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  • Movado Watch Hits Homerun with New Style

    New York Yankee Derek Jeter recently became a member of the 3000 hit club in July of 2011.  Jeter is the first Yankee to ever reach this milestone.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, Movado created a watch that honors Jeter and his great accomplishment.  The watch is simple and stunning as a part of the Movado Bold line.  Sales of the watch benefit Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation - an organization that was created by Jeter to help teens and children avoid drugs and alcohol.


    Other Movado watches have been created to honor the athlete in previous years.  Many hold the easily recognizable Yankee pinstripes on the face.  This watch was designed to be unlike any other. Only 300 watches have been created for a retail price of $550 each - $100 of which will directly benefit his Turn 2 Foundation.  Enclosed in each stainless steel case is a thank you letter from Jeter.  The watch features a blue metallic face, Jeter's number "2" placed at 2 o'clock and Swiss quartz movement.  It's sophisticated style is sure to satisfy any baseball fan even if they favor the Yankees or not.  This accomplishment of Jeter's is one that all baseball fans can appreciate.

    Movado has always favored the arts and modern styles when creating their watches.  The company supports the New York City Ballet, The John F. Kennedy Ceter for the Performing Arts and various other organizations.

  • Trend Alert: Necklaces for Men?

    According to JCK's Cynthia Sliwa, the newest trend in the jewelry industry are necklaces for men.  Not the simple, sleek chains that we are used to seeing; but rather thick, chunky and noticeable beaded, pearl and charm necklaces.  Day's offers a variety of Figaro and Inox chains for men, but nothing like what has been noticed on some male celebrities recently.  For example, take a look at some of the images published with JCK's article on July 11:


    Chunky wooden beads are worn in this John Galliano runway show.


    And a pearl necklace is the accent of choice for Thom Browne's show.

    It is suggested that this trend is going to become more and more evident in 2012.  How will the jewelry industry embrace this trend? Will Honora come out with a line for men? Only time will tell.  But for now, we will just have to an eye on what men are wearing.  Post your images or thoughts on this subject! We would love to know if you think its a good idea or will this trend pass before it goes mainstream?

  • 10 Tips for Your Engagement and Engagement Ring!

    diamond_3_stone_ring_in_14kt_white_goldThere are many, many things that need to be taken into consideration on the day that you ask or are asked for a hand in marriage.  The engagement ring, setting, weather, what will be said all play important factors in making that day a special one.  PriceScope, a leading diamond information website, has published 10 Do's and Don'ts to make your engagement day a special one.

    • DO insure the ring before it leaves the store. Even if something does happen to it, you’ll be covered and it won’t mean money down the drain.
    • DO keep the ring in the box and store it someplace safe in your home, like a fireproof lock box.
    • DO stay grounded. If you do happen to drop the engagement ring, you can more easily recover it on dry land than from the air or water.
    • DO let your jeweler hold onto the ring until you are ready to propose.
    • diamond_solitaire_in_14_kt_yellow_goldDO use the hotel’s front desk safe, never the in-room safe which can more easily get broken into.
    • DON'T put the engagement ring in checked luggage, which can become lost or stolen, including all contents within it. Instead, place the engagement ring in your carry on bag.
    • DON'T propose on the beach – engagement rings can too easily get lost in the sand.
    • DON'T propose anywhere you have unstable footing – boat, amusement park ride, parachuting, etc.
    • lazare_kaplan_diamond_engagement_ring_in_18kt_white_goldDON'T propose in overly crowded areas where the diamond engagement ring could get bumped out of your hand or snatched from a passerby.
    • DON'T put the engagement ring in food. It could become lost, or worse yet, choked on. Nothing says “I love you” like a trip to the ER.
    *Special thanks to Jessica VandenHouten of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company 

    Do you have any do's or don'ts to add to the list?


  • Meet Melissa Wildes: Web Store Manager at Day's Jewelers

    Melissa Wildes is the web store manager at Day's Jewelers.  With over 10,000 different products online, presents the best products in every variation and at the best price points over competitors.  Melissa was born in Maine, moved to Connecticut then traveled back to Maine and decided to stay here.  She is your typical New England Girl! She graduated from Thomas College with a Marketing MBA degree, and has been working at Day's Jewelers for 6 years.  To learn more about Melissa, watch her video!


  • Everlon, the Strength of Love Forged in a Knot

    everlon_diamond_knot_bangle_bracelet_in_14kt_yellow_gold_and_sterling_silverLast week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the trademark “Everlon Diamond Knot Collection” to its designer, DeBeers. When DeBeers first introduced Everlon to America in 2009, they selected Day’s Jewelers as one of only 300 companies nationwide to represent the exclusive collection. I knew from the beginning that Everlon was going to be a winner. DeBeers, the diamond mining company who coined the phrase “A Diamond is Forever,” is noted for awarding winning jewelry design concepts.  Their 3 diamond “Past, Present and Future” collection took the world by storm several years ago and still is exceptionally popular as is their “Diamond Journey” styling.

    everlon_diamond_knot_earrings_in_sterling_silverEverlon is a diamond jewelry design featuring the Hercules or square knot. Being an Eagle Scout, I know that the square know is one of the toughest knots you can tie. In Everlon diamond jewelry; this knot symbolizes the powerful bond of love.  A diamond, nature’s hardest substance, is mounted in the center of the knot.

    When Everlon was first introduced, styles were very basic, created in either white or yellow gold. Today at Day’s you’ll find the largest selection in America with over 140 fabulous Everlon styles in earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Day’s selection includes jewelry set in sterling silver, rose gold and two-tone colors.

    everlon_diamond_knot_ring_in_14kt_yellow_gold_and_sterling_silverIt is important to note that Everlon Jewelry is available in various diamond qualities and levels of craftsmanship. For example, Everlon jewelry found at Sam’s Club or J.C. Penney will generally hold a poorer quality diamond and the precious metal weight will be lighter than what you would find at a fine jewelry store’s Everlon collection. All Everlon diamond jewelry at Day’s is protected by our lifetime warranty and lowest price guarantee.


  • Meet Kathy Corey: Day's Jewelers Vice President of Merchandising

    Kathy Corey is the Vice President of Merchandising and Personnel at Day's Jewelers.  Kathy is the wife of Jeff Corey, Vice President of Marketing and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Day's Jewelers.  Kathy, along with husband Jeff Corey, brother-in-law Jim Corey and longtime friend Mark Ford, owns Day's Jewelers.  Before purchasing Day's from its previous owners, Jeff and Kathy Corey opened and operated Jeffrey's Fine Jewelers in 1983.  Soon after, in 1988, Day's Jewelers was purchased and has since grow into the organization that we know today.  Learn more about Kathy Corey by watching her video.


  • Custom Design Jewelry at Day's Jewelers

    One of the unique features that is offered in every Day's Jewelers location in Maine in New Hampshire is the opportunity to design custom jewelry.  Day's believe that all jewlery should come from the heart, and what better way than to design your own piece? Anything from engagement rings and bridal jewelry to pendants, earrings and bracelets set with diamonds and other gemstones.  One of our latest creations even incorporated Chamilia beads! Take a look at some of our custom design pieces and start designing your own at any Day's location!




    Does this look familiar to anyone? Its actually the casing of a bullet that has been made into a ring! The skilled goldsmiths in the Waterville location created this piece for a very happy hunter.  This bullet came from the customer's largest





    Is anyone a bead lover? Check out this new style! Diamonds AND beads? What's not to love! This is a gold Chamilia bead with a one carat diamond set into the center!  The bead was lined with silicon so that it would not spin on the wearer's bracelet to ensure that the diamond would always be facing outward.  Designed in our LimeLight kiosk, located in the CambridgeSide Galleria in Boston, this chamilia bead is one of a kind!




    This is a green tourmaline ring created by our Manchester, New Hampshire goldsmith.  There is only one Day's Jewelers location in New Hampshire.  The gemstone is set into 18 karat gold and sterling silver.  The stone is a trillion cut gemstone in a bezel setting.



    Maine tourmaline is a stunning stone. Check out this piece created by Day's Jewelers own JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler Brain Quigley for Cheryl Castner, our appraiser and in house gemologist working in the Day's South Portland location. The ring was created for Cheryl with a piece of tourmaline that was discovered in a mine on Mount Mica in Paris, Maine. The stone is set east-to-west and the band is imbedded with 14 small diamonds. It is absolutely breathtaking in person (I've been lucky enough to see it myself!) and is one of a kind. When you are near our South Portland, Maine location, stop in and visit both Brian and Cheryl who work in that store. You never know, maybe you will be inspired to create one of your own pieces during the visit!


  • Meet Jeff Corey! Day's Jewelers Vice President of Marketing

    Jeff Corey, Vice President of Marketing, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of Day's Jewelers along with his wife, Kathy Corey; Brother, Jim Corey, makes his video debut below. Jeff has been in the jewelry industry his whole life.  When he was younger, his parents owned a jewelry store in Northern Maine where Jeff developed his love for diamonds, gold, watches and all aspects of jewelry. When Day's Jewelers was purchased in 1984, Jeff, Kathy and Jim all had one goal in mind: to build a company that would stand the test of time.  Watch the video below to learn more about Jeff! If you have any questions for Jeff, post them as a comment and he will comment back to you.

    Jeff talks about the value of a Day's customer. The excitement of being part of a customers jewelry purchase. We know that jewelry stores can be scary, we want you to feel like a king (or queen) when you walk into one of our stores. You are our guest when you come to Day's Jewelers. We hope you enjoy the video and come to see us soon.

    Day's Jewelers has 6 locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire, and are online at Day's has been New England's Diamond Professionals since 1914. Each of our locations has diamond specialists and gemstone specialist on staff to help you find the right item for whatever occasion you are shopping for. From finding that perfect diamond engagement ring to creating a Chamilia bracelet with all the beads to represent memories of yesterday and today.

    If you have any questions, comments please share with all of us. You can shop online at or in one of our six locations.

  • Birthstone Jewelry and What it Means!

    rgtd0624_1-resized-600.jpgHave you ever wondered where birthstones come from? Do you know what your birthstone is? Maybe it reflects your personality, maybe it doesn't, but birthstone jewelry is an overwhelmingly popular gift for every milestone including: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, graduations and holidays.  Modern birthstones are as follows:

    January - Garnet - This stone is said to promote purity, truth, faithfulness, awareness and to help with commitment, awareness, regeneration, insight and removes negativity from its wearer.  receiving a gift of garnet proves the giver's loyalty and affection to its wearer. Shop all of Day's Garnet Jewelry.

    February - Amethyst - Peace, balance, courage, inner strength, sincerity and a calm disposition are brought to the wearer of Amethyst jewelery according to tradition.  Also, overall health and well being can be found from wearing Amethyst.  Purple, the color of amethyst jewelery, is a royal color and was highly attractive to both British and Egyptian royalty throughout history.  Shop all of Day's Amethyst Jewelry.

    jpdaq0197_1-resized-600.jpgMarch -   Aquamarine - This is a stone perfect for a newlywed couple or as an anniversary gift.  Said to promote faithfulness, courage and friendship, Aquamarine relieves stress and ensures a long and happy married life.  Ledgend has it that King Neptune of the Sea gave this stone to his mermaids thus making it a symbol of love and endearment. Shop all Day's Aquamarine Jewelry.

    April - Diamond - Lucky April babies have the Diamond as their birthstone!Good luck, protection, increased inner strength, clarity of thought and balance accompany this stone.  Diamonds also have the power to enhance relationships - which is why diamonds are the most common stones given in engagement rings. Shop Day's selection of Diamond Engagement Rings.

    May - Emerald - Said to promote good memory and friendship, Emerald is a stone that is perfect for almost any occasion.  It is the protector of pregnant women and ensures faithfulness.  Shop all of Day's Emerald Jewelry.

    8mm_cultured_white_pearls_in_14kt_white_gold-resized-600.jpgJune - Pearl - Pearls brings good luck, protection, modesty, chastity and purity to its wearer.  Personal integrity is promoted by wearing pearls.  Simple and sophisticated, pearls are the perfect compliment to any outfit.  The Princesse Add Pearl collection allow for the creation of one's own pearl necklace.  Each pearl is given at a significant milestone and evenullay will become a whole strand that she can enjoy for years to come. Shop all Day's Pearl Jewelry.

    July - Ruby - Devotion, integrity, courage and happiness are some words that describe benefits of a ruby.  July babies can expect prosperity and success if they are given a ruby.  Rubies are said to energize its wearer and encourage generosity. Rubies are one of the 4 precious gemstones alongside diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Shop all Day's Ruby Jewelry.

    August - Peridot - Sometimes known as the "Evening Emerald," Peridot brings power, influence, love, truth, loyalty, fame and dignity to its wearer.  The light green stone is also known to protect anyone who wears it. Shop all Day's Peridot Jewelry.

    September - Sapphire - truth, sincerity, constancy, insight, loyalty and understanding surround the wearer of a sapphire. The stone was said to have been a piece of the fallen night sky and that is why it is so precious to mankind.  Shop all Day's Sapphire Jewelry.

    australian_opal_doublet_ring_with_diamond_in_14kt_yellow_gold-resized-600.jpgOctober - Opal - Opal embodies hope, innocence, purity, loyalty and confidence.  The Australians consider this stone their national stone, and each opal is unique in its color spectrum.  Shop all Day's Opal Jewelry.

    November - Citrine - Citrine is known for the ability to release tension, balance emotions and bring spiritual rejuvenation and happiness to its wearer.  The stone comes in bright and striking brown tones. Shop all Day's Citirine Jewelry.

    December - Turquoise - Prosperity, success, good fortune, enhanced creativity, and spiritual bonding are believed to emanate from the turquoise stone.  This stone is said to be of the air and brings good fortune and safety to flight attendants, pilots and travelers.  Shop Day's Turquoise Jewelry.

    turquoise_ring_in_sterling_silver-resized-600.jpgGemstone meaning is abundant. Understanding what each gemstone is about may help in finding the perfect gift for that special someone.  learning about gemstones is fun and easy! To learn about more gemstones, visit the Learn About Gemstones selection at the bottom of the homepage.


  • Welcome to Day's Jewelers Blog!

    Welcome to Day's Jewelers new blog! We will be blogging about all things jewelry: trends, new and interesting pieces, cleaning tips, fashion tips - anything! Most importantly, we want to hear from YOU! Please comment on our posts, ask questions and tell us what you think.  If you want to learn more about a topic, please share that with us and we will blog about it.  Don't be shy! Thanks for reading! Check back in with us a few times a week to see what new blogs we have posted. 

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


Your jewelry purchased from Day's Jewelers is warranted for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship. To be eligible for this warranty, your piece of jewelry must be inspected at any Day's store at least once every six months. If you should live in an area where there is no Day's store located, we would be happy to recommend a reputable jeweler to perform the required semi-annual inspections. Day's also offers a low cost extended care plan that covers normal wear and tear of items not deemed as defective.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.