National Dog Week kicked off on September 22nd, and there’s no better time to celebrate our furry friends! A dog’s loyalty, playfulness, and unwavering, unconditional love make these pets a part of your family through and through. At Day’s, we love dogs, too; in fact, all of our stores are pet-friendly, and we certainly encourage a visit with your beloved companions to one of our eight locations.

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If you've got a dog in the family, look at Day's selection of pet-themed gifts for a fun way to wear the love you have for a dear friend in a stylish and cute way!


If you want to keep your candid canine close by, create a cute photo charm! These Rembrandt photo charms are great for personalizing, and can be worn on a bracelet or necklace, whatever your preference. Don’t have your own dog? No problem. Create a personalized charm for someone in your life and give them a gift that’s near and dear to their hearts. 


Add a little touch of glamour to your jewelry collection with the sparkle of diamonds, and don’t forget to commemorate your pup. This stylish paw print pendant makes a cute accessory for yourself or the other dog lovers in your life, adding a great glitter to your everyday life.


If natural stones are more your style, this beautiful labradorite bracelet from T. Jazelle fits the bill! A strength-granting stone, labradorite also encourages intuition and transformation, and natural labradorite is a nice neutral shade that will match with anything. The sterling silver Dog Mom charm is a cheeky representation of the unconditional love a dog brings to your life.

National Dog Week is a fun way to celebrate your beloved pets, but don't wait until September 22nd to cherish these family members! Keep them close to your heart all year with some of the wonderful jewelry that Day's Jewelers has on hand, or inquire about our custom work. We have talented goldsmiths in all of our stores ready and willing to turn your idea into reality - just ask!

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