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  1. July's Royal Ruby

    July's Royal Ruby
    Rubies are dazzling, royal, and, luckily for all of the July babies out there, the July birthstone! For many people, their very favorite pieces of jewelry, and the ones they can’t live without, are their ruby pieces. Rubies are elegant and tend to be easily matched with diamonds, making them a wonderful choice for jewelry that dresses up your look with sparkle and glamor! Since rubies are such a rich colored stone, they work extremely well as a statement piece, but the versatility of the stone makes it so that they can also pair beautifully, in more simple designs, with laid back outfits like jeans and a simple blouse!  ...
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  2. Cancer Zodiac Stones: Passion and Care

    Cancer Zodiac Stones: Passion and Care
    Today marks the first day of the Cancer zodiac month! The month runs from June 21st-July 22nd and anyone born within these dates is considered a Cancer. People with this sign are frequently very passionate, nurturing, and sensitive to the needs and emotions of others and, because of this, they’re thought to have trouble drawing boundaries with those around them. This is all because of their drive and desire to help others, though, and comes from the best possible place.  The gemstones that best compliment the passionate, kind Cancer are emeralds and rubies.  Most commonly associated w ...
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  3. Why Day's Gave Away 26,544 Roses this Valentine's Day

    Twenty-six thousand, five hundred and forty-four.  Yes, you read that right. That’s how many thousands of roses Day’s Jewelers gave away during Valentine's Day in 2020. As part of Day’s massive Valentine’s giveaway, customers purchasing jewelry items priced at just $99 or more were eligible to receive a box of locally-crafted chocolates (from Wilbur’s of Maine,) a voucher for dinner at a local restaurant, and a dozen beautiful roses.  ...
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  4. 9 Easter Gifts for 2019

    Hundreds of years ago, Easter started as a celebration to usher in the arrival of spring. Pagans celebrated the vernal equinox, the day signifying the start of spring and a day on which day and night were in perfect balance. Over time, Christians began to celebrate what we now know as Easter in recognition of Jesus’ resurrection. Easter is now widely recognized as a holiday celebrating new life. At Day’s, the approach of spring is an exciting time for all of our stores. The green grass, blooming trees, and budding shoots are a sign that New England winter is finally ebbing away. We have some gorgeous pieces that would make excellent gifts for your loved ones in the season of new life. ...
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  5. 2018 Holiday Style Guide

    The winter season is upon us. It’s time for hot cocoa, knit hats, and bean boots. Don’t let the cold nix your style. Consider the brilliant blue topaz pairing below. The shimmering diamonds and energetic blue create the perfect eye-catching pairing to brighten up your winter blues. The topaz promotes good fortune, is believed to calm your temper, and symbolize uprightness and virtue. This set the perfect way to brighten up your holiday season. Item # RBTD1086 Item #JPDBT0709 ...
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  6. Lead Glass Filled Rubies Demystified!

    Virtually everyone knows what a ruby is and can likely tell you what color it issupposed to be. Fewer people outside of a jeweler can tell you which birthstone of the month it is. A smaller group can tell you which anniversary it represents. Very few people actually know the lore and history of the ruby. Virtually no one knows about the treatments that a ruby may have used on it to make it more beautiful. In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk surrounding lead glass filled rubies. Mark Poulin, Manager of ...
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  7. Estate Jewelry

    What exactly is "Estate" Jewelry? Why should you purchase it? Watch our Estate video featuring Day's Jewelers Owner and VP of Merchandising, Kathy Coreyand learn why estate jewelry is a great option. You can shop our Estate jewelry online anytime. We add new product weekly, so we urge you to check often. If there is something you are looking for inparticular please email or call us anytime (800-439-3297). We love shopping for our customers! Happy Holidays, from Day's Jewelers.       ...
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  8. Rings, Rings and More Rings!

    If you are like me, you have a ring to go with almost any outfit. Dressed up or down, rings are a great finishing touch. I have sterling rings, gold rings, ruby (my birthstone) rings and even a pearl ring! Check out JCK's selection of different rings for the October issue of their magazine. Some of these are different from my personal style, but they are unique ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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