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A new collection is coming to Day’s Jewelers! LoveFire, a stunning new partnership between Original Designs and Greenland Ruby, features the most exquisite rubies and pink sapphires in enchanting, bold designs. Now, you can own one of these enchanting gems set into either yellow or white gold in the new LoveFire collection.

Ariel View of Aappaluttoq Mine in Greenland

With mines nestled in the beautiful, snowy regions of Greenland, Greenland Ruby boasts the world’s most responsibly sourced rubies, and elegant, responsibly sourced pink sapphires. In 2017, Greenland Ruby opened their first mine, Aappaluttoq, in Southwest Greenland. With utmost care to ensure the highest level of environmental ethicacy, the mine has been used for four years now. 

 Along with an incredible attention to responsible mining practices and low environmental impact, Original Designs and Greenland Ruby have worked together on this project to ensure that a portion of their proceeds will go back to the communities they are drawing resources from. Each purchase made from the LoveFire collection will help to fund the Pink Polar Bear Foundation.Pink Polarbear Foundation logo

This foundation was created by Greenland Ruby themselves in order to give back to the environmental, cultural, and education needs of their community. In order to best preserve Greenland’s beauty and natural resources, continued research of the world’s polar regions are required. Greenland Ruby recognizes the importance of everything that Greenland is and works to be certain of the longevity of both the culture and natural environment that their mines exist within. 

For years, Day’s Jewelers had been committed to the highest level of social, ethical, and environmental responsibility possible. So, we are delighted to be able to highlight the newest environmentally and socially conscious collection coming to our display cases! You can be confident in the positive impact that any LoveFire piece you fall in love with will have and, of course, you can be assured of their spectacular beauty and value. These fiery gemstones delight and inspire anyone lucky enough to view them in person! Light a fire in your life this year with some of the most stunning rubies in the world; responsibly sourced and exquisitely designed.

LoveFire Ring and LogoLook for the LoveFire collection in your local Day's Jewelers store in the coming weeks or, view the entire collection on our website!


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Creative Content and Copywriter