KP Sangvhi Empowers Women in India

Approximately 92 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut in India. Surat, to be specific. 

India cuts the majority of diamonds because of the country’s closeness to mines located in Africa and other surrounding countries. India’s labor is also cheap and skilled.

However, cheap and skilled labor comes at a cost. Indian women don’t often have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to work in these diamond factories.

KP Sangvhi changed that in 2012. It became the first diamond manufacturer in India to open a women-run diamond factory, and has changed the lives of all of its employees. 

Read the story of Daksha and Dipti.

Starting with 17 employees in 2012, KP Sangvhi has grown to over 100 women working in the factory, producing beautiful diamonds while providing more than enough for their families. 

KP Sangvhi has paved the way for women’s empowerment in India, redefining a culture that has historically not encouraged women to gain financial independence and personal confidence. The company is paving the way for future endeavors with women in India, and is worth your attention during Women's History Month.

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