The 5 Most Versatile Pieces of Jewelry You Should Own

Fashion fades in and out, but style never does. Jewelry is cross-functional in that it is both fashionable and constantly in style. Especially in these economic times, it is important to know what your quality jewelry will serve all of the purposes that you need. No, you don’t need jewelry box upon jewelry box to fulfill all of your style needs. These pieces can transition from the workday, to nightlife, to a day at the beach. Having staple jewelry of high quality is an investment you will not regret. Below is my personal list of go-to jewelry that I can dress up or down and wear at any occasion.

Let's start off with the most basic necessity: diamond stud earrings. Diamond studs, no matter the size, shape or metal color, go with every outfit possible. The timeless style isn't sensitive to age. At 22, I can wear the same diamond studs as my mother or even grandmother without blinking an eye. Also, these are some of the most conservative earrings you could wear. If you are attending an important event (such as a wedding, graduation, or Christening) you certainly don't want to make a dramatic fashion statement with large inappropriate earrings. A wise fashion professor of mine gave the advice that in formal or semi-formal settings (including a job interview) your earrings should be no larger than a nickel and should be as close to your ear lobe as possible. Yes, diamond studs could be a significant investment; however they are well worth the cost when the advantages of owning a pair are considered. Diamond studs also make a great gift for any of the aforementioned occasions.

Second, a strand of white pearls is a must. Pearls add a hint of sophistication to any outfit with ease and class. You could start your own strand or a strand for someone special with the Princesse Pearl collection. This is when the necklace is purchased with either one or three starter pearls; and for each special occasion in her life. It is both stylish and meaningful. A new twist on an old classis is the advent of long strand or colored pearls. JCK's Jennifer Heebner published an article in May about the versatility of a long strand of pearls. Check it out here and learn 8 different ways to wear a long strand of Honora Pearls!

A simple silver bangle or gold bangle can add interest and sparkle to your wardrobe and they are super versatile! Silver or gold will go will everything in your closet and you can dress it up or down accordingly. Personally, I have a sterling silver Cape Cod bracelet that literally goes with everything I own. I almost never take it off. A benefit of my bracelet is that is it easy to clean (with a polishing cloth) and very durable! When I'm not wearing my Cape Cod bracelet, I have a second sterling silver bracelet that has hearts on either end but it subtle - similar to a Tom Kruskal or Ed Levin design. This one is slightly different than the traditional bangle, but it still serves the same purpose. Jewelry should add to your outfit and over all look - not overpower it. By adding to your outfit, an interesting piece, like the gold Tom Kruskal bracelet, could show a bit of personality or even be a conversation starter. A great anniversary gift or an "upgrade" from a sterling silver or gold bangle would be a diamond tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets are less for everyday wear and more for important events, but they would add sparkle to your LBD.

Hoop earrings are the next style need-to-have. Hoops are timeless - so long as they are not too large. Generally teenagers prefer massive hoop earrings but a simple hoop, in either silver or gold, can finish off any outfit for a reasonable cost. For extra sparkle, try diamond hoop earrings. Both have the same effect on your style and overall appearance.

We have a tie for fifth most versatile item. Both are equally as important, but really depend on your style. If you are more classic, try a pair of pearl earrings to complement the pearl necklace mentioned above; it you like a little extra dazzle, a simple solitaire necklace works with almost anything (assuming your top doesn’t have any styling or beading around the neckline). Solitaire necklaces are a classic, but much like bangles, they give you the opportunity to show a bit of personality without being over-the-top.

And there you have it! Five (ok, six) pieces of timeless jewelry that is definitely worth your dollar.

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