2019 is nearly halfway over already! As we speed towards June, Father’s Day is coming up, and fast, so there’s no time to lose. Now is the time to get those gifts for your old man, no more procrastination. Lucky for you, Day’s makes buying Father’s Day gifts a breeze. Whether he’s athletic or a couch potato, Day’s has an assortment of great gifts that dear old Dad will appreciate for years to come.


He can tell you the scores of any baseball game that happened in the last ten years. When the World Cup comes around, Dad’s got the stats on every team. He spends his mornings jogging with the dog. If this is your dad, we’ve got just the thing for him: a sporty watch, a sport-themed tie tack, or an angler’s money clip.

angler money clipreactor mens watchgolf tie tack 


This dad is always on the go, juggling numbers and reports, but he always has time for his family. Give this dad a gift that he’ll be able to take to work as a constant reminder of what waits for him at home. A handsome letter opener or a business card case will be put to good use, and a stylish tie bar is an accessory Dad can wear everyday.
letter openerreed and barton card case
stainless steel tie bar


He always has just the right outfit to wear to any event. He knows the ins and outs of fine wines and microbrews. He finishes the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle every weekend. This is a dad that appreciates the finer things in life, and will appreciate a gift that is made of high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. Gorgeous cufflinks, stylish shirt studs, or an attractive stainless steel flask are great additions to this Dad's accessory collection.

stainless steel flasktiffany & co shirt studshollis bahringer stainless steel cufflinks


There’s an art to channel surfing. Keeping up with the latest movies and TV shows takes devotion and and a healthy dose of joy at discovering new media to consume. This dad appreciates a gift that will last forever, and a few references to his favorite movies and TV shows doesn’t hurt! Armor cufflinks, a handsome cigar cutter, or a James Bond-esque watch are fun and useful gifts for this Dad!
hollis bahringer black armor cufflinksseiko mens chronograph watchblack cigar cutter

Our dads play such an important role in raising us. They are pillars of strength, prime examples of accomplishing the impossible. As Father's Day approaches, I encourage you all to appreciate your dads and the role that they've played in your life.
Until next time,
Amelia Tuttle
Copywriter & E-Commerce Assistant