Madison L Embraces the Strength of Women

The jewelry industry is a tight-knit group, with family trades being passed down from generation to generation. 

Led by powerhouse President, Leora Aminoff, Madison L is a second-generation, family-owned company that creates jewelry that is both classic and fashion-forward, in gold, diamonds, and precious gemstones. The name is synonymous with Madison Avenue and Luxury, which is conveyed through trendsetting designs that are created to high standards of craftsmanship.


President and designer/director, Leora Aminoff, is the designer behind Madison L’s beautiful jewelry. Her passion for jewelry began to emerge well before her teenage years. As a young girl, she would travel with her father, Uri Aminoff, on buying trips or to meetings with manufacturers. While her friends were playing during school vacations, she chose to be with her dad, soaking up every aspect of the jewelry business and quietly sketching her ideas for the next great piece of jewelry.


Today, Leora has become a world-class designer and is the inspiration for everything Madison L. She’s just one of the people we’re celebrating during Women’s History Month.

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