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  • Everyday Elegance in Swarovski

    I admire our merchandise team for their strict criteria; pieces are picked with environmental and ethical concerns in mind, whether or not they can last a lifetime (in most cases many lifetimes) and their quality.

    Swarovski is a designer that matches this criteria with some of our more obtainable pieces in both everyday fashion and elegant statements. We can get behind that.

    Eternity rings are super fly and at this price, please.

    Swarovski Vittore Crystal Eternity Ring Swarovski Vittore Crystal Eternity Ring

    V classy. Wear white in the winter because they can’t tell you what to do.

    Swarovski Crystal Dust White Crystal Cuff Bracelet Swarovski Crystal Dust White Crystal Cuff Bracelet

    I wouldn’t go crazy with the dress, let the necklace take this one.


    Brian Chick_1 Brian Chick - Content Producer and Photographer

  • Most Popular Chain Style Types in Necklaces and Jewelry

    ANCHOR CHAIN:  Is characterized by uniformly sized repeating oval links which are arranged alternatively in a horizontal and then vertical orientation, traditionally with a vertical bar in the middle of each link creating a flexible ligament giving the chain strength, durability and an eye catching style.

    Anchor Chain Anchor Chain

    BALL or BEAD CHAIN:  Composed of orbs of metal rather than open links.  They are set at regular intervals along the length of the chain set with connector bars or adjacent to each other.  Dress up your next occasion with a fashion twist with a ball/bead chain.

    Ball Chain and Bead Chain Ball or Bead Chain

    BOX CHAIN:  The four sided construction of the box chain creates a durable chain with an extraordinary look.  It is made from round wire which is rolled flat and then folded into square links that form open boxes or cubes creating a smooth four sided shape.  Add a pendant to the box chain to create an elegant look.

    Box Chain Box Chain

    BYZANTINE CHAIN: Is an intricate, closely linked sequential chain design that incorporated a rope-like texture and intriguing textural design.  Soft, flexible with an elegant drape, the byzantine link is instantly recognized by its maze-like intricacy.

    CABLE CHAINS:  Strong, durable and attractive, the cable chain is a heavy chain having links with a crossbar across the inside of each link.  Each section of the cable chain is identical throughout giving it a simple but classic look.

    Cable Chain Cable Chain

    C LINK Chain:  Made up of solid ‘C’ shaped sections that fit into one another in a repeating pattern for a style that is both on-trend and beautifully classic.  It is designed to lie flat and noted for its flexibility.

    C Link Chain C Link Chain

    CLOSED LINK CHAIN:  They feature an additional process which ensures every individual join has solder applied to ensure the link cannot open easily.  Usually crafted in precious metals.

    Closed Link Chain Closed Link Chain

    CURB CHAIN:  It is designed with circular rings with tiny indentations that allow the rings to remain flat for a sleek and comfortable fit.  Sometimes, links have been twisted and feature a diamond cut that enhances the chain with style and shimmer.

    Curb Link Chain Curb Chain

    ESPIGA CHAIN:  Crafted by intricately weaving metals in small links closely resembling an ear of corn or wheat. Also called a wheat chain, it is strong and durable, it is perfectly suitable for pendants.

    Espiga Chain Espiga Chain

    FANCY CHAIN:  A chain that has a different variation on a standard chain, like links that are specific shapes or that have a special finish or have dangles attached, is considered a Fancy Chain.  This means a variety of special links, like heart shapes or various chains adorned with tiny shapes along the chain.

    Fancy Chain Fancy Chain

    FIGARO CHAIN: Comprised of flat twisted links.  It is a modified version of the curb chain where the interlocking flat links vary in size.  It lays flat around the neck, is crafted with strength and durability and its versatility gives it a sense of fashion and style.  Originated in Italy.

    Figaro Chain Figaro Chain

    FIGARUCCI CHAIN:  A variation of the anchor or marine chain but with long links that add decoration like a Florentine pattern giving it a lace or filigree finish.

    FOXTAIL CHAIN:   Two rows of slanted oval links face each other at a 45 degree angle in the Foxtail chain.  They are connected by a series of flat rings running down the chain’s center.  This created the impression of the hairs on a fox’s tail.

    FRANCO CHAIN:  The Franco chain is a thicker type of chain made with v-shaped links.  The chain is sturdy and can support heavy pendants.

    Franco Chain Franco Chain

    HERRINGBONE CHAIN:  Multiple rows of v-shaped links are used to make up this type of chain.  They lie completely flat, and each row alternates in direction creating the herringbone pattern.

    LINK CHAIN:  The link chain is the most common type of chain.  It is formed of individual oval or round links interlocked in a uniform pattern with each link lying 90 degrees to the next.  This chain is popular for its simple but classic look.

    Link Chain Link Chain

    MARINER CHAIN:  This is the strongest type of jewelry chain.  It is designed with repeating oval links that are all the same size.  They have a vertical bar in the middle of each link are are arranged in a horizontal, then vertical arrangement.  Also known as the anchor chain it has a few variations such as the Figarucci chain.

    OMEGA CHAIN:  Popular for its strength and how shiny it is, the Omega chain is made of individual metal plates lined up side by side and crimped to an underlying mesh base.  There are both flat and round versions of this chain and it can be reversible. Popular for its overall strength and its reflective qualities.  Omega chain is made up of metal links assembled on a wire or woven mesh that form a tube. The embedded wire is what provides the strength. The Omega chain is somewhat flexible, but it is still sufficiently rigid that it retains its ring shape when worn.

    Omega Chain Omega Chain

    RAILROAD CHAIN:  This chain features two continuous lines with cross bars that form the tracks for a stylish design.

    Railroad Chain Railroad Chain

    ROLO CHAIN:  The links of the Rolo chain are usually smaller and thicker than that those of a cable chain and they tend to be oval or round.  The links are flat on the inside and alternate in the direction they face.  This is a popular chain used for charm bracelets.

    ROPE CHAIN:  Rows of metal links are woven for this type of chain creating the appearance of a two strand rope.  The join of each link is like a tiny hinge, meaning this style is not as flexible or liquid-like as some others.

    Rope Chain Rope Chain

    SHADBELLY CHAIN:  Its construction is composed of points that are similar to shadbelly points used to enhance riding jackets worn by equestrians. The necklace's links are woven closely together to provide strength as well as elegance.

    SINGAPORE CHAIN:  Flat diamond cut chain links are woven together to form a diamond shape.  These diamond shaped links are then woven together, creating the Singapore chain.  It is eye catching as it reflects light from different angles.  The chain also has a natural curve, created by the weaving process, that is pleasing to the eye.

    SNAKE CHAIN:  Crafted of smooth, round metal plates or bands,  the chain has a curve at the mid-point of each link.  The links are then joined to create a continual flexible tube reminiscent of a snake skin due to a slight zigzag pattern.

    Snake Chain Snake Chain 

    WHEAT CHAIN:  A symmetrical type of rope chain, the wheat chain features small figure 8 links that display as a plaited appearance.  Also known as the Espiga or Spiga chain, it is a symbol of wealth or faith.

    Wheat Chain Wheat Chain

  • Catch Me Behind the Camera

    My passion lies in filmmaking, a naturally turbulent creative process; all the preparation in the world can’t keep the variables of change at bay. I love the challenge of producing beauty from a chaotic environment. It’s the same reason I'm captivated by natural gemstones. Against all odds, in the harshest environments, under immense pressure, diamonds and gemstones are formed. What an inspiration! Even in the toughest moments one can always shine bright and prevail.

    I’m proud to be a new member of the Day’s team where “standing the test of time” is a mission. An encouraging mantra for a young artist striving to create lasting works. Not only is the goal to leave a lasting impression but to do it in style.

    Catch me behind the camera.

    Brian Chick_1 Brian Chick - Content Producer and Photographer







    Sapphire and Diamond ring Photo note: My first style shot for Day’s



    The art of collaboration goes to the Movado Edge designed with Yves Béhar, infusing a modern icon with stunning dimension an texture.


    Movado Edge interprets the iconic Museum Dial through a heightened industrial design lens, characterized by a new, visually tactile form. The iconic dial takes dimensional form. The dot rises from the dial's surface. Sculpted linear ridges suggesting the sun’s rays subtly mark the minutes.

    yves_800x800 Yves Béhar

    Gridwall_1068x1068_EDGE_OPT12016update Watch renderings

    The dial reinterprets Horwitt’s original vision in a three-dimensional representation with the dot rising from the dial’s curved, newly textured landscape. Sculpted linear peaks that form around the edge of the dial suggest the sun’s rays, while subtly marking the minutes – a beautiful and purposeful design element.

    Available in our South Portland location only and online at


  • Aquаmаrinе - Thе Birthѕtоnе оf Mаrch

    The wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck and good health. Astrologers long ago attributed supernatural powers to certain gemstones.

    aqua ring Shop Aquamarine Rings

    Named after seawater, Aquamarine’s fresh watery hue is a cool plunge into a refreshing pool.  From the light blue of the sky to the deep blue of the sea, the aquamarine shines over an extraordinarily beautiful range of mainly light blue colors.  It is the birthstone of March and thought to enhance the happiness of marriages and the lucky crystals for the people of Pisces.  It is also the symbol of a 19th wedding anniversary.

    The greenish blue Aquamarine protects those who journey by sea, alleviating the fear of water and guards those involved in any long travel such as flying or driving long distances.

    Aquаmаrinе birth ѕtоnеѕ аrе truѕtеd tо bring соurаgе, viсtоrу, tоgеthеrnеѕѕ аnd inѕight tо itѕ wеаrеrѕ. It ѕignifiеѕ mаking оf nеw friеndѕ. It iѕ viеwеd аѕ a gift оf lоvе.  It also has the power to benefit its wearer with knowledge, vision and inspiration.

    Aquаmаrinе - tо thе hаррilу mаrriеd!

    Arе уоu a mаrriеd mаn/wоmаn? Thеn thiѕ gеmѕtоnе iѕ thе реrfесt gift fоr уоur bеlоvеd оnе. Thiѕ glittеring gеmѕtоnе iѕ ѕuрроѕеd tо bring оut hаrmоnу, ѕооthing аll thе diffеrеnсеѕ thаt might еxiѕt аmоng a lоving  (or struggling) соuрlе.

    Pоwеrѕ оf Aquаmаrinе

    Aquаmаrinе birth ѕtоnеѕ аrе truѕtеd tо bring соurаgе, viсtоrу, tоgеthеrnеѕѕ аnd inѕight tо itѕ wеаrеrѕ. It ѕignifiеѕ mаking оf nеw friеndѕ. It iѕ viеwеd аѕ a gift оf lоvе. Wеаring аn аquаmаrinе piece of jеwеlrу iѕ ѕuрроѕеd tо bring lоvе аnd аffесtiоn intо уоur lifе.

    Shop Aquamarine Earrings Shop Aquamarine Earrings

    Hеаlth аnd рrоѕреritу iѕ thе ѕуmbоl оf thiѕ роwеrful birthѕtоnе. It iѕ bеliеvеd tо роѕѕеѕѕ thе hеаling роwеr thаt rеduсеѕ thе dереndеnсу оn drugѕ. Aquаmаrinе gеmѕtоnеs are said to hеlр digеѕtiоn, еnѕurе hеаlth оf tееth аnd the jаw аnd is ѕuрроѕеd tо bе a rеmеdу fоr ѕwоllеn glаndѕ.

    Aquаmаrinе - brings роѕitivе роwеr!

    Aquаmаrinе birthѕtоnеs are аll аbоut inѕtilling роѕitivе fееlings. Thiѕ brеаthtаkinglу bеаutiful gеmѕtоnе iѕ bеliеvеd tо rеlеаѕе аngеr аnd nеgаtivitу аnd bеѕtоw оn uѕ реасе оf mind, сlаritу аnd еnѕurеѕ mеntаl аnd еmоtiоnаl bаlаnсе. Aquаmаrinе gеmѕtоnеs are said to hеlр fосuѕ, соnсеntrаtiоn аnd аidѕ in mеditаtiоn.

    Aquаmаrinе Jеwеlrу

    Pеndаnt, brасеlеt, ring оr аn еаrring - аquаmаrinе jеwеlrу аrе fаvоrеd bу thе Piѕсеаnѕ. It has been said that Piѕсеаnѕ, if thеу wеаr аquаmаrinе, thеir birthѕtоnе, will invitе thе роѕitivе thingѕ оf thе univеrѕе intо thеir lifе. Lifе will bе fillеd with lоvе, аffесtiоn, саrе, friеndѕhiр аnd tоgеthеrnеѕѕ. Explore the elegance of the Aquamarine at Day’s.  We have Aquamarine jewelry to suit all tastes and styles including rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with some creations in their designer lines such as Le Vian.

  • Hot off The Red-Carpet: OSCAR JEWELRY

    The red carpet was sparkling in 2017 with diamonds taking center stage.

    Our favorites for biggest trends include


    EARRINGS Drop earrings made for a stunning statement piece.


    BRACELETS Mix, match and sparkle as you stack.




    FM DIAMONDS Forevermark jewelry had a starring role as the world's most responsibly sourced diamond.


    FOUR EARRINGS Ear climbers made for a new twist on the traditional stud earring and boy did it shine!


    MENS ACCESSORIES Men wore bold classic watches and stunning cuffs.

    Janelle Monáe and Halle Berry rocked the most stunning Forevermark diamond looks.


    Janelle Monáe sparkled in Forevermark diamonds with striking diamond statement pieces in the form of swooping diamond earrings, stacked bracelets, and multiple rings were top choices for Hollywood's leading ladies. Janelle Monáe sparkled in not one but two Forevermark Diamonds in a two stone ring as well as three additional diamond rings showing that more is more when it comes to diamond rings on the red carpet.




    While Halle Berry wore Versace & Forevermark diamonds making all of the "best dressed" lists in fashion-forward white diamond pieces set in of-the-moment 18K rose gold. Edgy diamond earrings, fashion rings and a stack of bangle bracelets highlighted her look.



    Welcoming a new member into a family is a tradition that has been in existence since ancient times.  Giving a gift to the new mother soon after she has delivered her child is a meaningful modern tradition which has acquired the name of “PUSH PRESENT.”

    Traditionally these presents given to the new mother were mostly jewelry or other valuables.  In present times, such presents are of various kinds and many options are viable depending on preferences as well as budgets.  Push presents can include coupons for household chores and caring for the newborn so the new Mom is able to take a break from her chores.

    We have complied a list of the top ten jewelry Push Presents:

      Crafted of sterling silver with a .05ct tw diamond

    push present 1

    This beautiful Heartbeat diamond earrings and necklace set is the perfect gift for a new Mom.  The diamond is the heartbeat that is a constant reminder of the life she has just created.


      Crafted of 14kt rose gold with a 1/10ct tw diamond

    push present 2

    She will always cherish this beautiful diamond heart necklace reminding her of your love for her and her love for her newborn baby.



    Crafted of 18kt rose gold with a 1/3ct tw diamond

    Push present 3

    The love a new mother has for her child unfurls life the petals of a lotus flower as seen in this beautiful lotus flower necklace.



    Crafted of 18kt white gold with diamonds weighing 1 1/4cts tw
    Feminine, strong and brilliant, the new Mother is unique and the center of her new baby and of her husband’s life as seen in the center diamond of this Forevermark Center of My Universe diamond necklace.

    push present 4


    Crafted of sterling silver with a .04ct tw diamond

    push present 5

    This beautiful Love Compass pendant reminds us to stay focused and remain on course during our lifetimes.  A new mother’s wish is to keep her child on the right path as she provides him/her with loving advice.


      Crafted of sterling silver with a 1/10ct tw diamond

    push present 6

    The presence of two diamonds is often a matter of private significance.  The diamonds in this meaningful necklace represent a new Mom and her new baby.



    Crafted of 14kt white gold with a 1/4ct tw diamond

    push present 7

    This beautiful two stone necklace was designed with a loved one in mind.  One diamond is for the new Mother and the other for her newborn.



      Crafted of 18kt white gold with 1/2ct tw diamonds

    push present 8

    Love is never ending as seen in this beautiful Forevermark Infinity necklace.  A loving relationship is formed between a new mother and her baby represented by the two sparkling diamonds in this necklace.



    Crafted of 14 kt yellow gold

    push present 9

    The love between a mother and child is featured in this beautiful necklace as they embrace their unique love by joining hands to celebrate a new life.



    Crafted of 14kt white gold

    push present 10

    A reminder of strong family ties, this tree of life necklace is perfect for the new Mother as she celebrates her growing family by adding their birthstones.




    The amethyst is the birthstone for February and the symbol of a 6th wedding anniversary. The purple Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. It is the stone of friendship, has miraculous powers and brings good fortune.

    Amethyst pic

    The color of royalty, the amethyst goes back to ancient times where it was used on monarchs’ crowns, as well on stately rings, necklaces and earrings. It has been popular throughout history especially with British and Egyptians. It is also significant in religious motifs and worn by Catholic bishops to symbolize humility, piety and spiritual wisdom.

    The color purple is believed to bring sweet dreams, deep sleep and used in meditation and healing. Today, the amethyst is very popular in diamond jewelry.

    The Green Amethyst connects to the heart and creates a spiritual link with nature. The green amethyst may begin its life as a purple amethyst. “Prasiolite” or green amethyst is a yellowish green to green material that is produced when natural purple amethyst is heated or irradiated creating the green color.

    The green amethyst is becoming very popular in today’s jewelry fashions. Shop our collection here:

  • The perfect Christmas Card Photo proposal

    Tianna loves to have one formal picture of her little family once a year, so it had become tradition to have a photographer take a Christmas Card Photo. In early November 2015 - the booked photographer had called & cancelled. Tianna was away for work and panicked. Joey reassured her that he would find a photographer and date that would work in their busy schedules. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) he arranged for them to go to a Christmas Tree Farm to take their annual Christmas Card Photo.  That morning  Tianna went off to get her hair done leaving her mom, who was up from Florida, and him at their house.

    image2 The adorable Joey and Tianna!

    Joey and Tianna's mom, Cherie, plotted as they knew Tianna would want pictures of the day she got engaged and of course she would want her hair and makeup done. So alas, surprising her during the Christmas card photo shoot was the perfect time.

    Joey was calm, and hid the ring in an extra pair of shoes he brought. If you know Joey - this wouldn't be a surprise he didn’t want an option of shoes. Then, about when the dogs were going crazy, Tianna suggested that they get a few pictures of just them. Just in case none of the photos with the puppies came out.

    So he tied the dogs up, getting the ring at the same time, and then asked if we could switch sides. Again, if you know Joey you would know Tianna didn't think this was weird at all. Joey knows his good side! 😉 Literally, she still had no clue!

    image4 The perfect proposal for Joey and Tianna.

    When Tianna looked back around, Joey was on one knee. Tianna gasped and Joey says about 5,000 emotions ran over her face. Joey said "You are my partner in our life adventure, and I never want that to end. I love you, will you marry me?" Tianna cried, kissed his face, and said "YES, OF COURSE!"

    image3 Tianna's sparkling ring

    The diamond engagement ring was the exact diamond engagement ring she had dreamed of and they even went that same evening to get the matching wedding band because Tianna was so scared Day's Jewelers would no longer carry it! She has the perfect fiancée and perfect diamond engagement ring from Day's Jewelers!

    The happy couple is getting married 11/16/2016 in Vero Beach, Florida.

    Congratulations from Day's Jewelers and we wish you the best in your sparkling life together!!

  • The importance of creating sunshine for others at Day’s Jewelers

    We believe that jewelry should go “Beyond Beauty” and help to make the world around us a better place to live. Day’s is committed to many programs that support good things in our local communities, nationally and internationally. It is this commitment that fostered our relationship with Camp Sunshine beginning in 2013.

    In 2013 Jeweler’s for Children, an organization established by the jewelry industry to benefit local charities, announced their local grant program asking jewelers to nominate a local children’s charity for the chance to win a $10,000 grant. The program was designed as a facebook contest with the top ten vote getters to receive the grant.  We chose Camp Sunshine, a one-of-a-kind retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families in Casco, Maine.

    Since then the hard-working individuals at Day’s Jewelers and Camp Sunshine have helped get the vote winning $30,000 in a three-year period.

    days_check_logo Day's Jewelers presenting the $10,000 check after volunteering at Camp Sunshine in the summer of 2016.

    Each year, the grant money has gone directly to Camp Sunshine’s Family Sponsorship program.

    One of the families the Jewelers for Children grant sponsored in 2015 was 8-year-old Derek and his family. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014 and undergoing 18 months of chemotherapy, Derek is now faced with a condition called Optic Nerve Atrophy, which can cause blindness.

    “Derek’s sibling Marcy is 14. Camp Sunshine is like a ‘little slice of Heaven’ to us. We are able to unwind and put the anxiety and worry on the back burner and relate to other families. We had a lot of fun watching our children smile and just have a good time. Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity,” said Derek’s mother.

    In 2016 Day’s Jewelers employees were given the opportunity to spend the day volunteering at Camp Sunshine, spending a day with the children.  The experience was heartwarming to all.

    “To be able to see the joy in every child’s face and the support of those around them was truly an unforgettable experience. I was able to explore the camp on a scavenger hunt with a group of children with a life threatening illness who laughed and saw no hate in this world, but thrived and lived in each day treasuring every moment. This to me is why I vote every year, to bring this joy to a child who may otherwise not be able to attend Camp Sunshine,” explained Day’s Jewelers Marketing Coordinator Amanda Nadeau

    camp-sunshine-camper A camper enjoying their day at Camp Sunshine

    camp-sunshine-challenge-course Campers adventuring at the challenge course.

    “The important connections that are fostered when a family walks through one of Camp Sunshine’s three, iconic front doors does not happen without the kindness and support of many people, including our generous donors, volunteers and families,” explained Camp Sunshine’s Executive Director Michael Katz. “There is nothing more inspiring than to have a family share with us that Camp Sunshine has changed their lives and in some instances saved their lives,” Katz continued. “We are so thankful to Day’s Jewelers and Jewelers for Children for helping us continue to create sunshine for these families.”

    We at Day’s Jewelers are truly thankful for the opportunity to nominate Camp Sunshine again this year and ask for your votes.  Voting ends November 18th 2016.


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.