National Simplicity Day

Beautiful Moments


Simplicity is beautiful. It can dress up your outfit without too much extra effort and can be the delicate, stunning little moment that makes your style stand out. I was once told by an interior designer that, when you’re decorating a space, you don’t want the energy to be too busy or crowded, rather, you want to create beautiful little moments that can bring personality and quality to the space in an effortless way. This can be a little cactus or succulent in the corner, a dainty mirror reflecting the space back at you, or even a delicate wire decoration that reflects the style and theme that you want your space to give off. 

This advice is something that I think about often, and I don’t think that it is exclusive to interior design. Beautiful little moments are what we all strive to create in our style, whether we know it or not. When you choose to decorate your style with simple pieces, you have the added option to stack or layer your jewelry, or leave it as an individual, delicate moment of beauty. 

Although statement pieces will, of course, always have their place, simplicity is in style right now and has been embraced by celebrities, working adults, and teens alike. Simplicity in your jewelry can bring a sense of serenity and calm beauty that seems effortless, sensible, and minimalist, all things that are currently the face of luxury. You may see more and more things in the mainstream media described as delicate or dainty, and you may even begin to feel yourself striving for a delicate look yourself. 

Double Strand Bead Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold

One of the most common pieces that dip into this popular minimalist style is simple, layered gold necklaces. Necklaces like the one above come layered in a double-strand style and encourage the wearer to have effortless enjoyment of the piece without too much attention paid to styling it with other jewelry. This piece can easily be a stand-alone necklace and is worn beautifully with virtually any level of fashion, whether it is a casual blouse with jeans, or a sparkling, floor-length, black velvet gown. 

Crescent Moon Necklace in 14kt Yellow GoldAdjustable Wheat Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold

A double-strand necklace is not your only option for a minimalist necklace style, however. For the more creative fashionista, there is always the option of owning multiple simple styles and layering as you see fit. In many cases, the layered style can benefit from one necklace having a sweet charm attached, while the second is a standard, or consistently decorated, chain similar to the pairing above. This brings an added touch of personality to the design while remaining minimal, effortless, and graceful. One notable benefit to having an adjustable chain as your standard, charm-less chain is that you'll be able to pair the necklace with multiple other necklaces of different lengths without needing to worry about unwanted overlap with a charm. 

Gabriel Twist Stackable Band in 14kt Rose GoldPink Sapphire Ring in 14kt White Gold with DiamondsGabriel Open Diamond Tipped Stackable Ring in 14kt White Gold

Another favorite in the world of simple jewelry styles is the stackable ring. The possibilities are endless when you begin to collect a variety of styles. Stackable rings offer the versatility to wear the same ring in many different ways, completely altering and varying your style based on what you pair it with. This is an easy and fun way to use different colors, metals, and gemstones to compliment your style in a way that allows for change on a day to day basis! Whether you mix different metals and styles, like the styles above, or opt for a more monochromatic look, it will add an enchanting, mystical feel to any of your daily outfits.

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Enjoy life, enjoy style, enjoy your day; simply.


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Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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