National Girlfriend Day

Happy National Girlfriend Day!! Whether she’s the one that makes all of your days just a little bit brighter, the one that makes you laugh uncontrollably, the one you go to when you have gossip that’s just too juicy not to share, or the best friend who feels more like a sister, she deserves to be celebrated! National Girlfriend day is a fun and exciting opportunity to properly celebrate her and all that she means to you!

There are so many ways to show your favorite person how loved they are. Exciting beach trips, weekend getaways, and romantic date nights are fun and memorable, and experiences can be important ways to build and nurture the relationship you have together. But, as important and wonderful as these experiences are, when the moment is over and you’ve returned to your normal lives, what will she have to remember that perfect time together? One of the most common, and most effective, ways to commemorate time spent together is a meaningful piece of jewelry that she will be able to wear for years to come. 

For Friends:

Best Friends

As so many of us know, a close friendship can be worth more than any romantic love will ever live up to. The love shared between women who have been through thick and thin together is something that is not easily broken. Celebrating with your closest friends is a fun and unique twist on National Girlfriend Day and can be just as exciting and sweet as celebrating with a partner!

Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are all wonderful options to show your appreciation for the girls in your life that keep your world turning. Reminisce on a childhood of friendship bracelets and half-heart necklaces by getting matching pieces with your favorite other half, or get her something specific that she’s been longing for. Either way, your appreciation for her is sure to shine through with any gesture of love you choose!

Tom Kruskal Handmade Bangle Bracelet in 14kt Yellow GoldSouthern Gates Rose Quartz and Filigree Earrings in Sterling SilverAnchor Necklace in Sterling Silver

For Lovers:

Making a gift into a moment is easy and sweet; something she’ll be excited to daydream about during each long day, every night that takes just a bit too long to fall asleep, and at all of the boring grocery lines she stands in. 


This memorable moment can be as simple as offering to clasp her necklace around her neck for her with a sweet kiss on the cheek afterwards, or as complex and thought out as presenting her with a piece she’s been wanting for months at the top of a mountain during a hike together. The most important part of the moment is simply making her feel special, loved, and adored. Each time she looks at what you’ve picked out for her, she’ll remember the exact moment you gave it to her, playing back the scene in her mind as if it’s unfolding in front of her once again. 

If you’re local to Maine, one fantastic option for a meaningful, memorable gift is a piece that features Maine tourmaline. Commemorating the place that the two of you met, or the one that feels the most like home to both of you can be a sweet, important gift that will make her smile for years to come as she reminisces on the day you met and all the time you’ve shared since then. 

A classic aspect of jewelry to gift to your girlfriend is, of course, diamonds! However, like many other people do, she probably already has a pair of plain diamond studs (if not, however, those are still absolutely a fantastic staple to give her!). A great way to spice up her jewelry collection is to give her a pair of sparkling diamond hoop earrings. Hoops can be a huge confidence booster and a sweet way for her to feel connected to you each time the dazzle of diamonds catches her eye in the mirror! Or, if she isn’t an earring wearer, a simple, diamond and rose gold heart necklace is a beautiful way to show your love!

Maine Pink Tourmaline North Star Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold with DiamondsDiamond Hoop Earrings in 14kt White GoldDiamond Heart Necklace in 10kt Rose Gold


There are so many options that are sure to make her smile! These are truly just a few of hundreds of choices. The most important part of the decision is making sure that you choose something that matches her style and creates a long lasting memory of love and happiness to carry with you for years to come. Though this can seem like a daunting task, we have many wonderful sales associates at Day's who can’t wait to help make the process fun, exciting, and easy for you! So, whether you’re celebrating the love of your life, or your soulmate in the form of a best friend, give her the appreciation she deserves today by surprising her with a gift that is unique to you!

As always, we can’t wait to see what you choose (and her beautiful smile when she receives the special piece you’ve chosen for her), so be sure to tag @daysjewelers in your National Girlfriend Day Instagram posts!



Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Content & Copywriter