Spring is in swing, and with the warmer temperatures and growing plants come some fantastic new jewelry trends that are totally wearable in your day-to-day life.

Thick Chains

Bright golds or silvers stand out on a thick chain, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. 2020 is all about going bold, so if you’re eager to jump on this trend, don’t hold back.

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Colorful Jewelry

What better time of year is there to wear colored gemstones? With flowers beginning to bloom after the dreary dregs of winter have finally disappeared, sparkling, colorful gemstone jewelry is a great accessory to pair with your spring looks.

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Pearls on Pearls on Pearls

Classic pearls have been a staple of jewelry boxes for years, but modern takes on these dainty gemstones have become trendy accessories to wear with casual outfits or something more dressy.


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Pearls for Men

No longer are strings of pearls just meant for women. In an age of gender neutrality, the trend of men’s pearls has taken a firm hold in 2020.

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Classic Chains

Men’s jewelry trends will never be complete without classic chain necklaces or bracelets. Chains are subtle but add a nice touch of uniqueness to an individual’s outfit.

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