March's Famous Aquamarine: Meghan Markle's Ring

March’s birthstone is the exquisite aquamarine, a pale blue gemstone often worn by sailors as protection against mermaids. Aquamarine has been notoriously favored by royalty, as some truly massive gems have found their place in the hands of kings. 

Our favorite royal aquamarine is certainly Meghan Markle’s ring. The stunning emerald-cut stone is a vibrant blue shade, flanked by sparkling diamonds. The ring was a gift to Meghan from her husband Prince Harry. The aquamarine ring was passed down to Prince Harry after his mother, Diana died, and gifted to Meghan in 2018. Meghan wore the ring to the reception of her wedding.

meghan markle

The ring started as a simple, but exquisite, stone, gifted to Diana by a friend. It’s rumored that Diana then had the ring commissioned by London jewelers Asprey.

The aquamarine is set on a 24-carat gold band - pure gold - with twelve total accent diamonds embracing the stone. Diana commissioned the ring in 1997 as a replacement for her sapphire engagement ring following her divorce from Prince Charles. 

diana princess of wales

The aquamarine is exceptionally vibrant, giving off a brilliant, sky-blue tone. It paired perfectly with Meghan’s white reception dress on her wedding day. 



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