acar_colored_diamonds_01_hEvery person likes something different when they are looking for fashion pieces of jewelry. Customers like different shapes and colors of stones along with different metals. There are certain metals and stones that can be worn on an everyday basis with no real potential for damage and then there are stones that should be worn with a bit more care and a little less often.

deqt0115_1_1Stones that can be worn everyday with little or no worry to you, the customer, are Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Topaz.The gemstones that need to be worn more carefully due to their hardness and wear ability are Pearls, Opals, Jades, Aquamarines, and Onyx. These gemstones should be the last thing that you put on after getting dressed and the first thing taken off at night. They should also never be worn to go swimming or to do yard work or clean.

jerkt3493_1There are multiple different metals that can be worn on a daily basis. Gold, Platinum and Silver can all be worn on a daily basis. Silver is softer than gold and if worn with stones in it, should be worn with some precaution. A lot of fashion pieces lately are made from base metals (such as Alex and Ani style bracelets), these should be worn with the knowledge that they can break and are not able to be fixed by most jewelers.

There is no reason for not wearing the jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones that you enjoy. Taking precautions with certain pieces and making sure to store them correctly while they are not being worn is a great way to ensure the longevity of your piece. Always store Sterling Silver pieces in an air tight bag while they are not being worn, also try to keep pieces with gemstones from rubbing against each other while being stored to prevent scratches or abrasions on the stone surface. Taking these little steps will help to make sure that you can enjoy your piece for a long time.

To learn more about each gemstone and caring for them go to our Education Center or send us an email!