Shop Hearts For a Sweet Valentine's Day Gift

In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s still the season of love, and there’s no better time to make your partner feel especially loved than during Valentine’s Day 2021. A heart is a universal symbol of love, and the motif is especially popular in jewelry at Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. A dainty heart is a beautiful way to represent love, but is classic enough to be worn at any time of year.

Let’s take a look at some of Day’s classic heart pieces, some old favorites, and some new styles.

Hearts & Diamonds are a Match Made in Heaven

The classic combination of heart shapes and sparkling diamonds makes for an elegant gift. Diamond jewelry is available at a variety of price ranges to suit any budget, and glittering diamonds on a heart are especially appealing.


Hearts Can be Unique

Just as each individual is entirely different, heart jewelry doesn’t have to be the same. If your partner appreciates the unique in life, try one of these unique hearts.




Explore a Rainbow of Color

Why settle for pink or red to celebrate Valentine’s Day when there’s a rainbow of color out there?

NGPDS2647TJazelle Rose Quartz Bead Bracelet with Infinity Heart Charm in Sterling SilverJPDOP0493

JPDCH0223Alamea Larimar Heart Necklace in Sterling SilverNGBRS4035

Swarovski is Always a Favorite

Founded over 125 years ago, Swarovski crystal has been a fashion staple, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Swarovski pieces are big on style, high on sparkle, and effortlessly wearable.


Shop to your heart’s content with Day’s Jewelers.


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