If new and fresh jewelry is what your style craves, then the unique collection from Dabakarov is a perfect fit for you! Day's Jewelers has welcomed a new colored diamond collection from Dabakarov and is thrilled to share it with you. With "Exceptional" as their standard, we can't help but agree.


For over 30 years, the Dabakarov family business has been providingnothing but the finest jewelry to their retailers. Dabakarov is known for their fine attention to detail and finish as well as their trend setting designs. Their focus is on gold and precious stone jewelry. Dabakarov is constantly updating their designs to offer admirers new jewelry options every season.

We stopped by our Waterville store to take a peek at the new collection and were amazed at how stunning it looked as people were modeling the jewelry!

The Dabakarovcollection is truly spectacular since it provides the newest and freshest looks. If you would like to check out the Dabakarov collection for yourself, stop by our Waterville location or shop online.Dabakarov combines design, insight and integrity to create unrivaled beauty. This new collection offers large rings and bracelets, necklaces great for layering, and earrings to make your ears sparkle and shine.