We’ve all been there: we open up the jewelry box, pull out an old favorite, only to find the once shiny silver is now dull and tarnished. 

You can clean your sterling silver, but wouldn’t it be nice to store your jewelry and not have to clean it when you pull it out to wear? In fact, preventing tarnish is much easier than cleaning tarnish, and keeping your sterling clean and tarnish-free will help your silver jewelry last longer. We’ve got a few great tips for keeping your sterling silver jewelry clean and tarnish-free. Find out how to keep that sterling silver jewelry looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.


Reach for airtight containers when storing your silver jewelry. Sulfur in the air reacts with silver, forming that black layer of tarnish on your jewelry. The best defense against tarnish is limiting exposure to air. By sealing your jewelry in a small bag, you’re limiting air exposure to pieces that aren’t being worn often. And less air exposure means less time for sulfur to react with your silver.

While you’re bagging up that precious jewelry, store it in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and heat can damage silver jewelry, and excess moisture can wreak havoc on silver. Take care that your sterling pieces are stored in a nice box out of the sun (we’ve got some great jewelry box options) and that pieces are individually bagged. Not only does it prevent necklaces and earrings from getting tangled up, but separate storage ensures that pieces aren’t rubbing together and causing scratches or other superficial damages.

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Anti-tarnishing strips are one great way to help prevent tarnishing. These little strips of black paper absorb sulfur before it can land on your silver jewelry. Anti-tarnishing strips can be utilized inside a jewelry box as well as individual bags. 

Another sneaky trick is to use silica packets in your jewelry box. Silica packets, found in abundance through online orders, shoeboxes, purses, and plenty of other places, absorb moisture. Tossing a few of these packets in your jewelry box can help absorb moisture and keep your jewelry safe.

Long-Term Care

The best way to maintain the luster of your sterling silver jewelry is a combination of proper storage techniques and professional cleaning. Home cleaning techniques are great for some short notice cleaning or a quarantine project, but a professional cleaning can really make the metal shiny and beautiful. 

Walk into any of our eight store locations and our service team will gladly take a look at your jewelry. We’d be happy to give your sterling silver jewelry a good cleaning so it looks its best once again.

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