One of 2019’s biggest trends was all things space-related. Celestial-themed jewelry, from sparkling stars to glimmering moons and all constellations in between, have popped up on the hands, wrists, and ears of lots of people. Social media is bursting with stars, suns, planets, zodiac constellations, and more as the trend continues to grow. 

At Day’s, we absolutely love this trend, and we’re thrilled to offer some of our best pieces this holiday season for everyone on your wishlist. 


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Why we love them: On their own or layered, necklaces can be a subtle touch of sparkle or a glittering, magnificent accessory. Necklaces are a near-universal gift, and with a sparkling crescent moon pendant or glittering, diamond-studded stars, who wouldn’t want to embrace the celestial trend?

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Why we love them: An easy accessory to dress up any outfit, from weekend sweaters to evening gowns, bracelets are a sweet finishing touch no matter what the occasion. Sparkling stars, chunky gold bangles, and brilliant diamonds add plenty of texture and variety, perfect for mixing and matching.


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Why we love them: Delicate or extravagant, earrings can be matched with other jewelry or mixed to add variety to an outfit. Earrings in similar metals can even be paired with different earrings for a unique, unusual look that can be endlessly altered.



Why we love them: Celestial rings put the sparkle of the skies at your fingertips. Curving crescent moons make for interesting open rings that shimmer in the light like the billions of stars studding the night skies. Pair these rings with stackable bands or your favorite gemstone rings for an extra-special touch of sparkle.

If you’re still shopping for people on your Christmas list, browse our Celestial Collection! We’ve got styles for everyone, from extravagant diamonds to stunning gold.

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