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  • What the Carat?!? How to pick the perfect carat size

    What is the best carat size??? This is a question we hear often at Day’s. The bigger question is, what does it all mean? Carat, not to be confused with karat or carrot, is defined as a unit of mass equal to 200 mg used for measuring the weight of diamonds.  Karat is used as a measure of the purity of gold, such as 14 karat yellow gold. The metric carat was adopted in 1907 at the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures.  The word carat derives from the Italian carato meaning carob seed.

    Today diamonds are often purchased as the symbol of love for an engagement ring.  Most girls have admired and dreamed about the perfect diamond.  Now that we are all grown up and use Pinterest to pin the perfect ring, how do we pick a diamond carat size?  We know our budget may not allow for a Lady Gaga size diamond as much as we may dream. In regards to size, we’ll try to put it into perspective.

    To be clear, carat is one of the 4 C’s when purchasing a diamond is a factor in determining value. The average diamond size purchased is around a ½ carat.  A ½ carat is often a good starter for couples knowing they can trade up the diamond at some jewelry stores. At Day’s we have an awesome upgrade program to trade up your diamond.


    Most engagement rings at a jewelry store have between a 1/5th carat and upwards. Size wise, a 1 carat diamond is about that of a pea.  The image below shows how a 3, 2, 1, ¾, ½ 1/3 carat loose diamond compare to a 4 carat diamond ring.  This gives a good visual of how a diamond will sparkle on you!!


    carat 2

    This is a great reference to start the search for your diamond. The best way to decide on size is to visit your local store and try it on! What is better than a girl’s date and trying on sparkling diamonds? Trying on a diamond ring will give you the visual to see what looks best and fits your personality. You will know when the perfect size diamond fits you when it makes you smile, you have butterflies and know there is no other diamond that will compare.  Feel free to stop in your nearest Day’s to fall in love with your perfect diamond carat.


    -Amanda Nadeau | Diamond Certified & Diana Rice Diamond Certified Jewelry Professional at Day’s Waterville

  • Welcome 2016! >> FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR

    January is a time for reflection. A look back on the past 365 days to decide what to carry forward into the new year, and what to leave behind. My advice to you, is to focus in on the things that make you happy and enhance those in 2016. Spend less energy on what you want to change about yourself and more about what you love.

    When setting goals, it is important to give yourself a deadline so that you stay on track. Whether it will take the whole year or just a few weeks, set dates so that you can mark your calendar and check each one off as it is completed. Start by organizing your workspace to create an environment of efficiency with plenty of room for brainstorming. Always keep a tangible calendar close by that you physically have to turn or tear off the pages so that you hold yourself accountable for time. We have created a free printable gemstone inspired calendar that you can download at the bottom of this post.



    The satisfaction of crossing a goal off of your plate is magical but don’t forget to reward yourself. The goals you accomplish help tell the story you leave behind. It is your heirloom left to the world.

    Buy something special to remind yourself of that accomplishment, something you can pass down to your future generations.

    Pressure makes diamonds so take your challenges head-on, head-strong and I guarantee you will be proud of the person who emerges.



    1. Print out your gem on any color cardstock that inspires you

    2. Cut along the outer solid lines

    3. Fold along all of the dotted lines

    4. Glue tabs in place

    5. Take a picture and share with us on Instagram @daysjewelers!


  • Guest Post: Camp Sunshine's Mission & How the Day's Jewelers Family Can Help!

    Jewelers-for-Children-2In 2014, Camp Sunshine was a recipient of a $10,000 grant from Jewelers for Children after being nominated by our friends at Day’s Jewelers. The grant money went directly to Camp Sunshine’s Family Sponsorship program where it was used to sponsor five children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the country at various illness-specific sessions held at our campus in Casco, Maine throughout the year.

    One of the families the Jewelers for Children grant sponsored was Jennifer and her 9-year-old son Anthony, who is still dealing with the residual effects after being diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at 19 months old:
    “Anthony loves coming to Camp Sunshine, he talks about this place all year long. He looks forward to enjoying all the activities and making new friends. He feels like [this is his] home away from home without being stared at, criticized, judged or labeled. The kids are so comfortable talking about their conditions, and it feels so natural. Parents get a chance to share our experience with others who may just be starting this challenging experience, and at the same time we also get emotional support from other parents and professionals. Thank you for making this experience possible; the memories we take home are priceless.”

    How to help Camp Sunshine win a $10,000 grant from Jewelers for Children in 2015
    As the only facility in the United States that offers services to every member of the immediate family – not just the ill child – Camp Sunshine continues to receive referrals from over 100 of the nation’s top treatment centers. Jewelers-for-Children-4It is Camp Sunshine’s goal to turn no family away who applies to attend any of our illness-specific sessions, which mandates our need to secure additional sources of funding. We are proud to announce that Day’s Jewelers has once again nominated Camp Sunshine to receive a $10,000 grant from Jewelers for Children. On behalf of Camp Sunshine’s Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and most importantly the children and families we serve, I encourage you to vote daily through October 18:

    1. Click here to vote:
    2. You can choose to "Like" the Jewelers for Children Facebook page or Skip & Continue
    3. Click on the Camp Sunshine logo (top left)
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page:
      • Enter your email
      • Check the box next to "Vote in this Poll"
      • Click "Submit Choice"

    How Would a Grant from Jewelers for Children Enhance Camp Sunshine’s Programming?
    Camp Sunshine provides a much-needed safe haven to families whose lives are often in turmoil because of serious childhood illnesses. The American-Camp-Association accredited and award-winning program enables families the rare opportunity to engage in therapeutic recreation and psychosocial support in an environment where they do not feel alone or under a microscope.

    The cost to sponsor a family remains $2,000 per family per session, meaning that a $10,000 grant would once again give five additional children with life-threatening illnesses and their families the ability to experience the magic of Camp Sunshine.

    Jewelers-for-Children-3Over the years, funding has supported program development, maintaining the strength of the initial base of children with cancer and their families, to programming which includes sessions for families of children with brain tumors, retinoblastoma, Wilms tumor, sickle cell disease, Fanconi anemia, Schwachman-Diamond syndrome, Diamond Blackfan anemia and Dyskeratosis Congenita. The addition of these programs, particularly for rare situations (e.g., a child with a twin who has cancer, children with Down syndrome who have had Leukemia, members of the military who have a child who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, etc.), has added greater depth to Camp Sunshine, enabling it to further its mission of creating communities of support for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

    At the end of 2015, Camp Sunshine will have hosted 28 illness-specific sessions. These sessions are designed to be illness-specific in order to restore a sense of normalcy and hope by offering families the ability to be around other families who can truly relate to their experiences. All campers are able to participate in age-appropriate activities they might have never tried before coming to Camp Sunshine (singing in the talent show, swimming in the lake, paddle boating, challenging themselves on the ropes course, participating in a cooking class, etc). The often-forgotten well siblings are able to participate in activities they enjoy, thus making them feel special, and parents have many opportunities to spend some quiet, quality time together. Through our psychosocial workshops offered at various times during each session, a safe and supportive community is created for families to heal. We educate, inspire and empower families, preparing them to leave reenergized and ready to face their uncertain futures.

    Camp Sunshine’s Mission
    Camp Sunshine provides respite, support, joy and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families from around the world through the various stages of their journeys. The year-round program is free of charge to all families and includes 24-hour onsite medical and psychosocial support. Camp Sunshine also provides bereavement sessions for families who have had a child pass away as a result of a supported illness. For more information about donating to Camp Sunshine, please visit the giving section of our website, or call a member of our development department at 207-655-3800.

    About the Jewelers for Children Local Grants Program
    Since its inception in 1999, Jewelers for Children has donated more than $48 million to programs benefiting children whose lives have been affected by illness, abuse or neglect. The immense success of the program is due to the continuing generosity of jewelry trade organizations, jewelry and watch manufacturers, jewelry retail stores, individual jewelry professionals and, of course, jewelry consumers.

    About the blogger:

    Our guest blogger today is Kayley Walker, Development Associate at Camp Sunshine. Thanks for the post, Kayley!

  • The creation of an heirloom piece: Custom gold bangle made of treasured wedding bands

    Many of us have jewelry that has been passed down to us from people we love. These are treasured reminders of our spouses, parents, and grandparents. Unfortunately, these pieces often sit unworn in a jewelry box because they’re not practical for everyday wear for one reason or another.

    A recently widowed customer came into our Topsham location with a similar situation. She wanted to create a memorial piece to commemorate her late husband using their wedding bands: a piece that she could wear daily and enjoy.

    She brought in both their bands and her diamond engagement ring. We sat and talked for a while and we learned that her loss was still fresh and she found is very difficult for her to discuss altering her and her husband’s wedding bands in any way. A pendent was discussed, but in this instance we wanted to create something unique to her style.

    After 3 visits we finalized the design. With the help of Mike Smith, our amazing and talented jeweler of 30 years, we transformed their wedding bands into an exquisite custom bangle. Mike skillfully notched one of the bands so that he was able to interlock both into an infinity symbol, bezel setting her diamond, and mounting it in the middle of the infinity.

    For the bracelet we used a heavy rounded 14k gold stock. Mike was able to hinge the band and add a clasp, making the bracelet easy to take on and off and incredibly durable for every day wear. Our customer was thrilled with the finished product and we were thrilled for her. She can now wear these bands every day and be reminded of the wonderful life she and her husband shared.

    We were honored with recognition from Jewelers of America on Instgram for the custom design, but even more rewarding was the experience of helping a customer commemorate her marriage in such a meaningful, beautiful way. This story is a shining example of how rewarding our jobs can be.

    About the bloggers:

    Morgan BouchardMorgan Bouchard
    Silver and Gifts Specialist

    Morgan has worked for Day's Jewelers since 2013 and is a Silver and Giftware specialist. She loves helping her customers find something they absolutely love or the perfect gift for a special occasion.

    David-Ridlon-webDave Ridlon
    Diamond Specialist

    David joined the Day's Jewelers team in April 2015 and has been in the jewelry industry for 30 years.

  • Welcome, Shinola. American-made watches and a word on the test of time.

    I’ve always loved a great story. Every piece of jewelry has one and if you really think about it, I bet you can recall the stories associated with your jewelry. These stories are part of why I love working at Day’s Jewelers, and as we all know, the best thing about a good story is sharing it. September was an exciting month at Day's Jewelers: we proudly welcomed Shinola to our South Portland and Manchester stores. And they have an incredible story.

    Shinola was conceived in 2011 with the belief that products should be made by hand and built to last. Their story begins in Detroit where the financial collapse of 2008 left off. Since 2012 - the year before Detroit became the largest American city to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy - Shinola has created over 300 new jobs in the city as well as another 100 employees in outside locations. But what these individuals have created goes beyond hand-made watches. Their commitment to excellence has built a brand from the ground up. “I’m proud of what this company stands for,” said Shinola’s president, Jacques Panis, “High-quality manufacturing jobs for America.”

    Shinola-blog-img2BUILT IN DETROIT
    Rather than manufacturing overseas, Shinola chose midtown Detroit. The Argonite movement that powers each of their watches pays homage to their building which, once-upon-a-time, was home to an American auto manufacturing giant. But they didn’t get there without help; Shinola teamed up with experts from Swiss-based Ronda AG (I’ve heard the Swiss make some pretty nice timepieces) to develop a training program and establish their watchmaking facility. It’s the best of both worlds: Swiss parts, assembled by hand by talented individuals in the United States.

    THE NAME...
    Maybe you’ve heard the name Shinola before - maybe it was a long time ago. You’re not mistaken. Shinola started out as a shoe polish company. Every soldier in the First World War had a pair of boots, so shoe polish was a necessity. Shinola distinguished itself with its unforgettable tagline: "You don't know sh*t from Shinola." Fast forward a hundred or so years to the creation of the watch company where, during a tense board meeting, a disagreement found two execs at odds. “You don’t know sh*t from Shinola!” one said to the other and the name was thereby decided. Shinola’s tagline stood the test of time, and the company has, too. Part story, part metaphor, all American.

    It reminds me a lot of us here at Day’s Jewelers. Attention to quality, incredible people, great service, and a commitment to making sure everything you bring home from our stores lasts a lifetime. We understand how important your jewelry is to you. That’s why we hire goldsmiths and have a full service department in each store. Our knowledgeable team can clean and inspect all fine jewelry (we recommend every 6 months) to protect your investment, and ensure you can continue to tell the beautiful stories of all of your cherished jewelry. To your friends, to your family and loved ones, and anyone else who’s willing to listen. Come ask us about our story - we’d love to hear yours.

    The Making Of A Watch from Shinola on Vimeo.

    Shinola-blog-img3About the blogger:
    Sam Corey, from Presque Isle, Maine, is a sales consultant and Watch Specialist at Day's Jewelers in Manchester, NH. Sam’s career in the jewelry business began at age 7 under the tutelage of his parents who own jewelry stores in Northern Maine. (Robert’s Jewelry in Madawaska and Wilder’s in Presque Isle).

  • 5 Tips for Wedding Band Shopping

    eventsCongratulations! You have the engagement ring, the venue, the dress and now you need the wedding bands! Here are a few tips from Day’s Topsham store.

    Start your search early

    We understand that the last thing you are thinking about is your wedding bands, especially right after you are engaged. However, we want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find/or order the perfect wedding bands.  Should your band have to be special ordered, it could take up to 8 weeks depending on the time of year, the style, or the designer. We highly encourage you not to wait until the last few weeks before your wedding, because you may end up without a wedding band or one that you really didn’t have your heart set on! Shop early…suggestion: 6-8 weeks before wedding.

    (for more tips on ordering your wedding band tips:

    Selecting the perfect band

    dsct0714_1You have this beautiful engagement ring (or if you are the guy, you have a ‘manly’ hand that is now going to be covered with jewelry, it’s ok – you aren’t alone), and now you want to compliment it with a wedding band. Be sure to keep your lifestyle in mind, there are many beautiful styles that will stand up to everyday wear and tear for years. Maybe this is the only ring you are going to wear. Many women just wear the wedding band and not engagement rings. If so, pick one that speaks your style and your love for each other.  Shop lifestyle…suggestion: channel bands are great for active people.

    What's the right metal choice for your bands?

    Are you sentimental?

    It is important to first understand that all the precious metals are generally able to be sized with some exceptions.  This means you will always have the ring you were married with on your finger.  Keep in mind that many rings constructed from alternative metals cannot be sized.  They are replaced with a new ring (should they need to be sized).

    What do you do for work?

    rwbd3743_1Precious metal rings WILL hold up in most work environments as far as durability goes.  They will tend to scratch more readily and require more frequent polishing than the alternatives (which may require no polish in the case of tungsten).  Also, patterns will wear more quickly on the precious metals.  So can a mechanic wear a gold band?  Absolutely!  If he would like gold, he would be best advised to go with a simple heavy band without a pattern.  This ring can give him years of wear and comfort.  This same mechanic may opt for a titanium/cobalt/tungsten band for work and a patterned precious metal band for outside of work as the alternatives are afford-ably priced for any budget.

    Are you traditional or trendy?

    Believe it or not, tradition does play a part in your band selection.  There is nothing like wearing the same materials and sometimes similar styles to those your parents wore.  It connects you to your family and family traditions in a very personal way that you cannot put into words.  Trendy guests tend to lean to the alternative metals, as their styles are unique and a little more cutting edge.

    (for more information on what the right metal choice is:

    What about sizing?

    As mentioned above, alternative metals cannot be sized, as is the same for some precious metal bands (this will be dependent on the style, design, etc of the band), so please ask about future sizing – as we will order your ring in your size initially. Note: be sure to get your finger sized by a jeweler, to get the right fit – we have lots of “tricks and tips” on how to size from home, but best to let us handle the heavy artillery when possible.

    Warranties & Insurance. What's covered?

    rwbf2990_1Most jewelers will have a warranty policy, so be sure to ask them before purchasing your jewelry. All jewelry purchased from Day’s Jewelers is warranted for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Loss or damage are not covered under this warranty if resulting from abuse, normal wear, mysterious disappearance or repairs, sizing, or any other work performed to your jewelry other than by Day’s Jewelers.

    If we determine the cause of damage to your jewelry was the result of defective materials or workmanship, we will either repair or replace the piece of jewelry at our option. To be eligible for this warranty, your piece of jewelry must be inspected at any Day’s store at least once every six months.  If you should move to an area where there is no Day’s store located, we would be happy to recommend a reputable jewelry to perform the required semi-annual inspections.

    sampl0967_1_2Most jewelers will not have insurance policies, but these are easily obtainable with your renter’s insurance or home owner’s insurance policies. If you do not have either of these, call your local insurance agency and ask them for jewelry policy information. Normal cost of jewelry insurance is about $1.00 per hundred dollars in value.

    There are probably so many more questions you have and we certainly have so many more answers for you! You can email us or stop by and see us at our Wedding Band Weekend in Topsham, Maine – August 21-22.

    If you don’t live near our Topsham, Maine store, keep an eye out for other Wedding Band Weekends at other Day’s Jewelers locations.


  • Spring Fashion Trends from Down South{ern Gates}

    Our friends at Southern Gates® wanted to send us a little Southern love and wrote to us about their recent fashion show that showcased the beautiful spring trends heading our way...and warm weather.

    Not to brag, but in South Carolina signs of spring start appearing as early as February. So for those of us lucky enough to reside in Charleston our spring wardrobes have been in full effect for months. To kick off the season of sandals, sun dresses, and summer sweaters (ok, actually we NEVER get to wear summer sweaters), the Holy City is host to Charleston Fashion Week every March. This year, the Southern Gates® team was at the runway shows soaking in all the spring fashion and showcasing our newest spring styles in silver.

    For one week in March, our Southern Gates® office was relocated to Charleston Fashion Week’s Style Lounge, where we saw some of the most fashionable folks in the South. From the nightly runway shows, to the Bridal Show, the one trend we saw a lot of was color. Color, color, color—even in spring bridal gowns. Here’s a view from our runway seats.

    Julia Wheat designs on display in the Style Lounge. Loose and free flowing styles, with bold color blocking.

    southern_1We LOVED this Kate McDonald floral printed bridal gown. Blush has always been a good color for brides!


    We sprinkled in a little color of our own at the Southern Gates Style Lounge booth, where fashionistas picked their favorite spring colored stone to accompany their Southern Gates pendant or earring. Southern Gates goes bridal glam with pearls, too!


    And lastly, here’s a sneak peek of our sister line, Cargo Leather—a hit during Charleston Fashion Week! Stylists and shoppers loved the color variety and the fact that the bracelets are made by hand in Charleston. The leather bracelet trend is defintely on the up swing, but this sophisticated line of leather stands out due to it’s high quality leather and fun but classic look.


    I hope you’ve enjoyed a little fashion fun from Charleston. Come August, when it’s 90 degrees and humid down here, I hope you’ll be kind enough to send a cool Maine breeze to your friends down South. And maybe one day, I’ll really be able to experience the need for those summer sweaters.

  • Eternity Takes Forever: Wedding Proposal Idea

    ritani_forevermarkWe are always hearing of "how he proposed" when couples come in to pick out their wedding bands or listening to "how I want him to propose" when girls are in the store daydreaming about their potential suitor and engagement ring. What about when the guy comes in, buys the ring, and then shares how he's going to propose...that makes our hearts smile! Here's a story from our Waterville store:

    We recently sold a loose Forevermark diamond with this beautiful Ritani setting to a customer. His soon to be fiancé and he had just purchased a very old farmhouse in southern Maine. The kind of house where there will be lots of upgrades to put their own touches and amenities' to their liking inside, to make it "home".


    onlinetodaychristina71811What's really cool about this is he went over and asked her dad for her hand in marriage, he definitely approved. Then they discussed how he was going to present the ring to her. Her father being an antique store owner and enthusiast thought, why not hide it in the house (like in a wall the plumbing was going in). He agreed with the future father-in-law and decided to get a beautiful trinket box from the 1800's and hide the ring inside the box and place this with a hand written note inside the small space inside the wall, he then would purpose to her.

    OK, this beats all other proposal stories that I've come across. I LOVE hearing from our customers, because these stories are true and give you chills. Do you have a proposal story you want to share? Please do, we might feature it in our Eternity Takes Forever blog!

    PS: She said YES!

    Guest Bloggers: Jaime & Gayle, Waterville Day's Jewelers



    I have been with Day’s Jewelers since November 2000. I love working in the jewelry industry because I feel truly honored to be a part of such an important decision in two peoples’ lives. I feel so lucky that I get to experience this every day.

    My favorite designer is Michael M. The designs are bold and demand attention, just like wearable works of art!




    I have been with Day’s Jewelers since August 1995. I love working in the jewelry industry and making customers smile. I also enjoy helping them with their custom designs.

    I love the way diamonds shine! Forevermark’s “Center of my Universe” earrings and pendants are very beautiful.


  • BERING & Baselworld

    1800185_829503000410075_2139232315_n“We are in Hall 1 at Baselworld!” One of the most said sentences you heard in the BERING offices in April 2014! It was a huge success and honor for us to be in the same Hall with other bug brand names after only 4 1/2 years on the market. Of course, we wanted our presentation to be perfect.

    A huge show like Baselworld takes up an enormous amount of work. From hundreds of hours of manpower to countless hours of designing the project, organizing the show and discussing with different departments. Every department gets involved; management, sales, marketing, graphics and the warehouse.

    The preparation for Baselworld 2015 took us exactly one year.

    Let’s go back one year to how our journey to Baselworld 2015 started:


    The day we left Baselworld 2014 was the day we booked our booth for the upcoming year. One month after that we finished the plans for the new styles that we planned on presenting in 2015. The booth designing and drawing started in summer 2014 and were followed by producing banners and ordering furniture for the booth.

    It took our team 14 days to build our booth and was completed after an additional two days of decoration from our Merchandise Team.

    Then finally it was there, the day of the show. Seeing the final result and experiencing the atmosphere while meeting new and well known faces joining us at our booth was worth every minute of all the work.

    We had many visitors from existing business partners, journalists, fashion bloggers, sales representatives, and potential retailers to potential new business partners from foreign countries. It was a wonderful mix of people at our booth during the show. During the 8 show days everybody is on their feet all day long talking, explaining and discussing at the booth. In the evening the show continues at dinners with existing or potential partners. Overall it was a very energetic booth with lots of laughter while meeting people and experiencing new ideas together.

    After 8 long days the show was over and everybody was tired and the majority lost their voice from talking. The booth was packed up and cleared within 3 days. BERING’s booth for 2016 is already booked and the preparations have started already! Like they say “The show must go on!”


    11142942_1441155009516596_1804775927_nBaselworld is the largest and best known tradeshow for watches & jewelry in the whole world. Normally only people from the industry can access the show. At BERING we usually use this show to meet with our existing distributors from different countries, our own sales force of sales representatives and business partners from the whole world during the 8 show days.

    This year BERING decided to invite Fashion Bloggers from Europe to join us at the both.  With being only 4 ½ years on the market it was a big deal for us to invite bloggers from the fashion world. We wanted to meet the people who wear our designs and connect with them and give them the opportunity to see the industry from the inside. Our two owners; Michael & Lars gave them the inside story about BERING - a young Danish watch & jewelry brand that started out in Denmark in late summer 2010. Now our products are available in over 5500 stores in more than 50 countries across the world. We all enjoyed having the bloggers with us and learning from them about how they see brands and what they look for in products.

    Today there are a number of bloggers and end consumers writing, posting and showing how they wear their BERING product on all social Medias independently. We love and appreciate every interaction with end consumers.

    Have you posted your way of wearing BERING yet #ShareYourBering?




  • What is a Princesse Pearl Necklace?

    What is a Princesse Pearl necklace, you ask?  Quite simply put, it is a pearl necklace that you have to create over time.  You begin by purchasing a white or yellow gold starter necklace.  Then, over time, you buy additional pearls to add to the necklace until it is a complete pearl necklace.

    Why would someone start a Princesse Pearl necklace?

    sub_mashead_image_top_middle_11Now that you know basically what a Princesse Pearl necklace is...why would someone buy a necklace that requires so much work to complete?  The answer is actually very simple:

    1.  The pearls themselves are the finest quality of pearl.  You will never find substandard pearls in the Princesse collection.  This means the quality will remain constant throughout the years as you buy it, guaranteeing you end with an heirloom quality strand of pearls.

    2.  You control the final look of the necklace.  Whether you choose to have all the pearls the same size or whether you wish to graduate them, the choice is yours.  Either way, you will have created a customized necklace for your loved one.

    3.  Tradition.  Many families now are seeing third and fourth generation girls receiving Princesse Pearls from their grandmothers, as their mothers and their mother's mother did before them. This is a great way to share with each other and to create a shared experience each will remember for the rest of their lives.

    4.  Value over time.  As stated earlier, these pearls are of the finest quality.  That means when the strand is complete, it will be of the finest quality as well.  This allows guests to own an exceptional pearl necklace with the ability to spread the cost out over years.

    How do I start a Princesse Pearl necklace?

    sub_masthead_image_top_right_14It is rather easy to start a necklace, as Princesse Pearl provides multiple starter choices.  Whether you wish to start with one pearl or 3 to 7, they will have the size you need.  In addition, they also will create a custom starter for you with the size(s) and quantity of pearls you would like.  To determine which is right for you, consider these questions:

    1.  Do you wish it to be graduated or all one size?  Most people opt for the single size of pearls on a strand.  However, if you want the strand to have a little more design to it, perhaps a graduated one is for you.

    2.  How many will it take to complete it?  Once you know what size you want, it is best to consider how many it will take to complete the necklace.  Your jeweler can estimate this for you based on the final length you wish to achieve.  This will help you budget how many per year you will need to get to make sure it is completed within the time you would like.  Remember:  The smaller they are, the more you will need.  For an 18" 5.5-6 mm necklace, you will use between 60-70 pearls.

    3.  Will you have help available to complete it?  If other family members are willing to help (and you are willing to let them), you will want to consider this in your budget of time to completion.  Sometimes, enlisting aid will be a great way to get the family involved in a very special gift for a loved one.

    4.  When do you expect to complete it?  Many people fail to think this one through....and it is really the most important question of the bunch.  It is best to set a deadline, though it is years in the future, so it will be complete when you want to gift it.  Some important dates that are used:  16th, 18th, and 21st birthdays.

    Whatever you decide, with care and thought, you will be giving a gift that will not only have great value, but will also be cherished for her lifetime.

    How do I add to a Princesse Pearl necklace?

    lydia-1This is the easiest part!!  Day's carries all sizes of the Princesse Pearls from 3.5 mm to 7.5 mm in each store year round.  You can always find the one you need.  No need to bring the necklace in each time either.  Day's will keep your starter necklace purchase on file forever...we will always know which ones you need and are ready to provide it!  In addition to that, Day's will add them on when you purchase the necklace and additional pearls here - stringing your pearls is free once you have 5 or more loose pearls to be added.  All you need to do is come in and tell us how many you need.  What could be easier?

    Princesse Pearl necklaces are a great way to build memories and traditions in a family.  Few other pieces of jewelry can boast the sentiment of a strand of pearls chosen by hand.  What better gift is there to give a daughter or granddaughter?

    Day’s newest addition, Lydia Katherine modeling a Princesse Pearl necklace.
    Lydia is the Granddaughter of Day’s Jewelers owners Jeff & Kathy Corey.





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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


All orders are fully insured and require a signature at time of delivery. Each item is cleaned, polished and inspected before it is wrapped and shipped to you. For engravings and ring sizing, please add an additional 2-3 business days to your order. Special orders or customizations may take 3-4 weeks. Please click here for full shipping information.


Day's Jewelers requires suppliers to provide a written warranty, for every diamond purchased, that it was acquired from non-conflict sources. Furthermore, as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Day's is committed to supporting and promoting the highest level of social, ethical and environmental responsibility in our communities and in the areas of the world where our products are sourced. Learn more...


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


Your jewelry purchased from Day's Jewelers is warranted for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship. To be eligible for this warranty, your piece of jewelry must be inspected at any Day's store at least once every six months. If you should live in an area where there is no Day's store located, we would be happy to recommend a reputable jeweler to perform the required semi-annual inspections. Day's also offers a low cost extended care plan that covers normal wear and tear of items not deemed as defective.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.