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  • Eternity Takes Forever: Remembering 47 Years of Marriage

    The wedding band is representation of the eternal nature of true love. Like the circle of the band, the love of the married couple should have no end. I have never seen a truer example of this concept than in Mrs. Perry, who came into the Manchester store a few months back with a story filled with love, but also tinged with sadness.

    You see, Mrs. Perry has been married to the love of her life for forty-seven years. Unfortunately, in the last few years Mrs. Perry has had to watch helplessly as her husband has started to lose his memory, eventually needing to be placed in an elderly home. Now Mrs. Perry visits her husband and others in the home daily, and entertains them with songs
    out on the gazebo as well as with her impressive collection of unique hats. One day, the staff at the home noticed an infection forming on Mr. Perry’s ring finger, forcing them to have to remove his wedding band. Though his memory was failing, the band he remembered - he had never taken it off for even a day in all the last forty-seven years of marriage. Understandably, he was quite upset at having to give it up, but had Mrs. Perry there to support him every step of the way.

    dsc00289_-aNow, while we at Day’s Jewelers have not been able to nail down the cure to memory loss, we are able to help you find or design the perfect jewelry to help you remember. In fact, we were able to help Mrs. Perry find a way to wear both rings so as to further symbolize the love that is eternal between her and her husband. Mrs. Perry approached us with a unique idea of placing her husband’s band directly around her own engagement ring, so that the area that was cut would be open to allow her diamond to shine through. At first she was concerned that this would not be possible, but our talented jeweler, Hayward, took on the task with confidence and managed to solder the rings so snug as to make them seem as if they always were one piece.

    The look on Mrs. Perry's face when I presented her with the ring reminded me why I love working at Day’s Jewelers, because every day we facilitate the continuation of relationships that truly stand the test of time.

    About the Blogger:


    natasha_perezNatasha is a sales associate at Day's Jewelers in Manchester. Her favorite part of working at Day's is spending time with guests. She loves to teach people how to treat themselves, listening to their stories of love, friendship, and sometimes loss, and making connections to jewelry that represent the heart of the stories they share. Natasha especially loves working with couples to strengthen and grow their relationship by guiding them to the right gifts and helping to think of creative ways to present them, especially when the gift is an engagement ring! 

  • Dale Carnegie of Maine's C.E.O Discusses Customer Service at Day's

    Day's Jewelers was the topic of conversation in the Summer Issue of Dale Carnegie's Newsletter. Dale Caregie of Maine's C.E.O Dave Stearns described an experience he had with Corey Johnston at Day's Jewelers in South Portland.

    I am spending more time lately with my 87 year old mother; precious time that I am valuing and appreciating more with each passing day. Recently she was rummaging through some old jewelry boxes and came across a pearl ring. She told me my father wore this ring on his pinky finger when he came home from the war with Japan in 1945.  She said: “He took it off when he got home because he thought it was too fancy for a farm worker, and belonged on someone who had a cleaner and more executive job.” She then said; “Would you like it?” I almost burst into tears as I slipped it onto my right pinky. It fit perfectly.

    The next day I was beaming as I stopped by Day’s Jewelry Store.  I am a loyal Day’s customer and have shopped there for years; I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. I approached one of the counters and the smiling representative, Corey, said: “Hi Dave, what brings you in today?” I held out my hand like I was newly engaged and proudly showed him my new treasure.  I inquired about the cost for an appraisal.  As I slipped the ring off, he said “Tell me about the ring.” So I excitedly told him about my Dad and the war and wearing it home and how I had a cleaner, more executive job so my mother gave it to me. He carefully looked the ring over, turning it, moving it closer to his eyes, then moving it away at arm’s length and holding it up to the light. He smiled again and told me, “It’s priceless!”

    After a long pause I exclaimed: “What?”  He replied: “That story you just told me is priceless – and that is the true value of your father’s ring — let me go polish it for you.”  When he returned with my now shiny ring and slipped it on my finger, he explained that the ring was sterling silver with a fine ornamental pearl and that the appraisal would probably cost more than the dollar value of the ring.  I smiled at Corey and thanked him. I was thrilled. As I exited the store I realized why I keep coming back to Day’s and people like Corey. They get it.

    I have found that one of the most important lessons learned by companies early in the 21st century is that to continue to grow and thrive, the customer needs to come first. It sounds simple, but successful organizations recognize that customer satisfaction stems from a series of interconnected events like my brief encounter with a Dale Carnegie graduate like Corey. Good service results when the expectations of the customer have been exceeded, regardless of the financial implications or outcomes. Service is one of those concepts that is easy to talk about but difficult to deliver. Delivering quality service consistently requires the knowledge, skills, and attitude of people like Corey.



    davestearnsAbout the Blogger: 

    Dave Stearns is the C.E.O of Dale Carnegie® Maine, a training organization that specializes in helping individuals sharpen their business skills and helping companies achieve their objectives by improving the performance of their people.

    With over 30 years experience, Dave has held leadership positions for Nike and Exxon Corporation and is internationally certified Master Trainer for Dale Carnegie & Associates. As a sales master trainer, Dave has conducted dozens of sales training programs across the US, as well as events in Canada, Korea, Scotland, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, and Japan.


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.