Cancer Zodiac Stones: Passion and Care

Today marks the first day of the Cancer zodiac month! The month runs from June 21st-July 22nd and anyone born within these dates is considered a Cancer. People with this sign are frequently very passionate, nurturing, and sensitive to the needs and emotions of others and, because of this, they’re thought to have trouble drawing boundaries with those around them. This is all because of their drive and desire to help others, though, and comes from the best possible place. 

The gemstones that best compliment the passionate, kind Cancer are emeralds and rubies. 


Most commonly associated with Cancers, the emerald is a stone known for its versatile green color and balancing properties. With the Cancer’s ability to read and adjust to the emotions of others and their keep-the-peace attitude, these characteristics reflect them perfectly. Emeralds are known to be a powerful stone, giving the wearer an added boost of confidence which Cancers can always use in order to better advocate for themselves and chase after the things they want and need for their futures. Since they are so empathetic and focused on contributing the accomplishments and emotional needs of others, they tend to overlook themselves. Emeralds are the most beautiful way to encourage self care, Cancers!


Cancers are notorious for their passionate personalities and devotion to those they love and care for. Rubies, the other common zodiac stone that represents Cancers, symbolize romance, passion, and purity. Perfect for passionate Cancers, wearing rubies can reflect their pure intentions and love for those they surround themselves with. Rubies are also known for their fiery red color and, similarly to the emerald, can encourage Cancers to push forward and be passionate about themselves and their needs rather than always focusing on others. Rubies are a wonderful gift for Cancers in their upcoming birthdays, too! Give something back to those in your life with the sign that looks out for others in every way that they can by gifting them the stone that will encourage their growth, nurture their passions, and support their emotional needs. 

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Whichever way you choose to support and love the Cancers in your life this Cancer season, Day's is happy to help you find the perfect piece!

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Happy Birthday, Cancers!


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Content & Copywriter