and family expenses never made it possible.  We tried on a lot of rings until she slipped one on and instantly smiled.  She looked to him and said, “This is the one.  If I could have any ring in the store, it would be this one.”  It was a yellow and white gold ring with a half carat round diamond in the center and two quarter carats on the side.  It wasn’t an unusual style or large in size. It was just what she had always wanted.

    His next visit was on his own.  We checked the ring she had picked and we went over qualities of diamonds and metals for the setting.  He took it all in and then sat in a silent pause for a while.  He then said “I honestly expected her to pick out a much more expensive ring.  She is the most important thing in my life and it doesn’t matter to me if she can see the difference or even knows about it.  I want to get her the most perfect diamond possible for the center of this ring.  She deserves that and more."  He knew she had always wanted a ring to wear but that family had always come first.  He told us that all the kids had grown up and started families of their own and now he was going to do something for her he wished he could have done forty years ago.  We set a diamond of the same size she had seen in the center, but this time it was a colorless, internally flawless, and ideal cut.  The end result was amazing. There wasn’t a person working in our shop that didn’t want to see it up close before he came to pick it up. For him it was the most perfect diamond ring, for a most perfect soul mate.

    About the Blogger: 

    LeoGerriorLeo, Store Manager,
    Day's Jewelers South Portland

    For three years, Leo worked at Day's Jewelers in Manchester , New Hampshire . Now a Store Manager and Diamond Specialist in our largest jewelry store in Maine, the South Portland location, Leo provides diamond proficiency in combination with a little bit of everything jewelry. Read more...


    We know that finding the right diamond can be hard. That's why we are hear to help. Want to know what we know? Check out our free diamond guide:



  • Engagement Party Ideas

    It is offically Bridal Show season in Maine. For the past two weekends I have attended the Bridal Shows in Portland and Bangor and had the pleasure of meeting brides from all over the New England.  So many of the girls that came by our booth were excited to show us their engagement rings they got during the holiday season. There is so much information coming at them at the beginning of the process and I tried to stress that you should always start the process with a party!

    Having an engagement party helps to get you excited for the process that lies ahead and gives you a chance to celebrate your love story with your family and friends before the real planning begins. Here are 5 ideas that will help make your engagment party fun and memorable!


    If you would like more tips and tricks for Engagement Parties, Wedding Favors, Wedding Ideas, please check out Day's Jewelers Pinterest or email us anytime!


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.