John Hardy's Powerful Women

Inspired by Bali and its time-honored jewelry-making traditions, John Hardy’s artisan collective was founded in 1975 with a dedication to handcrafted jewelry. 

John Hardy is one of the largest employers on the island of Bali. The John Hardy Workshop & Kapal Bamboo Boutique employs over 700 multi-generational craftspeople on the island, from watercolor artists to metalsmiths. Dedication to heritage artistry not only defines the John Hardy legacy; it retains artisan families that craft jewelry through meditative, communal chain-weaving, hand-hammering, and carving.

The brand is committed to sustainable luxury from the ground up; the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative is committed to cultivating the natural beauty of Bali. Every time a Bamboo collection piece is purchased, a bamboo seedling is planted on your behalf.

John Hardy is committed to codes of practice that ensures their stones, diamonds, and metals are all conflict-free and ethically produced every step of the way. All of John Hardy’s paper materials, from their jewelry boxes to shopping bags, are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit that manages the environmental and economic benefits of trees.

Under the creative direction of Hollie Bonneville Barden, John Hardy is continuously fueled by the spirit of togetherness. Balinese women impart their knowledge of chain-weaving, hand-hammering, and carving each John Hardy piece through a meditative process that celebrates the creation and the beauty of each hand-crafted piece. 


John Hardy’s commitment to utilizing traditional Balinese handcrafting techniques and celebrating its female employees is why we’re celebrating them during Women’s History Month.

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