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This year, the world was filled with a newfound appreciation for the little things. From going back to work, to being able to see friends and family again, we began to find ourselves grateful for more than we’d ever been before. For many of us, this meant having a reason to put on a fun outfit, splash on some makeup, and accessorize with a new piece of jewelry! So, as we make our way into 2022, here are some of the styles that you couldn’t get enough of this year!


Paperclip Jewelry

Paperclip jewelry has been one of the most fun and unique trends to grace the 2021 year. From necklaces, to link bracelets, and even rings and earrings, you loved them all. Coming in as a top option, layering paperclip necklaces to create a multi-chain look was something that was embraced by all! Whether they came in silver, or in gold, paperclip jewelry was the style to have this year. 

Paperclip Link Bolo Bracelet in 14kt Yellow GoldPaperclip Link Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold (24 inches and 3.3mm wide)Four Link Paperclip Earrings in Sterling Silver


Herringbone Chains

Herringbone chains are back in the spotlight with the beauty and class that we all know and love them for. This year, we saw herringbone chains take on new forms with earrings and bracelets becoming a popular option for the style. Like paperclip jewelry, herringbone chains were enjoyed stacked for a layered, multi-chain look, even in bracelets! Embodying a life of luxury, herringbone chains are a great escape from the real world. Clasp one around your neck, or dangle them from your ears, and you’re sure to feel all the elegance that you wish for!

Multi-Strand Herringbone Earring in 14kt Yellow GoldMulti Strand Herringbone BraceletMulti Strand Herringbone Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold


Simple Diamonds

Everyone loves the glitz and glam that comes with a big, sparkly diamond, but this year was all about understated and delicate dazzle. Simple styles like twisted hoops with diamond accents, diamond teardrop necklaces and earrings, and love knot jewelry stole the spotlight and wove their way into your hearts.

Northern Star Diamond Love Knot Collection Ring in Sterling Silver and 10kt Rose Gold (1/20ct)Northern Star Diamond Love Knot Collection Necklace in Sterling Silver (1/7ct tw)Diamond Hoop Earrings ins 14kt White Gold (1/7ct tw)

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

Pearls are always a huge hit, and this year was no different! Pearl jewelry was embraced in its many, many forms. Princesse Pearls were a great way to bring a new tradition into the lives of your families, delicate pearl earrings were a fun accent to your holiday parties, and unique versions of pearl strands combined with diamonds to bring you all of the grace and beauty you desired!

Princesse Loose Add Pearls (7.5mm pearl)Pearl and Diamond Necklace in 10kt White Gold (1/20ct tw)Swarovski Crystal Nice Pearl Earrings



The engagement ring you were all dying for this year was the halo ring! Sparkling with exquisite diamonds that marked the beginning of your forever, these halo rings were what you wanted to see when you said “YES!” Halos can add a little extra sparkle to your center diamond, and can even make it look bigger than it is, which makes them a great option for a fiance who loves flashy, dazzling looks. Extra diamonds also mean it’s extra fun to show off whenever anyone asks to “see the ring”!

Martin Flyer Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in PlatinumDeBeers Forevermark Cushion Yellow Diamond Halo Ring in 18kt Yellow and White Gold (7/8ct tw)

Let's enter the year with style! Happy New Year's Eve and I'll see you next year!


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Creative Content & Copywriter