Palladium is a precious white metal and a member of the platinum group of metals. It has become particularly popular as a jewelry metal recently as the price of gold has increased.

rwbd1806Palladium is strong and durable, but yet weighs less than platinum; allowing bigger and bolder jewelry designs to be created and worn with ease. One of the great features of palladium is that it shares the strength of platinum, but not the price.It's naturally white so it will retain its brilliance for life, unlike white gold which may need to be rhodium plated over time to keep its bright white color.


rsemi2673Those allergic to some other metals will love palladium's purity. Palladium is pure because it gets its color and luster from nature. Other metals that are not naturally white are mixed with nickel to appear white and nickel can cause allergic reactions. To learn more about Palladium, clickhere.

Palladium is becoming the metal of choice for a growing number of fashion-forward jewelry designers making it the preference for savvy shoppers who want affordable luxury.

Day'sPalladium Collectionwill continue to grow as the metal becomes more and more popular with jewelry manufacturers. Day's custom jewelry designers, in all of our stores, are qualified to work with palladium and would be happy to create a special piece for you.