What's different about the bangle bracelets from Rembrandt Charms Symbols & Expressions� collection?

We're sure you've seen all the fashion rage surrounding stackable bangles. Maybe you want to jump into the trend but you're looking for a unique flair or higher quality jewelry.

rembrandt_symbols_and_expressions_lp_graphicThe Rembrandt Charms Symbols & Expressions� collection allows you, the customer, to create your own expression by choosing the charms that define you. With thousands of charms the possibilities are endless. There's no need to feel limited by pre-assembled bangle bracelets with one charm. If you want to add 2 or 3 charms and a few accent charms you can! The Symbols & Expressions� line has many styles of bangle bracelets too because Rembrandt Charms understands that you want to truly customize the expression you're sharing with the world.

"We really wanted to push ourselves out of the box on this, challenge ourselves to think differently about charms and how people are wearing them," states Eric Lux, Vice President of Rembrandt Charms. "It's essential we listen to what people want."

"My favorite thing about the Symbols and Expressions� line, and Rembrandt Charms in general, is the impeccable quality of the line. I've never owned a piece of jewelry that looks brand new each time I wear it. These bracelets are so fun and add personal style to every outfit. Versatility is key with jewelry. You can wear these bangles to a black tie event and look stunning, or wear them to the gym and look stylish. I also love that you can add individual charms to the bracelet rather than buying a new preassembled one every time you want to express yourself," says Alyssa Barone, model from Symbols & Expressions video.

The quality of these products can't be compared to. They are all made with Sterling Silver that meets or exceeds industry standards and each piece is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing and create a brilliant finish.

Every Rembrandt Charms product comes with a lifetime guarantee because they believe in the product they make for you.

So, if you're looking for quality, high end fashion that is customizable we recommend going with the Symbols & Expressions� collection from Rembrandt Charms.