Libra Balance Scales

Fall is in full swing and Libra season has arrived! Libras are peacekeepers; caring deeply about fairness and equality and avoiding conflict as best they can. They are kind and compassionate, but their desire to level out the playing field does have a tendency to make them feel that they are better or more righteous than others, giving them the illusion that they are the judge of such fairness. Though they would never disclose any feelings of superiority to others, it can easily alter their view of the world and of themselves if left unchecked. 

Cut Peridot StoneThe Libra zodiac stone that can best assist in navigating the complexities of equality and balance is the exquisite peridot gemstone. Peridot is best known for its stunning, brilliant green color and similarity to emeralds. However, it is also known by many to be a strong and powerful healing stone.

While we tend to associate healing with the physical body, it is always important to recognize the benefits of healing your mental state. Taking the time and energy to check in with your mental health needs can rebalance and reset your emotions so that your physical body can operate in the best, most functional way possible. Since Libras can sometimes struggle with finding balance within themselves, this is especially important. Balancing your inner self and finding the peace you need to let things work out on their own will help you to be able to focus on the things that matter most in your own life, Libra!

As a healing stone, peridot is wonderful for bringing a sense of calm and peace to the wearer. It can help you to regain control over your own life and emotions as well as redirect your priorities back to what you truly care about. If your environment is beginning to feel toxic or stressful, Libra, peridot might be just what you need to recenter and take back control over your situation and emotions. 

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Though they are people who constantly fight for equality, Libras are also people pleasers. They will frequently sacrifice their own stability or mental health to bring peace and positivity to others when it is asked of them. For this reason, the opal is the elegant second zodiac stone that protects and balances the Libra individual.

Opal StoneOpals are a gentle protection stone. They bring guidance and light to those who are struggling to put themselves first and can help the Libra who is fighting the urge to put their needs on the back burner for others. Putting yourself first can be incredibly difficult, especially when you care about the well being of others as much as Libras tend to. Wearing the nurturing and guiding opal stone can help to bring inner peace when boundaries may seem hard to draw. Allow yourself the space and time to bring peace to your core with a nurturing, guiding opal.

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Whether these stones resonate with you, Libra, or you choose to find another that helps to guide and heal you, be sure that you are focusing on yourself and your needs each day. You are the most important person in your life. 

Happy birthday, Libras!


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Content & Copywriter