Twenty-six thousand, five hundred and forty-four. 

Yes, you read that right.

That’s how many thousands of roses Day’s Jewelers gave away during Valentine's Day in 2020. As part of Day’s massive Valentine’s giveaway, customers purchasing jewelry items priced at just $99 or more were eligible to receive a box of locally-crafted chocolates (from Wilbur’s of Maine,) a voucher for dinner at a local restaurant, and a dozen beautiful roses. 

day's vday promotion

The idea for the promotion came from GemsOne, a wholesale company that has experience in running promotions with jewelry stores. The marketing department at Day’s teamed up with the buyers and the merchandising team to figure out the best way to execute the promotion, and officially launched the promotion with Day’s customers on February 7th. 

The marketing team had high hopes for the promotion, and Day’s customers did not disappoint.

2,212 dozen roses - 26,544 individual roses - were given away to customers who qualified for the promotion. Redemption days were February 12th through the 14th, with several local restaurant options available to customers as they picked up chocolates and roses.

day's vday promotion

One of the owners of Day’s Jewelers, Jeff Corey, said “Compliment a woman on a piece of jewelry she’s wearing and nine times out of ten she’s going to have a story to tell about it. At Day’s, we’re all about those stories.” Jeff reflects on the successful promotion as a way for Day’s customers, both new and old, to give their Valentine a great gift with chocolate, roses, and dinner, as well as a gift that will have a special place in a jewelry collection.

Hannah Duguie, Marketing Director at Day’s, said “Here at Day's we are always focused on how to make our customer's experience in our store the very best. By becoming a one-stop-shop for Valentine's Day we were able to have so much fun in our stores helping each guest choose a great gift, at a great price and leave our store with their hands full of goodies to show their Valentine just how much they mean to them.”

We saw a few surprises on our best-sellers list as a result of the promotion.


The created ruby pendant was an outstanding seller during Valentine’s Day 2020. The center stone is specially set on a vibrating setting so that it appears to be pulsing like a heartbeat.


The pendant also features matching earrings.

Who doesn’t love sparkle? This teardrop pendant is studded with tons of glittering cubic zirconia crystals and sterling silver and rose gold plate.


Hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, and this delicate heart pendant became the perfect VDay gift. With two dainty diamonds studding the sterling silver loops, it has a great price point that makes diamonds an affordable gift. 

Day’s employees had a blast working with our customers during the promotion. Welcoming new customers and old was a great experience for the staff. Helping customers select the perfect piece of jewelry allowed our team of sales professionals to help individuals pick out a piece of jewelry that will tell a story for years to come.

days vday promotion                                                                                                          Tatiana, Lorie, and Vanessa at the Auburn store

Day’s Jewelers employees in the Waterville store enjoyed the experience of the promotion. Service specialist Tony Cuares said, “[the promotion] gave guests a perfect price point for a one-stop shop." Sales associate Kiley Caprio said the promotion “brought new traffic and the opportunity to create new relationships with guests."

With such an overwhelming response from customers, Day’s Jewelers looks forward to Valentine’s Day next year.

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