As a college graduate- not a recent one, I may add- it seems almost surreal to reflect on my time in high school. It doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed since I graduated not only from college, but even longer ago- from high school. It’s a strange, nostalgic window of time to reflect upon, a time period that feels so far away but in actuality, wasn't.

What sticks with me most poignantly are some of the precious gifts I received when I graduated from high school. They're items that I still have, and have memories attached to, items that have certainly lasted longer than I was in high school!

To celebrate the high school graduates in your life, Day's has put together a collection of gift ideas for those 2019 seniors, ranging from fine jewelry to watches to accessories, all items to make that transition to adulthood feel special.


As an adult transitioning into the world of college and careers, a fine piece of jewelry is a must. Whether simple gold or ornate white gold pieces, a touch of glitter will add a polished look to outfits, perfect for job or college interview.

miami cuban link bracelet sapphire ring with diamondsnorthern star diamond compass necklace


Tie bars and money clips don't have much of a place in the wardrobe of a high school student, but as adulthood approaches, sophisticated tastes may change. A nice tie bar can add the upscale look that's needed to cinch a job interview.

tie bar money clipcuff links with diamond


Watches aren’t only useful as timepieces; modern watches are beautiful accessories that do so much more than just tell time. Options like water-resistance, bluetooth connectivity, and world time are just a few of the options available to shoppers, so it’s quite simple to find a watch with the features and functions its wearer desires.

shinola birdy women's watchbulova classic mens chronograph watch movado musem womens watch

Day’s has many options beyond the pieces presented in this blog post. Check out our 2019 Graduation collection, and utilize our individual collections to find the perfect gift for your graduate.  

Until next time,

Amelia Tuttle

Copywriter & E-Commerce Assistant