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  • Time and Eternity Jewelry for Mother's Day

    Let Mom know you'll love her for all of Time and Eternity! Through the twists and turns of motherhood, interwoven rings represent her love. The diamond at the center, like Mom, holds everything together because to Mom: family is everything. Each piece in our Time and Eternity Collection features a Northern Star diamond.
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    What makes a Northern Star diamond so special?
    Every Northern Star diamond has 90 facets, 32 more than a traditional diamond. The extra facets, requiring additional time, craftsmanship, and expertise, help to prevent light from “leaking” out of the back of the diamond. These strategic cuts maximize the amount of light that is returned to the viewer making it visibly brighter.
    Show Mom how special she is with a Time & Eternity piece of jewelry featuring a beautiful Northern Star diamond.

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    Author: Hannah Duguie Author: Hannah Duguie

  • Day’s Jewelers a Third Generation Family Owned Jeweler You can Trust!

    Day's Jewelers, a Maine company with 3 generations of commitment to quality and service in the fine jewelry industry.

  • The Jewelry Box: A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

    Hi, I'm Kathy Corey, Owner and VP of Merchandising at Day's Jewelers. I am a wife, mother of three, a business owner, and a fashionista. I have been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. I understand the importance of style, quality, and the value of jewelry. I have built amazing relationships with many bridal and fashion designers like Ritani, Timeless Designs, Le Vian, and Dabakarov; an endless list of partnerships to assure that our customers get the best quality and best selection available.

    The Jewelry Box: Some Accomplishments Deserve a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

    emily_and_kathy_pa_graduationI know jewelry, but I also know family. Fourteen years ago our oldest daughter, Emily, graduated from High School.  It was a time of celebration. Graduation gatherings with family and friends take me back to the proudest and most sentimental moments of our lives.  In late August, when my husband and I brought Emily to college, I thought I was ready to let her go.  I’ll never forget all of us standing in the parking lot of Stonehill College, embracing her with our last hugs and saying our final good-byes.  I couldn’t hold back my tears and emotions - I was an absolute wreck!  I was abandoning the child whom I had nurtured for 18 years. “She is only yours for a short time," I reminded myself.

    Today Emily is a beautiful, confident woman who’s making a wonderful life for herself.  It all worked out fine.  Every year at this time I reminisce about Emily’s High School Graduation.  The computer we gave her and the money she received from family members were appreciated, but are long gone.  However, the diamond pendant we presented to her on Graduation Day, she still wears today.  Every time she dons her diamond pendant, the memories are recreated.

    In this fast paced world we live in, we need to be reminded that some things should last a lifetime. This graduation day, present your graduate with a gift that will forever be remembered...a gift of diamonds.

    About Day's

    Day's Jewelers is family owned and operated, and trusted since 1914. Located throughout Maine and New Hampshire, and online at We're proud of our staff of 140 professionals who serve you every day. Our buyers travel the world to find the latest in fine jewelry fashion at the absolute best values. If you're concerned about your credit and need to make a purchase, no worries, we will find a way to make it happen through our own credit plan. No banks, no outside credit company; just like the way it used to be.

    Contact us anytime at with questions and comments. We love to hear stories from our customers.


  • Everlon: The Strength of Love Forged in a Knot

    dsse0081_1The Everlon Diamond Knot Collection offers simple, timeless and elegant designs. The Everlon Diamond Knot collection features the Hercules knot, the ancient symbol of strength that represents the unbreakable bond of love.  Everlon was created by DeBeers, the world’s most significant purveyor of fine diamonds.


    dpcl1891_blog201Everlon jewelry is formed by an endless loop, secured at its heart by the strength of a diamond. Like love itself, the diamond will never yield. Its bond is invincible; love inspires and secures us. This collection represents The Strength of Love Forged in a Knot fashioned in a variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings.

    Why Everlon from Day’s Jewelers?

    • Our mountings are heavier making their quality better
    • Our prices are among the most competitive
    • Over 50 styles available for immediate delivery
    • Day’s Jewelers is an AUTHORIZED Everlon dealer


  • Sparkling Favorites for the Holidays!

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are, Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky...

    These diamonds aren't in the sky, they are just some of our sparkling favorites for the holidays, ready for you to pick!


    First, diamond hoops. Now, I won't say that every woman needs a pair of these, but i think every woman should ask for a pair (along with a pair of diamond stud earrings). Diamond hoops are great to wear with jeans and a t-shirt or your favorite black dress.



    dcct0252_1Our next twinkle, diamond bands. These are a great gift or self purchase. Diamond bands have been known to be given as an anniversary gift in the past, however more often than not lately, women are purchasing, for themselves, their favorite diamond fashion ring and showcasing it on their right hands.


    dpcl1777_1Twinkle Twinkle, diamond necklaces! So we've covered the ears, the fingers, now let's cover the neck. Diamond necklaces are a great gift for birthdays or holidays. You can give a simple, classic diamond solitaire pendant or spice it up with a little fashion statement like this Everlon diamond pendant. Did you know: if you purchase a diamond solitaire pendant from Day's you can trade it up towards a larger one as many times as you want (as long as it is 25% greater in value each time)!


    We put together a small collection of Sparkling Favorites for the Holiday. If you have questions or need help finding that perfect sparkling item, as always Kathy and Melissa are here to help!

    If you would like to learn more about diamonds check out our education center.

  • Men, Looking for a Gift Idea?

    ngbr0264It's Summer Time. That means there are anniversaries, weddings, birthdays -- and gifts needed for them. We know that finding the right gift can take a lot of time and information gathering before purchasing it – especially jewelry. We also understand it can be a completely different process depending on your shopping style, who you’re buying the gift for and the reason. To help you, we've organized some facts, figures and put together a few guides to help you make those decisions.

    -- How to Find the Perfect Gift

    -- 34 Factors Guide

    -- How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

    There are always those "staple" items that work well for any occasion too! Diamond jewelry is a great way to show your everlasting love, thanks, and appreciation to anyone. From diamond stud earrings, to a diamond pendant, or everlon diamond jewelry - there is bound to be the perfect gift for the woman in your life.

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    Diamond Rings

    Diamond Bracelets

    As always, Melissa & Kathy, your personal shoppers are here to help! You can call or email anytime: 800-439-3297 or


  • April Birthstone, Part 4: Diamond Color

    This will conclude our Diamond Learn About for April's Birthstone. This blog will cover...

    Diamond Color:

    Diamonds naturally come in every color of the rainbow but the most common are those with a slight yellowness. The more common diamond colors are ranked on a scale from D (absolutely colorless) to Z (naturally yellow).


    Some people will also refer to color in groupings (i.e. colorless, faint yellow) which translate to the following letters:


    The rarest and most expensive diamonds are either D (colorless) or a naturally intense color such as blue, yellow, pink, or the most rare—red. However, not all colored diamonds are natural; some are treated with harmless radiation to artificially enhance their color. These diamonds are significantly less valuable than natural colored diamonds because they are not as rare. A diamond's color should be determined when it is "loose" or not part of a jewelry piece yet. This is because the color of the jewelry can play visual tricks on the human eye, making a diamond appear more yellow in a yellow gold setting or whiter in a platinum setting.

    Day's Jewelers carries most diamond colors, and if there is one you are interested in and we do not have it in stock, we would be more than happy to find one for you.

    Shop our Colored Diamond Rings

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  • April Birthstone, Part 2 - Diamond Clarity

    Part two of our April Birthstone - Diamond Series!

    Diamond Clarity:

    Clarity refers to the number of "inclusions" that are found inside of a diamond. Inclusions are scratches, trace minerals, or other tiny characteristics or markings that can detract from the way light bounces from mirror to mirror (known as "facets") within a diamond.

    It is extremely rare to find a diamond without inclusions. Inclusions are distinguishing characteristics which represent the uniqueness of each diamond and are often called the diamond's "fingerprint" because no two stones are exactly alike. If a diamond is found without any inclusions it ranked "flawless," and can be quite costly.

    The number of inclusions in a diamond is determined on a scale based on the visibility and location of these flaws when the diamond is beneath 10x magnification. Two common diamond grading houses are the Gemological Institute of America [GIA] and the American Gem Society [AGS]. Each has its own unique way of ranking and ‘grading' a diamond's clarity.

    Left is a chart displaying the rankings from Flawless to ‘Included' and which AGS numbers correspond with which GIA letters so you can most effectively compare "apples to apples" in your quest for the perfect diamond.

    "Feathers" look like a bird's feather in the stone and can be a structural problem if any of the tiny cracks are close enough to the diamond's surface.

    "Pinpoints" look like clear or white bubbles within the diamond and can change the way light is distributed throughout it depending on their size.

    "Carbon Spots" are black, brown or other dark colored dots or specks inside the diamond. Many low priced I clarity stones are priced low because of distracting carbon spots in obvious places that cannot be hidden or removed.

    "Clouds" are simply a group of pin-point inclusions. Clouds look like empty masses within the diamond and can cause the diamond to be more susceptible to breakage if they are close enough to its surface.

    "Needles" look like thin, empty tubes and can be very obvious or small and slight. If they are close enough to the surface or stretch long enough they may cause the diamond to be more susceptible to cracking.

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  • April Birthstone, Diamonds.

    Over the course of the month of April, we are going to talk about the 4 C's of Diamonds (1 a week for the month of April!). Diamonds happen to be the birthstone of the month for April as well.

    Diamond Cut:

    One matter of preference is the shape that a diamond is cut into. Any shape other than a classic round is called a "fancy cut". Some of the most common fancy cut shapes are:


    Fancy cut diamonds make an extremely strong statement and are a unique and beautiful way to distinguish your personality and style.

    dstqf0288_1The most complex factor affecting a diamond's price is its cut. Today, diamond cutting is still done by human hands. When a diamond cutter fashions a stone, he or she must make crucial and often difficult decisions concerning its size, shape and number of imperfections. After these decisions are made, it is the craftsmanship and fine motor skills of the diamond cutter that determines how much the stone will sparkle and how much attention the final product will draw. The slightest mistake can ruin a diamond's symmetry and in doing so, dramatically decline the beauty and value of the stone. Even a flawless and colorless stone can become dull if it is poorly cut.

    When properly cut, a diamond will send almost all of the light that comes into it back out of its top. If improperly cut, a significant amount of the light will exit out of the bottom or side of the stone instead.

    In a correct cut, the diamond will have the following features:

    Brilliance - Return a white shaft of light from its top

    White light is commonly referred to as brilliance. It is produced by light coming in through the various top facets and bouncing off of the bottom facets. Brilliance is what gets your diamond noticed from across a room and can only be quantitatively measured by a GemEx Brilliance-Scope. Though limited quantitatively, the human eye is able to qualitatively measure the brilliance of a diamond.

    stockfoto_26063914_S-300x300Scintillation - Sparkle every time that it moves

    The term used for the radiance or sparkle of the changing color light rays that appear when the diamond is moved or when the light source changes. Scintillation can only be quantitatively measured by a GemEx Brilliance-Scope. Remarkably, the human eye is able to qualitatively measure the scintillation of a diamond.


    Fire - Reflect rainbows throughout its many facets

    The ‘dispersion' or colored light of a diamond is commonly referred to as ‘fire.’ Fire is the rainbow that should jump from a diamond. Fire can only be quantitatively measured by a GemEx Brillance-Scope Analyzer that determines what percent of the total diamond returns bright colored light to the observer. Though unable to measure quantitatively, the human eye is able to qualitatively measure the fire of a diamond.

    An appropriately cut diamond will also have symmetrical facets (the windows and mirrors of the stone); good proportions (not too deep or too shallow) and carefully finished details (i.e. flawless polishing and permanent treatments). To better understand the factors of a diamond and how it is cut you can read 34 Factors of a Diamond.

    These elements of a diamond's light mix in unique and fascinating ways. It is solely a matter of each individual's preference as to what the best mixture of these elements is.


  • A Gift from Jeff to Kathy

     It was our 23rd Christmas together and Jeff surprised me with the best “wow” gift he could have ever given me. It was an impressive pair of diamond earrings set in a simple platinum mounting. Other than my diamond engagement ring, my diamond earrings are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. Whether I’m off to the grocery store or a board room meeting, my diamond earrings work into every facet of my life. It’s the first piece that comes out of my jewelry box, after dressing every morning.

    With Day’s Diamond Earring Trade-Up Plan, you can trade in the pair you purchased last year or even last month toward another pair valued at only 25% more. And you get EVERY dollar back! When my two daughters were old enough to really love and appreciate fine jewelry, the first thing they wanted was a pair of diamond earrings. Every Christmas they look forward to the upgrade, because we continue to trade last year’s pair for more size and more sparkle. Without a doubt, it’s their favorite gift under the tree and like their Mom; it’s their favorite piece of jewelry. This Christmas, rather than purchasing stuff that goes out of style, spend your money on a quality gift that is meaningful. Diamond earrings will endure forever and bring pleasure for a lifetime.

    Written by Kathy Corey, Owner and VP of Merchandising and Personnel of Day's Jewelers.


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.