Kate's Royal September Sapphire: A Family Heirloom

As the beautiful days of September quickly slip by, it’s time to think about birthday gifts for your loved ones born in the early days of autumn! What better gift than the gift of a birthstone worn by royalty? 

September’s sparkling sapphire has been a favorite in Britain’s royal family for generations and appears in countless styles and photos on the royal women. Possibly the most famous and notable sapphire in the family, however, belongs to The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Kate’s stunning 12 carat engagement ring is like no other, sparkling brilliantly with 14 diamonds surrounding an exquisite oval Ceylon Sapphire stone. 

Kate's Stunning Sapphire

Gifted to her, of course, by her now-husband Prince William upon their engagement more than 10 years ago, in 2010, this ring holds value beyond its stunning, sparkling beauty and material value. For Britain’s royal princes, this ring is a reminder of their late mother, the beloved Princess Diana, to whom the ring first belonged. 

While presenting his now-wife with the engagement ring of his mother is a sweet, meaningful gesture on its own, the steps that were taken to ensure that William would be able to do so were even sweeter. After the unfortunate and tragic death of Diana, both Prince William and Prince Harry were, of course, allowed to keep pieces of their mother’s extensive jewelry collection. Originally, William had chosen Diana’s watch and Harry received the infamous sapphire ring. However, when William fell head over heels for Kate, Harry saw how beautiful and enchanting their love was and agreed to trade the pieces so that William would be able to propose to the love of his life with the ring that once symbolized their parents' engagement. 

Whether you’re proposing to your loved one this month, or you just want to give them a gift that is meaningful, beautiful, and reminiscent of royalty, sapphire is truly the perfect choice. At Day’s Jewelers, we have countless sapphire pieces with options that cater to any jewelry lover’s taste. 

For the Engagement: 

While this exquisite engagement ring is not, of course, an exact replica of the one that adorned the fingers of Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge, the combination of diamonds and a raised center sapphire are reminiscent of the famous ring. 

Oval Sapphire Ring in 14kt White Gold with Diamonds

If your bride-to-be desires a more colorful style than the traditional blue sapphire, this exquisite pink sapphire ring was made for them! 

Pink Sapphire Ring in 14kt White Gold with Diamonds

For the Lover of Sparkle: 

Give your loved one the gift they’ll adore looking at day after day with these exceptional, glittering sapphire and diamond hoops. 

Sapphire Hoop Earrings in 10kt White Gold with DiamondsFor the Simple Accessorizer: 

Bangle bracelets are a simple and beautiful way to bring glamor to any outfit that your loved one chooses to wear. Easy to put on and easy to wear, this Gabriel Bujukan Collection blue sapphire bangle is a great way for any lover of simplicity in your life.

Gabriel Bujukan Collection Blue Sapphire Bangle Bracelet in 14kt White GoldSimilarly to a bangle, necklaces are easy to wear for any occasion. This sapphire bezel necklace in white gold is a great way to dress up even something as simple and classic as a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. White gold is easily paired with any color your loved one chooses for their outfit, and a simple bezel setting is as delicately placed around their neck as a beautiful rain drop.

Sapphire Bezel Necklace in 10kt White Gold

So, whether your loved one is a September Baby or not, they’ll love the royal sapphire gemstone in anything you choose to gift them!


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Happy birthday to all of you with September birthdays!



Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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