Many of us like to help in keeping the Earth a clean place to live. We see it on Pinterest all the time; ways to make detergents and homemade cleaners and we pin them thinking it's a great idea. This stops us from having to buy the awful chemical items and we help lessen then amount of bottles in landfills.

One of the common properties of sterling silver is that tarnishes. Tarnish on sterling silver jewelry is most often removed by with a specially treated polish cloth or by dipping jewelry into a liquid chemical created especially for this purpose. Here is a way to remove tarnish on your sterling silver jewelry with harmless substances found in just about every kitchen.


zen-81. Put a heatproof glass jar in the sink

2. Fill the jar about 2/3 full with boiling water

3. Wrap your jewelry loosely in aluminum foil (you can put 2 or 3 pieces in the same packet)

4. Drop the foil packet into the jar of boiling water

5. Add 2 heaping tablespoons of baking soda

6. Watch as the water foams up, possibly overflowing the jar

7. When the foaming stops, use tongs to retrieve and rinse the hot foil packet

8. Open the packet and rinse the jewelry

9. If necessary, brush the jewelry with a toothbrush dipped in warm soapy water to brighten the finish

(note: you can reuse your aluminum foil for future cleanings)

This is sometimes referred to as a "redox" or oxidation reduction reaction. Electrolytes emitted from the foil adhere to the sterling silver creating oxygen which removes the tarnish.


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