Graduation Favorites

Spring is here, which means that graduation season is almost upon us! They’ve worked hard to get to the finish line, and it’s almost here. Show them how proud you really are with more than flowers and a card. Give them a gift that will last a lifetime to tell them how much this achievement means. Here are some of our graduation favorites. 


For the shining star, this cute diamond star necklace in 14kt white gold is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. For men, this dazzling diamond star ring encapsulates the shining energy it took to get this far. This Northern Star diamond necklace in sterling silver is another great option to celebrate your graduation superstar. 



To honor the journey they’ve been on to get to this pinnacle of achievement, this diamond journey necklace in 14kt white gold beautifully represents the ups and downs of what it took to reach this point. Looking for another way to celebrate the path they’re beginning? These diamond hoop earrings in 10kt white gold or this diamond fashion ring in sterling silver and rose gold are a great way to salute your graduate no matter what path they’re on. 


For the wandering soul, this men’s compass necklace in stainless steel with black ion plate is a wonderful way to remind them that no matter where they go next, it’s more about the journey than the destination. To soothe any graduate anxious about leaving home, this Northern Star diamond celestial collection necklace in sterling silver or compass star necklace in 14kt yellow gold can serve as a reminder that wherever they are, they can always find their way back home again.  


No matter where your graduate is coming from, we know how hard they have worked to get to this finish line. Celebrate their success with any of these special pieces. Check out our complete graduation collection here, and congratulations to all the graduates out there!